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    Story: League of Discord (Update Part 13!)

    [Crossover] [Adventure]

    Author: Ghosted Note
    Description: A spell goes awry at the Institute of War, and transports six champions to Equestria. The six now seek to return home, but darker forces in Equestria desire their services first.
    League of Discord

    Story: The Bear, The Eagle, and The Ponies (Update Part 4!) 

    4 Star

    [Grimdark] [Sci-Fi] [Crossover]

    Author: ObssesedNuker
    Description: When a experiment gone wrong lands a ruthless and powerful foe in the middle of Equestria, Twilight and her friends must put trust in a battered group of human soldiers if they are to stave off a revolution of the Bolshevik variety...
    The Bear, The Eagle, and The Ponies


    Story: Brotherhood of the Moon (Update Part 14!)

    [Crossover][Adventure] Yep! Assassins creed!

    Author: Zak TH
    Description: Luna is no longer Nightmare Moon, and has returned to rule Equestira once again, but not everypony is so ready to forgive. When a secret organization kidnaps the Elements of Harmony and threatens to murder Luna, Rainbow Dash must go back into the memories of her ancestor Firefly, to learn the ways of the Assassins to fight this new terror and save the new princess, as well as her friends.
    All Chapters after the Break!

    Brotherhood of the Moon

    Story: The Dresden Fillies: Strange Friends (Update Part 10!)


    Author: psychicscubadiver
    Description: Harry Dresden, Chicago's only professional wizard, is just looking for an escape from his latest set of enemies and happens to teleport into Equestria. Surely nothing could go wrong with that set-up.
    The Dresden Fillies: Strange Friends


    Story: My Little Time Lord (Updated Story 1, Part 7!)

    [Shipping][Crossover] Some more Derpy hooves stuff.  This time by a new author who hasn't shown up here before: Victorian Hellsly!
    Summary: Little Ditzy "Derpy Hooves" Doo wasn't anything like the other ponies in Ponyville. Maybe it was destiny that led her to the colt with the wild brown mane and the hourglass cutie mark...
    My Little Time Lord


    Story: The Emotional Illness (Update Story 2 Part 3!)

    [Normal] Spoiler: I've never watched Dr. Who.

    Author: Tarkana
    Description: A strange sickness has infected nearly everyone in Ponyville. It seems there is no hope for a cure - until Twilight stumbles across a strange blue box...
    Life Among the Distant Stars

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