• Full High Quality Pony Soundtrack

    An epic Scratch image for an epic compilation?  Totally fits!  Someone named CaptainComedy has created a full album set of all the FiM music with high quality FLAC/MP3 files.  Everything from normal show tracks to various Background stuff is included. 

    Check out the full discography in his Mediafire folder here!

    And some Copy Paste:
    Hey, everybody! CaptainComedy here. First of all, I want to sincerely apologize for the huge delay in the release of this soundtrack. It just became a much larger project than I anticipated. Season 2 won't take nearly as long!

    I'd like to personally thank Topshot, Don-Komandorr and shuffle for contributing art. You guys did some incredible work. I'd also like to thank CSIMadMax and BlackM3sh for doing some work as well, until unfortunately having to both drop from the project for personal reasons. Maybe next season!

    I'd like to thank Daniel Ingram and William Anderson. Only their music could inspire me to take on this ridiculously huge project. And without them, the show would be a lot less magical.

    And obviously, thanks to Lauren Faust for creating such a compelling and enjoyable animated series.

    So I now say goodbye, and thanks for reading this. If you have questions, comments, or just want to chat, by all means, email me at [email protected], or comment on this post. I'll drop in periodically to reply. Enjoy the music.

    - James "CaptainComedy" Avestruz (see you next year!)