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    For MIRC/IRC clients

    /server irc.canternet.org

    If you have any questions considering functionality of the chats, ask any of the on-duty mods (the ones with funny symbols in front of their names)

    The channels short info:

    #EquestriaDaily - The main channel and the front of the Ponychats, a general room for talking
    everything pony... well, everything pony that is at least a little bit of PG as stated in the general

    NOTE: DO NOT POST SPOILERS IN THIS CHANNEL. Episode discussion is disallowed until approximately six hours after an episode airs, in order to allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy an episode. POSTING SPOILERS WILL RESULT IN A BAN. If you want to discuss spoiler content, see #EquestriaSpoilers.

    #EquestriaAfterDark - welcome to the dark side of ponydom. This channel disregards the PG
    rule from General Rules, so pretty much everything can be posted here. From Grimdark to the
    more "saucy" pony pictures and fiction. Only for mature audience!

    #EquestriaDailyRP - Channel dedicated to roleplaying with ponies! So if you have an OC that
    you want to immerse with or want to see the Mane Cast in action, this is the place for you. Our
    staff will work hard on delivering a high quality experience for all of the willing players.

    #EquestrianGamers - Equestrian Gamers is, well, a channel for reading poet-- Wait, wrong
    script. Equestrian Gamers is a gaming channel for gamers talking about the games they enjoy, a
    place to find others who play your favorite games, as well as a place to just sit and chat. We are a
    mature channel, just don't bring anything really adult into it!

    #EquestriaSpoilers - Channel dedicated to discussions of new episode filled with spoilers! This
    room is usually busy right after and during a new episode airing, when too many too enthusiastic
    bronies must share their excitement to others as soon as it is technically possible. Because of the
    "no spoilers" policy in the other channels, this place was made.

    #EquestriaTheater - Channel dedicated to discussion of episodes as they air. Not to be confused with #EquestriaSpoilers, as this channel is kept free of future episode spoilers!

    #EquestriaDailyArt - A room dedicated to all of the ponies with a creative spark, be it drawing, painting, sculpture, customization, poetry or expressive dance (wild outdoor performance included!). Share your works here, await crits and comments and rejoice in some artsy brainstorming with others over here. Our mods will not be too harsh on the criticism, I swear.

    #EquestrianStudy - The channel for aspiring writers, this is the place to discuss characterization, plot, world building, and all of the other facets of story telling. If you need assistance, constructive criticism, or just somewhere to bounce ideas, consider checking us out.