Usually I frown upon such nonsense, especially when Deviant Art is flooded with more ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL Sonic and Spyro characters than there are autistic children to think them up... but something about this series makes it seem..alright.  This is beyond disturbing, but at the same time the basic template for the ponies is just... appealing. (pic above is the opposite of appealing and an example of ridiculous OC )

    Here are some more well done OC ponies.  I apologize if I miss your special secret pony waifu, but I can only take so many before I have to stop!  Feel free to post a link to yours, and if it's original in a good way, I'll toss it up here.  These are just a few of the ones that stand out in my mind. 

    First off, Tron pony.  You really can't go wrong with this one.  Is it supposed to actually be Tron? Or just a random pony on the grid?

    I have no clue if this one has a name, but It stands out as just generally being awesome.

    Wasn't this one renamed Mocha Delight at some point?  Well regardless, shes really well done.

    Maybe I'm biased towards liking blue ice ponies, or maybe it's the cutie mark that reminds me of a Nox-style gear (who is the most badass villian ever, next to Irenicus of course).  Whatever it is, I really like this one.

    Mummy Pony!  Or that is the name of the image.  The original artist believes naming ponies is dumb, so I guess we will just call her what she looks like!
    SCIENCE! Or Jade from Homestuck

    I've never done any drugs myself, but Stony Pony has this strangely appealing look in her bloodshot eyes...

    I honestly hate monster hunter, but this girl is badass.  I would totally play a monster hunter game with her as the main character.

    And the inevitable Pokemon crossover.  I guess this isn't really OC but I'm pretty lax on rules.

    I have a few more in this folder, but I will probably wait until a couple more good OC ponies pop up and create a part 2 or something.  I think this is long enough for now.

    Feel free to post any I may have missed in the comments section.   

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