• Operation: FiM Musicians are Awesome

    Friendship is Magic is host to a plethora of extremely skilled musicians.  I have created posts dedicated to them in the past, but unlike some of the other crew members, we have never raided their specific pages with praise (Mainly because I didn't have permission!).

    It's time to change that! The other day I tossed a post up about William Anderson's new website opening image.  Later on in the comments, he dropped this:
    "Earthworm Jim was one of my favorite themes! I wrote the lyric, music, orchestrated it, conducted it, and sang it! I also whistled the bridge section...Good times.

    My sincerest thanks once again to all you fans of the show. I bust my ass week after week on this show and I cannot tell you how gratifying it is to be appreciated by such a dedicated group. I also want to acknowledge Kristopher Gee who has been working with me on this series since day one. The score would not be what it is without him. He is with me in the trenches day after day. And weekend after weekend. And Marc Perlman, music editor without equal, who became available this year and is equally dedicated to putting out the best score we are capable of.

    And Jordan! Thanks again for the wonderful artwork!!!! What a great surprise to find it just floating around out there on the interwebs! You coulda told me, ya' know!

    And Lucas, thanks for letting me know about this post, wow!

    Allright, my carriage is turning back into a pumpkin. Time to crack open 25 and get to work.

    Go Ponies!"
    They work their asses off, lets give them some love! 

    William Anderson created a Deviant Art page specifically for his new pony avatar, time to +watch it!

    Steffan Andrews, partner to Daniel Ingram, has a Facebook fan page with only 155 likes! Get over there and help him out!  He also let us know about Super Speedy Cider Squeezy's original name.  Apparently it was supposed to be called "Cider Horse Rules."  I like the new one personally!

    I didn't get an OK from Marc Perlman or Kristopher Gee, so just thank them in the comments! 

    And with that, I leave "Operation: FiM Musicians are Awesome" in your capable hands (Or hooves if you roll that way).