• Comic: Cloudy with a Chance of Hugs / Mr. Discord's Song

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    Derpy and Carrot Top comics have to be some of the cutest in the fandom and Carrot Top is such a great foil for Derpy's antics!

    Speaking of antics, below we have a parody of a scene from Nightmare Before Christmas starring our King of Chaos, Discord.

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  • Papercraft: Rainbow Dash Fan Club Hat / Train Car

    We have some new stuff for all you papercrafters out there! Above is the fan club Dash hair from The Mysterious Mare do Well, and below you can find the train engine from various episodes.  At this rate, we will have all of Equestria re-created in paper!

    Rainbow Dash Hat Template
    Applejack Hat Template
    Train Car

  • Music: Equestrian Idiot / Forever Asleep / Rarity's Parents Underwater Remix

    Totally random music time! We have a parody, a remix of one of Omnipony's Dubstep songs, and a Super Mario Brothers style remix of the background music played when Rarity's parents pop up. Yes, we will combine everything with anything using whatever we damn well please in this fandom apparently !

    1.) Equestrian Idiot (parody)
    2.) Omnipony - Forever Asleep (ArtAttack Remix)
    3.) Rarity's Parents (SMB Underwater Theme style)

  • Full High Quality Pony Soundtrack

    An epic Scratch image for an epic compilation?  Totally fits!  Someone named CaptainComedy has created a full album set of all the FiM music with high quality FLAC/MP3 files.  Everything from normal show tracks to various Background stuff is included. 

    Check out the full discography in his Mediafire folder here!

    And some Copy Paste:
    Hey, everybody! CaptainComedy here. First of all, I want to sincerely apologize for the huge delay in the release of this soundtrack. It just became a much larger project than I anticipated. Season 2 won't take nearly as long!

    I'd like to personally thank Topshot, Don-Komandorr and shuffle for contributing art. You guys did some incredible work. I'd also like to thank CSIMadMax and BlackM3sh for doing some work as well, until unfortunately having to both drop from the project for personal reasons. Maybe next season!

    I'd like to thank Daniel Ingram and William Anderson. Only their music could inspire me to take on this ridiculously huge project. And without them, the show would be a lot less magical.

    And obviously, thanks to Lauren Faust for creating such a compelling and enjoyable animated series.

    So I now say goodbye, and thanks for reading this. If you have questions, comments, or just want to chat, by all means, email me at [email protected], or comment on this post. I'll drop in periodically to reply. Enjoy the music.

    - James "CaptainComedy" Avestruz (see you next year!)
  • Comic: Twilight's Zone / Rarity's Master Hat

    We posted the first part of the above comic awhile ago, but since then we have received the second and third installments to Twilight's quest to save Applejack. Will she make it in time?!

    While below we have Rarity showing off her latest creation to Sweetie Belle!

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  • Poll Results: Best Pony Sub-Meme So Far?

    The verdict is in! Looks like Trollestia wins again.  I do miss our prank playing overlord... It's a shame it died off.

    No love for Rarity it looks like.  Too bad too.  Hopefully she gets something going in the future!

    Onward to the next poll... after I decide on one!

  • Story Updates December 29th (Evening)

    Updating stories all day long~

    Have some.

  • Comic: Modding / Pwning Minecraft Continues

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    Gooood evening everypony! It's time for another comic post from your friendly neighborhood PK!

    And by "another," I of course mean "the first ever". Enjoy! Hopefully I can avoid breaking everything.

    We also have a continuation of the ponies in Minecraft comic series below.  I'll toss all the links, with (New!) tags next to the ones that haven't been posted yet.

    Part 1 - Fluttershy's Story: [link]
    Part 2 - Applejack's Story: [link]
    Part 3 - Applejack finds Rainbowdash: [link]
    Part 4 - Finding the Farm: [link]
    Part 5 - Twilight's Story: [link]
    (New!) Part 6 - In Search of Coal: [link]
    (New!) Part 7 - The Nether?: [link]
    (New!) Part 8 - Indeed, The Nether: [link]
  • Drawfriend Stuff #289

    Apparently rapping about it wasn't good enough.  It's all out MAGIC WAR now.  

    (Trixie's going to lose so hard, I'm sorry =[ )

    Have some art! 

    Source 1
  • Epic Image/Comic: Friendship is Magic

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    I was going to put this in the drawfriend, but It's kind of comicy right? I mean, you will have to click the image above for the full version due to the EPIC SCALE of it.

    Did I mention that this is epic?

    Anyway, just go look at it.  Your eyes will thank you. 

    I used ALL CAPS LOCK because that's how EPIC IT IS.

    For the fans of Epic Rap Battles of History (If you haven't heard of it, then you should probably go watch a few), this new series by Mic the Microphone and his rapper/artist buddies should be the best ponification ever.  Have some copy paste:

    I often times pondered to myself as to why Seth had such poor choice in Waifus. I thought, "Surely he can't be serious! Trixie? Twilight? That's absurd! No man in their right mind would EVER choose either of them as a suitable wife!" And yet as I pondered, I came to a realization most... Intriguing. Seth had never out-right declared for whom he held the most affection. And then it dawned on me. In order to make Seth suffer and realize the error of his ways, I would do something that would not only bring to light how poor a choice he had made, but also satiate my desire to watch these two lesser wives battle each other to near death.

    I would pit his wives against one another in a battle most befitting of the two; A battle of wit! A battle of sheer cunning and lyrical precision! A battle unlike the world had ever seen before except on nicepeter's youtube channel because I am poor and unoriginal. I would pit them against each other in the only manner I knew how:


    Watch as Seth is forced to helplessly witness his wives verbally abuse one another to the point of possible therapy. And to make things even better, once it's all done, YOU CHOOSE THE WINNER. That's right. Who deserves to be Alpha wife in Seth's house? YOU DECIDE. Click here to vote for your favorite! And don't forget to click here to pick the next match-up!
    Yeah... He's attacking my ponies.  

    The voting ends in three days for the next one, so hit up the video after the break, then visit the polls below: 

    Who won? VOTE HERE: http://flisti.com/22738
    Who's Next? VOTE HERE: http://flisti.com/22739

  • Story: Sunset Looms (Update Part Complete!)


    Author: The Grey Potter
    Description: Princess Celestia’s rule outlived her ability to care for it. She was frozen in place and endlessly repeating her duties and tasks for a world she no longer cared for nor actively participated in. But when she finds Twilight Sparkle, Celestia becomes aware of her life's struggles. And like it or not, these struggles have a time limit.
    Sunset Looms Part 1
    Sunset Looms Part 2
    Sunset Looms Part 3 (New!)
    Sunset Looms Part 4 (New!)

    Additional Tags: First Person Intropection, Tyrant Celestia, Twilestia, Mortality
  • Music: Sparklehouse / Psychedelic Brony: Rainbow Factory / Flutterwonder Remix

    This was going to be a remix post but I ran out of remixes. Have some house followed by two remixes!

    1.) Sparklehouse (New Year)
    2.) Psychedelic Brony: Rainbow Factory
    3.) Flutterwonder (Neu KatalYst befriends PinkiePieSwear - Glitch DnB Remix)

  • PMV: Good ol' Days / Check the Pony

    Just two this time around! The first has some awesome custom stuff that really fits well with the music.

    And the second is just really well synched.

    1.) Good ol' Days
    2.) Check the Pony

  • Story: Not Unless You Mean It


    Author: Donny's Boy
    Description: Pinkie Pie's crush on Rainbow Dash is possibly the worst-kept secret in all Equestria. Rainbow doesn't really pay it much attention, though, until Fluttershy asks her to make an important promise. It sounds easy enough to keep ... but a promise, like love, is often harder and more complicated than it first appears.
    Not Unless You Mean It

    Additional Tags: Romance, Hard Cider, Parties, Lessons, Dancing
  • Comic: Those Aren't Moon Pies / Snowball Fight 3

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    Moon pie sounds awful.  Celestia did you a favor this time Luna!

    And Pinkie Pie cheats below, because she's Pinkie Pie 

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  • Dubstep Dancing to Pony Music

    I've recieved a few of these in the past few days. I guess the robot evolved or something. Dubstep sure is bringing some unique... everything to the table!

    Check them out after the break!

  • Nightly Roundup #200

    200 Roundups! Honestly I thought these would die out around #20 or so.  Clearly this calls for a magic show, and who better to entertain us than The Great and Powerful Trixie? 

    And Spike for those of you that' don't like her.

    And apparently this got out already, but I am in fact going to BroNYCon.  Last minute decisions and such.  Cereal and PK will be taking over for the few days I'm gone, though I will drop in to do various things when I have access to Wi-fi.   I can't wait to see you all there!

    Have some news!

  • Sweetie Belle Scooting "Game"

    See those instructions? That's the entire game.  Now go make Sweetie Belle scoot around stuff