• Comic: Modding / Pwning Minecraft Continues

    Click for full! You know, if you didn't already know that!
    Gooood evening everypony! It's time for another comic post from your friendly neighborhood PK!

    And by "another," I of course mean "the first ever". Enjoy! Hopefully I can avoid breaking everything.

    We also have a continuation of the ponies in Minecraft comic series below.  I'll toss all the links, with (New!) tags next to the ones that haven't been posted yet.

    Part 1 - Fluttershy's Story: [link]
    Part 2 - Applejack's Story: [link]
    Part 3 - Applejack finds Rainbowdash: [link]
    Part 4 - Finding the Farm: [link]
    Part 5 - Twilight's Story: [link]
    (New!) Part 6 - In Search of Coal: [link]
    (New!) Part 7 - The Nether?: [link]
    (New!) Part 8 - Indeed, The Nether: [link]