• Awesome Custom Nightmare Moon

    I admit, I don't have much experience with custom ponies.  This new series is my first foray into this stuff.  Hopefully my room wont end up like the ones I used to laugh at in those /v/ threads of terrible posters and action figures cluttering every single inch of everything.  But if stuff like this keeps popping up, I'm doomed.

    I don't know who made it, but I would totally buy it.
  • Mcdonalds Ponies part 2

     Today I made it my goal to buy the set of ponies while running various errands.  Unfortunately, I could only find 2 available at the 3 McDonald's I checked, which is strange since all of them had the entire set displayed.  I have never worked at a McDonald's, nor do I know anyone that does, so I am not sure how their toys tend to work.

    The final one I checked, I sucked it up and asked if they were getting any more in (for my friends daughter of course), and she told me to check back in a few days.  Images on /co/ show people with the full sets, so I know they are out there somewhere.  I'm assuming they have the rest packed away in back and will trickle them out over the course of the next few weeks, which sucks considering I get to repeat this process 5 more times. 

    Any McDonalds past/present employees out there know how this crap works?

    They are pretty good quality for $1.60 toys, though there are defects all over the place.  My Fluttershy one looks like that added her tail in with a knife blade or something, its all cut up back there.  Pinkies is fine.

    I think ebay would have been a better option at this point...
  • Comic: Rainbow Dash's Letter to the Wonderbolts.

    Poor dash, hopefully she gets in eventually.

    As always please comment with the name of whoever did this...  The uploader was once again Anonymous.
  • Valentines Day Candy Boxes Found

    Someone at /co/ discovered this at a Walgreens, along with a Pinkie Pie one.  It's definitely fitting for Rainbow Dashes insatiable appetite for candy objects.  He/she said the price was really high, though didn't give an exact number.  These boxes tend to be around 7 bucks from my very limited valentines day experience, so be prepared to drop a good amount on a picture of Dash. *edit* Apparently they are 3 bucks or something. not bad really.

  • Art: Vietnam Ponies

    No more cute?  Well that kind of kills it!  But they are still really cool.  Some anon over at /co/ made all of these.  If said artist winds up here, give me a name or something so I can get you some credit! More coming after this break thingy


    Usually I frown upon such nonsense, especially when Deviant Art is flooded with more ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL Sonic and Spyro characters than there are autistic children to think them up... but something about this series makes it seem..alright.  This is beyond disturbing, but at the same time the basic template for the ponies is just... appealing. (pic above is the opposite of appealing and an example of ridiculous OC )

    Here are some more well done OC ponies.  I apologize if I miss your special secret pony waifu, but I can only take so many before I have to stop!  Feel free to post a link to yours, and if it's original in a good way, I'll toss it up here.  These are just a few of the ones that stand out in my mind. 

    First off, Tron pony.  You really can't go wrong with this one.  Is it supposed to actually be Tron? Or just a random pony on the grid?