• Simple PMV: The Amazing Spider-Mare // Pinkie and the Chocolate Factory // Die Ärzte - Fafafa FaPissDich! //

    So much pony. So much cookie.

    1) The Amazing Spider-Mare
    2) Pinkie and the Chocolate Factory
    3) PMV Die Ärzte - Fafafa FaPissDich! (F' Off)

  • Background Music Megapost #2

    We have four new BGM's from the two most recent episodes. Daring-Do really did sound like something straight from the Indiana Jones or Star Wars movies. Why is pony so epic?

    1.) MLP: FiM BGM - Daring Into The Temple
    2.) MLP:FiM BGM: Hearts and Hooves Day Song
    3.) The Daring Escape
    4.) MLP:FiM BGM: Love Poison

  • Instrumental Music: Magician's Mind / Sweetheart / Spring Is Coming / Quest For the Sapphire Statue / I'm Right There With You

    Lots of neat stuff today! Pretty much every genre got some attention. Check it all out after the break!

    All genres are listed next to their respective songs on the list.

    1.) Magician's Mind ( Trixie ) - CommandSpry (Drums and Bass)
    2.) Foozogz - Sweetheart (Happy Hardcore)
    3.) Spring Is Coming (Ft. Whoosh) (Electronic)
    4.) Daring Do and the Quest For the Sapphire Statue - Shadysoup (Orchestral - Make sure you read the description!)
    5.) I'm Right There With You - PL, Inc. (Symph Prog, The Daring Do, Toastbeard) (Electronic Metal)

  • Music: On My Own / Want It Need It (Orchestral Rock Cover)

    Remember how I said the music community keeps pumping out awesome stuff? Well, they did it again.  Have another epic double feature, this time starring stuff from So Great and Powerful, AJ the Engineer (Tsyolin now), H8_Seed, Veggie55, and Jeff the Strider.  Check them both out after the break!

    1.) SoGreatandPowerful - On My Own
    2.) Want It Need It (Orchestral Rock Cover) ft. H8_Seed and Veggie55

  • Comic: For Me / Rainbow Nerd / Squeezin' It Cont.

    Click for Full
    It's not often we get a comic based on Philomena and her relationship with Celestia. I'm still holding out hope for an episode that will help flesh out the history of the royal sisters. I mean, they've been around for 1000 years so they must have one heck of a story to tell!

    On a lighter note, we have another Discord tickling ponies comic by Mickeymonster and a new crossover comic by UC77 down below!
    Click for Full

    Click for Full
  • Music: Fluttershy's Gala (Remix) / Flimflamdro / Find A Pet Rock

    We were told a while back to not upload mashups anymore, but dammit I'm breaking the rules on this one! It's an oldie, but a goodie. 

    We also have a Fluttershy gala remix, and Find a Pet rock version.  Enjoy!

    1.) Flaedr befriends F3nning - Fluttershy's Gala (Remix)
    2.) Flimflamdro
    3.) Find A Pet Rock - MLP cover by Hergest Ridge feat. Poni1Kenobi

  • Comic: There's Treasure Everywhere / Shipping Lessons

    Click for Full
    I'll never get tired of Carrot Top and Derpy comics, they just work so well together! Above we have another Derpy adventure at the expense of her dear friend Carrot Top.

    Also, we have a lesson learned by the CMC after this week's episode. Poor Celestia, you just can't catch a break can you? Well, at least the toy you isn't going to be pink anymore, so that's a plus!

    Click for Full
  • Plushie Compilation #41

    Luna edition because Celestia had her own some time back. With the announcement of the new toy line scheduled to hit later this year I wonder if we'll also be seeing some higher quality plushies as well?

    Check out more custom plushies after the break!

    Source 1

  • Drawfriend Stuff #332

    So colorful! New wallpaper time!

    Have some art while I give Twilight in socks the bad news. 

    Source 1
  • Story Updates Febaruary 12 (Evening)

    Story update time!

    We have a complete re-write of Seven Ponies too for the fan so that one.  You might want to check it out if samurais are your thing!

  • Daring Do Gets Her Own TVTropes Page

    Well, this is pretty silly. Apparently Daring Do, Dash's newest love interest self-insert literary fixation has her own page on TVTropes. Obviously it's just a facsimile- or a joke- but it's amusing in its own right.

    You can find the page here.
  • Everfree Radio Beatle Brony Marathon Tonight!

    Everfree radio is hosting a Beatle Brony Mare-a-thon, starting at 7:00 PM EST.  The big finale will be two brand new songs hosted by the band, along with AJ the Engineer (Or his new name Tsyolin, even though I still call him AJ personally).

    If you would like to chat with them during the broadcast, hit up their IRC at #Everfree Radio on Canternet.org.

  • Music: Luna (Alt Mode) // One Trick Pony (Silva Hound Remix) // Assertiveness

    All music. All remixes. All fluffy ponies. All the time.

    1) Luna (Alt Mode) (Cover by Forest Rain)
    2) Mic The Microphone & Jackle App - One Trick Pony (Silva Hound Remix)
    3) Assertiveness (Fluttershy likes Trains)

  • High Quality New Toy Pictures!

    Woah, someone finally snuck an HD camera in there! imagine that! This flickr album has pretty much every new pony, one at a time, in high resolution.  I think this is probably the best we are going get!

    Now we need some HD Video and we are set.  Get on it!
  • Fimfiction February Write Off

    Our bro Knighty over at Fimfiction has a huge write-off planned for this month, with some pretty epic prizes.  He gave us some copy paste too! How nice of him.  Check that out below:


    Stories must be between 3k and 10k words to be eligible for entry. 
    Story must use the provided prompt

    1. First place - $100
    2. Second place - $75
    3. Third place - $50

    1. February 9th - Competition announced
    2. February 13th - Prompt announced and competition starts
    3. February 20th - Final date for submissions, voting begins
    4. February 27th - End of public voting period
    5. March 1st - Panel determined winners announced

    Voting Procedure 
    In order to give every author a level playing field, all stories will be listed anonymously, and the stories you get to view and rate will be picked at random. Additionally, you won't be able to link to stories in order to promote them to other people. This should mean that there's no benefit to being an existing well known author, and let everyone have a fair shot at winning, regardless of their current status. The button to view and rate a story will appear on this page once the voting period begins on the 20th of February
    Hit up the hub page for it here!  
  • PMV: Lose Yourself / Feel Good Pony.Inc / NO FLYING NO MAGIC

    We have some Lose Yourself, a bit of Gorrillaz , and the most ridiculous dubstep PMV ever.

    1.) Lose Yourself
    2.) [PMV] Feel Good Pony.Inc

  • Episode Followup: Hearts and Hooves

    It's Sunday! You know what that means.  Episode followup time.   As we all know, this actually popped up in iTunes way early, so information on it has been floating around for quite a while now! It's nice to finally be able to spill the beans and talk about it. 

    Onward after the break for all the followupy goodness, ridiculousness, and derpyness.

  • Operation: FiM Musicians are Awesome

    Friendship is Magic is host to a plethora of extremely skilled musicians.  I have created posts dedicated to them in the past, but unlike some of the other crew members, we have never raided their specific pages with praise (Mainly because I didn't have permission!).

    It's time to change that! The other day I tossed a post up about William Anderson's new website opening image.  Later on in the comments, he dropped this:
    "Earthworm Jim was one of my favorite themes! I wrote the lyric, music, orchestrated it, conducted it, and sang it! I also whistled the bridge section...Good times.

    My sincerest thanks once again to all you fans of the show. I bust my ass week after week on this show and I cannot tell you how gratifying it is to be appreciated by such a dedicated group. I also want to acknowledge Kristopher Gee who has been working with me on this series since day one. The score would not be what it is without him. He is with me in the trenches day after day. And weekend after weekend. And Marc Perlman, music editor without equal, who became available this year and is equally dedicated to putting out the best score we are capable of.

    And Jordan! Thanks again for the wonderful artwork!!!! What a great surprise to find it just floating around out there on the interwebs! You coulda told me, ya' know!

    And Lucas, thanks for letting me know about this post, wow!

    Allright, my carriage is turning back into a pumpkin. Time to crack open 25 and get to work.

    Go Ponies!"
    They work their asses off, lets give them some love! 

    William Anderson created a Deviant Art page specifically for his new pony avatar, time to +watch it!

    Steffan Andrews, partner to Daniel Ingram, has a Facebook fan page with only 155 likes! Get over there and help him out!  He also let us know about Super Speedy Cider Squeezy's original name.  Apparently it was supposed to be called "Cider Horse Rules."  I like the new one personally!

    I didn't get an OK from Marc Perlman or Kristopher Gee, so just thank them in the comments! 

    And with that, I leave "Operation: FiM Musicians are Awesome" in your capable hands (Or hooves if you roll that way).
  • Music: Love Me Cheerilee / Never Back Down

    So many songs I want to give their own post lately! Have a double feature of epic brought to you by WoodenToaster, Living Tombstone, d.notive, Yelling at cats, and Aviators. 

    1.) Love Me Cheerilee [WoodenToaster + The Living Tombstone]
    2.) Never Back Down (Feat. d.notive and Yelling at Cats)

  • Derp

    Click Me
  • Story Updates February 12th (Morning)

    Have some really late story updates!

  • Nightly Roundup #239

    Cheerilee just saw how many podcasts she has to listen to.   She's freaking out guys!

    Have some news while I calm her down.

  • New Merchandise Recap Post

    It has been a pretty crazy day in the ponynet.  Now before I start recapping everything that happened,  I have to say how amazed I am at all of it.  I think most of us were under the assumption after the various Hasbro statements that toys for us just wouldn't be in demand at a retail level.  Here we are though, with what is essentially a "brony set" on the horizon.

    I don't think I can praise Hasbro enough, but we also have to factor in Toys R' Us.  The reason these are exclusive to their stores, is probably because this is a completely off the wall market to create stuff for.  I don't think many retailers are willing to take the risk and release what is essentially a set "for male fans" of an originally female dominated franchise.  Our hostile blindbag takeover may have something to do with it, but I have to thank them for taking the plunge.  Lets show both Hasbro and TRU that we are more than relevant when these officially release later in the year!

    I'll stop blabbering though, on with the recap! After the break.