• Story: Athanasia (Update Side Story!)

    [Shipping] [Adventure]

    Author: Hato F
    Description: Can you ever truly know somepony, no matter how close they are to you? When a neighboring monarch and friend of Celestia's nears the end, she and her faithful student embark on a journey to seek the aid of those who reside in the lands far beyond Equestrian borders.

    Twilight and Celestia only ever wanted to understand what's going on, and to return to their normal lives. But, when they look to solve the greatest riddle ever told, the answers they find... Might not be the ones they seek.
    As I walk (New Side Story)

    Additional Tags: Twilestia fic without any clop
  • Music: A Grayer Shade... / The Return of Scratch / Tardy / Derpy's Journey 2 / Octavia's Bad Day

    Instrumental time! 

    1.) Mogul Dash - A Grayer Shade of Pink
    2.) The Return of Scratch - The V-Scratch Sessions (Techno)
    3.) Tardy (Nix_Spark) (Electronic)
    4.) Derpy's Journey Part 2 (Electric Acoustic)
    5.) Octavia's Bad Day (Orchestral)

  • Story: Twilight's Guilty Little Pleasure


    Author: Crash Jet
    Description: Everypony has their secrets. Their own 'guilty pleasures' that they try to hide even from those closest to them. What kind of secret does Twilight Sparkle keep to herself, and can she indulge in it when she has the whole library to herself?
    Twilight's Guilty Little Pleasure

    Additional Tags: Random, Secret, Silly, Twilight, Fun
  • Comic: The Return of the Brothers // Heart's Desire

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    Cereal's making a comic post- the world has truly come to an end. Personally, I welcome our new pony/robot/Internet overlords.Whatever happens first.

    Above we have a sequel to a previous comic starring ghostly Flim and Flam, and below we have a comic that made me cry like a little girl. Seriously.

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  • Fighti- er, Rarity Is Magic: The Update

    You know what I haven't gotten to do in a while? A full-on post with nothing but Rarity in it. And now I have a legitimate excuse to do so.


    The Fighting is Magic team has released several pieces of Rarity-related news that you should all be interested in. Firstly, her stage music has been released, and it's just about as awesome as you'd expect the best pony's music to be. You can find that embedded after the break.

    As a small addendum to that bit of best pony news, Rarity's voice actress for the game has also been chosen. She goes by the name of Hnilmik, and I must say, she does an excellent job capturing the character of the best pony. You can also find her audition after the break, and the announcement post from Mane 6 here.

    Lastly, the team will be hosting a livestream on Tuesday, February 21, at 8pm EST. The developers and a few people from their internal QA testing program will be playing a few matches, showing the game's progress, and talking about the behind-the-scenes development process. You can find more information on that stream, including an FAQ, here.

    And some more Rarity, just for good measure:

  • Everfree Radio Presents Michelle Creber/Mandopony Collab Event in Fourty Minutes!

    Just read the title, pony folks! It tells you everything you need to know. We reported on this the other day, but in case you were asleep at your computer, get the lowdown - Michelle Creber, the wonderful young lady who voices Applebloom and sings for Best CMC Sweetie Belle is working with brony musician Mandopony to put out a music collab. In less than one hour you'll get to hear some tracks and chat with the both of  'em in Everfree Radio's irc. One hour? We can pull that off in a second! But don't take my or Scootaloo's word for it, have the official press release, and put some faces to the names we're trotting out below:

    Tonight at 9pm EST / Friday the 17th 02:00 UTC, EverFree Radio is proud to present the premiere of MandoPony and Michelle Creber's musical collaboration on our PonyStream! Michelle herself and Mando will be in the EFR IRC chat (chat.everfreeradio.com) to showcase some of Michelle's favorite Brony music, followed by the release of their two tracks.

    EFR is not revealing what songs will be released, but visit Michelle Creber’s Facebook page  for clues. She will be announcing the winners of her song-guessing contest tonight!

    Some of this music will later be up for sale, with part of the proceeds going to the PLAN International Because I Am A Girl campaign  to address the issue of gender inequality in developing countries and to promote women’s rights.

    For more details and to tune in, check www.everfreeradio.com! See you there!

  • Tara Strong Confirms Best Pony

    Nosebleeds and plot development for everypony! Tara Strong confirmed for better than Trollestia tier.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #336

    Fourty hours you say?! I don't think I have time to make arts!

    Luckily everyone else does! Have some. 

    Source 1
  • The Friendship Express DVD - Review (Also Something Epic!)

    The guys over at Shout Factory sent over a review copy of the new Friendship Express DVD coming out on the 28th of February, so I am going to do just that!

    We have all been waiting for a set of these for a while, and I am not completely sure if they plan on releasing more episodes, but for the most part the combination on this disc is pretty well thought out.  The two pilot episodes are the first in line, with Over a Barrel, Hearths Warming Eve, and The Last Roundup finishing it off.  It also includes a the pilot of Pound Puppies, though I'm sure most of you are here for the pony!

    Have a brony version of the episode list:
    • Nightmare Moon! Character Introductions! 
    • Controversy! Indians!
    • Ponies are best actors
    While iTunes still hasn't re-released the notorious Derpy episode, she is still very much available on these discs (Which is the first thing I checked, even if it was half confirmed already. Call me paranoid).

    One thing that does appear to be missing are surround sound options.  The actual DVD menu does not include a section for any type of settings.   I guess that isn't too common in children's television, but it would have been a neat bonus!

    So why have I labeled this as epic?  What makes this disc worth ALL YOUR MONEY?

    Remember a few months ago when we posted the mysterious song buried in the Twilight Sparkle plushie's voice box?  Well I have good news for you all!  The entire two minute long intro theme is included as a special feature, with subtitles!  That stuffed animal was only a fraction of it.  The puns are glorious. I screen-shared it with Cereal, Phoe, and PK earlier in the week over Skype, and all I heard was omigoshomigoshomigosh.

    So all together, you get five solid episodes, the expanded intro theme, character bios (The ones that used to be on the Hubworld website), and a Fluttershy coloring page.  Not bad considering its only 10 bucks on Amazon right now! That's like... two less trips to Burger King.  Save your arteries and buy pony!

    Hopefully they will invest in a box set in the future, but for now, this is definitely a solid purchase; if only to have some physical pony episodes as opposed to all the downloads we have floating around.   I would have payed full price just for the intro personally!   And as with all merchandise from the show, we have already seen our effect on that.  If we want full Blu-Ray sets, we need to prove we are willing to shell out the money for it!

    Shout Factory also released a trailer, find that after the break!

  • Tom Cruise Not a Brony!

    Oh Tara Strong, you Celestia tier troll you. 
  • Mini-Event: Create a Villian Song!

    Lets try something new! It's time to get those creativity hats out, and plug in the lightbulb attachments.

    You have been hired to write the lyrics for a pony Villian song!  You are free to do it any way you please, but for most of us, the best way will probably be a parody.  Find some evil-ish music on Youtube, pick a villain (Discord, Trixie, Flim/Flaim, ect) from the show, and make a parody! Toss your new custom lyrics in the comments below with a link to the video you chose on Youtube.

    Alternatively, write your own!

    Who knows, maybe one of the musicians in the community will see it and bust out an actual song.
  • Comic: Bubble Savant / Professional

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    Double dose of Derpy for you guys today! Who doesn't love a little bit of mail mare to brighten their day?

    Up above we have one of many explanations on how Derpy got her Cutie Mark while down below we have Derpy sharing her world with a curious Twilight.

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  • Tom Cruise is a Brony?

    The legendary words of Tara Strong have been spoken! Welcome Tom Cruise to the herd!
  • We ❤ Ponies Mare-A-Thon Dominates the Ratings

    Apparently this little Mare-a-thon  here did really well, especially Hearts and Hooves day, which broke the record for performance in the My Little Pony series.  I guess the leak on iTunes really didn't hurt it at all!

    Check out these numbers:
    "Saturday's "My Little Pony" Fan Favorites Mare-A-Thon (6-11 a.m. ET) significantly outperformed year-ago time period performances with impressive gains among Kids 6-11 (+165%), Kids 2-11 (+160%), Women 18-49 (+233%), Adults 18-49 (+168%), Persons 2+ (+174%) and Households (+178%)." -Zap2It
    I'm not skilled in the art of TV ratings, but when it comes to percentages, I'm pretty sure breaking the 200's is a damn good thing.  I wouldn't mind 200% more pony.

    I guess we have a ton of new female bronies (or pegasisters, though that still hasn't grown on me).  Welcome to the herd!

    For a bit more in depth information on other shows, hit this page up! 
  • Comic: Hearts Desire

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    The one true canon ship expanded into a full 45 panel comic! Get ready for some deep. I don't know how compatible dragons and ponies are, but these guys make it look good.
  • Story: The Friend Zone


    Author: Sir Ostentatious
    Description: For your perusal, a pony. Somewhere in the neighborhood of sister and best friend, Rainbow Dash finds herself disturbingly estranged from her friend. She must rely on an expert to help her escape the clutches of friendship, lest she forever be banished in that realm forever. She is about to enter, The Friend Zone.
    The Friend Zone

    Additional Tags: Mane 6 Cannot Be Shipped
  • PMV: Fluttershy's Lament // PMV: Johnny B. Goode

    I think I used the other fluffy Atlur pony a few days ago. Here's the other one, and some PMVs to go with it! Sadly none of them are about fluffy ponies, but, what can do you?

    1) Fluttershy's Lament
    2) PMV: Johnny B. Goode

  • Hey Ocean (Ashleigh Ball's) Band Seeking Pixel Artist!

    I know there are a few pixel artists out there! She even tossed a 20% Cooler reference in for good measure.  You guys better help her out!

    Check out the Twitter page here!

    Or visit their contact page!
  • More Welovefine Shirts (Best Trixie!)

    I saw this on Deviant Art earlier, and freaked when I found it was a shirt.  You may call me biased, but damnit that pony knows how to cast epic spells!  (At least in fanon).

    In case you didn't pick it up earlier, Welovefine has a bunch of new shirt designs available.  Check them all out after the break, or hit the banner on the side for a direct link to them. 
  • Story Updates February 16th (Totally the right date this time)

    I still didn't get a chance to hit up shipping and handling yet! EQD is too much work! I did read a really interesting first person/third person Trixie short story though (To a point at least)!  That has to be the most unique perspective I've seen in a while. 

    Have some story updates.

  • Nightly Roundup #242


    That bed looks really comfortable.

    Have some news.