I used ALL CAPS LOCK because that's how EPIC IT IS.

    For the fans of Epic Rap Battles of History (If you haven't heard of it, then you should probably go watch a few), this new series by Mic the Microphone and his rapper/artist buddies should be the best ponification ever.  Have some copy paste:

    I often times pondered to myself as to why Seth had such poor choice in Waifus. I thought, "Surely he can't be serious! Trixie? Twilight? That's absurd! No man in their right mind would EVER choose either of them as a suitable wife!" And yet as I pondered, I came to a realization most... Intriguing. Seth had never out-right declared for whom he held the most affection. And then it dawned on me. In order to make Seth suffer and realize the error of his ways, I would do something that would not only bring to light how poor a choice he had made, but also satiate my desire to watch these two lesser wives battle each other to near death.

    I would pit his wives against one another in a battle most befitting of the two; A battle of wit! A battle of sheer cunning and lyrical precision! A battle unlike the world had ever seen before except on nicepeter's youtube channel because I am poor and unoriginal. I would pit them against each other in the only manner I knew how:


    Watch as Seth is forced to helplessly witness his wives verbally abuse one another to the point of possible therapy. And to make things even better, once it's all done, YOU CHOOSE THE WINNER. That's right. Who deserves to be Alpha wife in Seth's house? YOU DECIDE. Click here to vote for your favorite! And don't forget to click here to pick the next match-up!
    Yeah... He's attacking my ponies.  

    The voting ends in three days for the next one, so hit up the video after the break, then visit the polls below: 

    Who won? VOTE HERE: http://flisti.com/22738
    Who's Next? VOTE HERE: http://flisti.com/22739

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