• Story: My Little Time Lord (Updated Story 2, Part 3!)

    [Shipping][Crossover] Some more Derpy hooves stuff.  This time by a new author who hasn't shown up here before: Victorian Hellsly!
    Summary: Little Ditzy "Derpy Hooves" Doo wasn't anything like the other ponies in Ponyville. Maybe it was destiny that led her to the colt with the wild brown mane and the hourglass cutie mark...
    My Little Time Lord
    My Little Time Lord Chapter 2
    My Little Time Lord Chapter 3 
    My Little Time Lord Chapter 4 
    My Little Time Lord Chapter 5: The New Pony Earth Part I
    My Little Time Lord Chapter 6: The New Pony Earth Part II
    My Little Time Lord Chapter 7: The Pegasus Starlight Part 1

    Description: The mysterious Doctor Whoof and his wonky-eyed companion have vanquished the Dalek-Cybermen Alliance and saved the citizens of Ponyville from the wrath of their evil plot! But, as Ponyville rebuilds, ponykind finds itself under attack. Never before seen creatures are bleeding through from the darkness, their origins unknown and their intent indecipherable.

    The Doctor and his companion have disappeared, and ponykind, scarred by war, must defend itself. From the ashes of that dark conflict a new order has arisen, tasked with protecting the future. Torchwood: outside the Monarchy, beyond the Royal Guard. Equestria’s fate hangs in the balance. Will Torchwood be ready?
    Torchwood: Ponyville Part 1
    Torchwood: Ponyville Part 2
    Torchwood: Ponyville Part 3 (New!) 

    Additional Tags: Spin-off, Torchwood, action, kissy-kiss, Doctor Who


    1. I much liked this story. can't wait for the next part.

    2. Hnnngh. Daleks always give me the chills.

    3. This is a good story; so I take it whatever accident Derpy was in that caused her condition somewhat links her, mentally, to the real world?

      It's no wonder she zones out now and then, lol.

    4. >Oh my Luna Oh my Luna Oh my Luna!" screamed the little grey pony as she hopped out of her bed. Unfortunately for her she landed face first unto the wooden floor. "OWWWW," the poor girl cried out. Like as if things couldn't get any worse, the last thing she needed was to come to work with a busted nose and a big lump on her forehead. Although… she could at least use that as an excuse

      >Unfortunately for her she landed face first unto the wooden floor.

      >"OWWWW," the poor girl cried out

      >the poor girl


      >MFW >:[

    5. @Anonymous

      It says filly now. <.<;

      Anyway, gonna put chapter 2 up either tonight or tomorrow, thanks for the comments everyone!

    6. I over all liked chapter 2 except that I don't think the daleks would follow the cybermen but instead they would form a partner ship to help escape the void and then help each other rebuild their species by having the cybermen take the brains for cyber conversion and the daleks doing what they did in the final episodes of series one which was taking the bodies and turning them into daleks with no brains needed. But still excelently written.

    7. i don't know whether to have his voice as tennant or smith!?

      either way it's a very entertaining read as it appeals to both my love of dr. who and MLP. can't wait for more.

      also i must commend you on the scene where he meets celestia. it's exactly as the doctor would have done it!

    8. Victorian R. HellslyFebruary 22, 2011 at 10:04 PM


      The voice is hard to pin down, but I think that's part of the fun of writing the Doctor, as a pony no less.

      And for anyone interested in the series, chapter 3 will be ready by Sunday. It's an extra long, extra epic and extra magical chapter so it's taking a bit more time.

      Thank you everyone for your comments and I hope you keep reading. : D

    9. @Victorian R. Hellsly
      Awesome work. Now I have MLP and chapter three of your story to looks forward too this weekend!

    10. you said sunday is when chapter 3 is coming out right? *bookmarks bage*

    11. Totally awesome third chapter, definitely worth the wait!

    12. So good!
      Can't wait for the conclusion!

    13. Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh!

      Love it, what a third chapter!

    14. Don't @$#% @!#$%&* with ponies, they will mess you up!
      This makes me want to write a fan fiction too but I could never do the Doctor justus.
      One thing I was hoping for when I started reading this chapter was Fluttershy staring down a Dalek but with the episode being so new I didn't think it would happen.

    15. Victorian R. HellslyMarch 14, 2011 at 12:18 PM


      Give it a try if you want, writing Doctor Whoof fic is really fun. And yeah, I wish I could have done something like that for Fluttershy, but by then the chapter was pretty much ready and I wasn't sure how to add that in after the fact. Still, <3 Fluttershy.

      Anyway, for anyone interested, the next update will be this Saturday. Hope you'll enjoy.

    16. @Victorian R. Hellsly

      YAY! I was loving the story and I'm glad to hear it'll be up tomorrow!

    17. This exists. Oh my god, this fan fic actually exists. I feel blessed to live in a world where this is possible. Also, the Doctor is incredibly in character, great writing.

    18. yesssss!! As soon as I read about the envelope I was going "Torchwood, Torchwood,Torchwood, Torchwood, Torchwood, Torchwood!"

    19. I've never watched an episode of Doctor Who in my life, and I still found this story awesome and epic.

    20. i saw the torchwood coming but still


      i also like how the author talked about luna and her fondness for anagrams and how torchwood is an anagram for doctor who =D

    21. @Anonymous

      for those wondering (and I feel confident enough as a whofan to pinpoint it), doc whooves should be tenant in this incarnation - of course, the author gets to verify or deny that :)

      as for the reply - it's pretty fair to say "girl" as the ponies themselves say "girls" to and about each other.

      is part 4 the last one?

    22. Victorian R. HellslyMarch 20, 2011 at 8:00 PM


      This is essentially the end of this particular tale, though the Doctor's story never truly ends.

      I might come back to this someday, as writing the Pony Doctor was incredibly fun, but if I don't, I think it ends well enough with the 4th part. Plus there's plenty of Doctor Whoof stories around as it is, great ones at that, and great writers to write him.

      I hope everyone enjoyed the series as much as I did writing it!

    23. I'm not much a fan of 'Darker and Edgier' but I suppose Pony 'Torchwood' couldn't hurt too much.

      The Doctor relevant stuff is great though. :D

    24. Really enjoyed the story...but I sort of have to point out all the things I didn't like about it. (which I don't normally do...so this has to be a REALLY good story).

      It really annoyed me how a some of scenes from here were directly taken from the new series reading the first Two updates I thought it was very RTD and that you had Derpy in here as a Rose expy. The descriptions of the action scenes especially Tricksy Vs the Cyberman and the wonderbolts Vs the Darlek saucer worked really well.

      I liked the random lines Derpy (and she is always Derpy to me.) pulled out of context - especially Romana and the Scarf.

      The last part with TORCHWOOD...as much as I like that it is an anagram of Doctor who - It doesn't work as the in story reason for it. if you just took "Doctor Whoof" you could of just put it down as "Torch of Wood" and it be the same thing but have an in story reason for it to be called that.

    25. That was good! I was kinda waiting for Robot Unicorn Attack at some point... how would a cyberpony even work.

    26. is it weird that pony fanfiction led me to look up and watch dr who?

    27. Oh God! there needs to be a Pony Torchwood story so very very badly!

    28. lol, rainbowdash died! :D

    29. Victorian R. HellslyMay 23, 2011 at 2:05 PM

      Hello everyone! For any brony still interested, I am working on new chapters of My Little Time Lord. But I've also decide to follow another idea that's been nagging at me for awhile. Here's a random preview thingy for Torchwood: Ponyville. Enjoy!

      “And in other news there’s been strange sightings-” she read to herself, placing the copy of the Equestria Daily back on the pile of Newspapers. “Details confirming the disappearances of ponies all over Equestria-” she quickly glimpsed as she picked up The Hoofington Post.
      She read part of the byline, “-packs of monsters with massive teeth were found on the outskirts of Ponyville last week.”
      “Come on,” she giggled, “Their teeth aren’t that big.”
      “Rumors of strange-” she read on another newspaper before turning on the radio. She listened to a special report on the EBC, a mare was recounting her ordeal. “I was going to die. Then they came out of no where, and pow! They saved my life!”
      She frowned, “It’s a shame you can’t thank Fluttershy personally, she really deserves it.”
      The reporter continued his report. “A small group of ponies were spotting quickly leaving the scene-” she turned the radio’s knob.
      “What is Torchwood?” the next station broadcast began with. She turned the knob again.
      “The princess will neither confirm nor deny the existence of-”
      And again.
      “What is-”
      And again.
      “We believe a purple unicorn-”
      And again.
      “What is Torchwood?”
      “Who are-”
      “Who are they?”
      “What is Torchwood?”
      “Pinkie Pie, what are you doing?” asked Twilight Sparkle as she stopped by the doorway, “There's been another attack, move!”
      “Yes mam!” she said, saluting Twilight.
      “Who is Torchwood?” The last broadcaster asked.
      Pinkie Pie smiled as she turned the radio off. “Silly reporters, we’re Torchwood.”

      Torchwood: Ponyville

    30. Victorian R. HellslyJune 17, 2011 at 10:32 PM

      And because I like previews, here's one for the next chapter of My Little Time Lord. Hope it peaks your interest!

      “You want to know what happened to Earth? I want to know what happened to you. Where were you when Equestria needed you? The Daleks and the Cybermen? HA! Where were you when the Rift opened? You and your little blue box and your friend, where were you all when the Weevils scampered through like rats, or when the Sontarans and the Rutans brought their war to us? Did you try to stop the 456 when they came for our children? I don’t think you did.

      Who was there to protect us when the Macra, or when the Silence, or when Tirek the Dragon God came to enslave us all? I still remember those shackles quite vividly. Were you there for the Second Dalek War? I think not, I didn’t see you among those who fought and were massacred, that’s for sure. Crisis after crisis Doctor, you opened us up to the Universe, and the Universe was not very friendly.

      You want to know what happened to Earth? I SAVED IT!”

      My Little Time Lord:
      The New Pony Earth
      Coming Soon

    31. When can we expect anther chapter?

    32. @Vulcan539 I sent the first chapter of Torchwood: Ponyville yesterday and should be posted today. A new chapter of My Little Time Lord will be ready either Saturday or Sunday. It'll be great, it's got action, adventure, and ponies! No bowties though, sorry.

    33. I read this story and I thought " hey it's pretty good" right until the EXTERMINATE! part came up. I can't stand Doctor Who!

    34. Torchwood was good, but in all honesty, I was -really- hoping for a Captain Jack Harkness OC pony. So instead I read all of Twilight's lines in John Barrowman's voice. It fit the bill decently.

    35. "I guess you could say, she said with a giggle, 'my little ponies are on the hub.'"

      This is a terrible joke and you should feel bad.

      But really, I love both of these stories. Can't wait to see more!

    36. Oh my Celestia!
      I jst read all of this, and it. Was. Epic.
      Well written, and the characters were in character :P
      I congratulate you, Victorian Hellsly!! X3

    37. Okie dokie lokie, just a question:
      Whens the second chapter of the 'Torchwood' series coming out, i REALLY wanna know... if... umm, if thats ok with you....

    38. ...WHAT!?
      That is all I have to say about the newest Doctor Whooves chapter. But in a good way.

    39. SPOILERS
      It was pretty hard to follow the new chapter and the hole idea of ponies conquering the hole universe is absurd, and in only 600000 years, the universe is a big place, but still I love this because twilight is just so ludicrously insane and evil.

    40. @Victorian R. Hellsly

      You know what I say to the latest chapter?

      Time can be rewritten.

      Time can be rewritten, and The Doctor will put this right, and go back and be with them for all of those events!


    41. ...my mouth is literally hanging open because of part 5...


      This is fantastic, it really is, and I am eagerly anticipating the followup(s)

    42. That ending is actually kinda funny with how it plays with those catch phrases.

      What's funnier is the implication that Twilight decided to CONQUER THE UNIVERSE!

      And won.

      What is NOT good however is that you followed the cookie cutter "Whoever takes over becomes(or is) evil" Plot point. Those are not entertaining anymore.

    43. Rated-R PonyStarJuly 4, 2011 at 4:43 AM

      The day Friendship went wrong...

    44. Humanity will rise again!!! Hopefully as long as the Doctor can beat evil dictator Twilight.

    45. I'm Hoping for Pony Jack Harkness. and not just Really, REALLY old Pony Jack Harkness.


      Only one man can set things straight, and all my money's on The Doctor! If there's one pony who can deal with such a devastating reiteration of future events, then it's him!

      I seriously can NOT get over this story. Absolutely LOVE IT! >:D

    47. Hooooly CRAP the Ponies made better Darleks then the Darleks!

    48. InconspicularityJuly 4, 2011 at 1:17 PM

      That was an incredibly epic story.

      I got lost at some varying point, but I quickly caught back up (most of the time).

      It's nice that for once I'm able to have a plot twist that isn't predictable and/or stupid.

    49. I apologize to everypony that's having trouble following the newest chapter. If anypony could explain, I'd love to hear what about the story is making reading it confusing. I do want to continue writing more, and I'd hate to confuse all of you. I really do want to write coherent, fun stories!

      Thanks you everyone for all your input, and I hope you'll continue following both Torchwood: Ponyville and My Little Time Lord.

      And as for Captain Jack Harkness, well, you can't have a Torchwood fic without him, right?

    50. @Victorian R. Hellsly
      >And as for Captain Jack Harkness, well, you can't have a Torchwood fic without him, right?

      I love you.

    51. Excellent story, really enjoyed it.

    52. It's not so much that chapter 5 is hard to follow, quite easy in fact. The problem I see is that the plot where "The Doc ends up in the distant future only to find out that FORMER good guys/gals/ponies have gone evil and taken over" is not really the most original concept, Especially if one takes into account that said new overlords were originally avatars of concepts that would be the exact opposite of such behavior.

      Obviously you have some mentioned yet to be detailed backstory as to how it slowly happened with a long slow chain of disasters, but maybe instead of having them be outright evil (Which they are most certainly coming off as with that display), you could go with a different view instead? Heck, How many stories are there out there where the overlords actually improve things despite being dictators?

      I would imagine that could be a more interesting character piece for both the Mane Cast and the Doctor for him to get to the future only to find out that while yes, Ponies he used to know took over the universe(Hilarious concept by the way) and gone seriously overboard in the process, that maybe, just maybe they aren't in the wrong and managed to make things better in the process.

      I would think that would be more interesting. Then again, that would also derail your current plotline >.> :P

    53. Cutest Derpy pic EVAR

    54. Nooo! How can you make Twilight become a tyrant!?

    55. One thing I did notice in Chapter Two of Torchwood: Ponyville is something that bothered Ditzy for most of My Little Time Lord: Pinkie Pie calling her by her hated nickname. I wonder when she'll realize that Pinkie doesn't actually know what her real name is; I also wonder how ridiculously overboard her apology will be when Pinkie Pie does clue in. My mind has Ditzy saying "Dial down the remorse a notch; you could totally dehydrate."

    56. I don't watch Dr. Who and I found this interesting to read good stuff man.

    57. Just finished the second chapter of Torchwood and I can already hear the voices screaming. "Save us Doctor! Where are you?" Absolutely fantastic writing...

    58. I just finished the first story and holy flipping heck that was amazing! The descriptions of the battle was so intense it literally made me tear up. This is a great way to get my Doctor Who fix while waiting for the series to return from break. Instant 5 stars and Bookmarked.

      Keep on writing! You definitely have the talents!

    59. Was reading Torchwood part 2.
      My reactions;
      Start - good
      Middle - Better
      End - T_T Not [spoiler] you should of used someone else!
      Also, +1 internets for the Robot Unicorn Attack reference :3

    60. I just can't see the ponies actually managing to beat all the guys in the universe. I mean, they are just ponies...

    61. In hindsight, I should have seen it coming, but man, the realisation that [spoiler] got upgraded hit me like a truck.
      And if [spoiler] gets upgraded too I'm going to cry. Not even manly tears, outright bawling like a little girl.

    62. I read the 5 chapters, but not the two Torchwood chapters, and I must say I'm not inclined to read further.

      It's just weird now. [spoilers ahead] I mean, even prior to the 500,000 years of things, the characters didn't seem entirely right, even in their strange circumstance.

      And the whole thing with the Cybermen and the Daleks. Escaping from the Void, Daleks subordinating to the Cybermen, it's just far too strange to a Doctor Who fan like me.

      And ponies becoming resentful to the rest of the universe, and subsequently ruling the entire universe and turning everyone into ponies because the Doctor left after the war... then there's the "herald" thing and the Ood... it's just weirdness and far too complicated. Well written, though, and I liked the background story of the Doctor crashing into Ditzy Doo.

      If you like fantastical things it's fine, but I enjoy a slightly more linear plot.

    63. Great story and another well done chapter, once again I can absolutely picture the Doctor in this.

      I'll admit it, I was kind of looking forward to a "Family of Blood" style ending and seeing him follow through with it.


    64. I have to admit I was sort of hoping for a Captain Jack pony myself, just because I've had the name "Captain Jack Harness" going through my head for some time now. :)

    65. InconspicularityJuly 17, 2011 at 4:40 AM

      Haha, holy shit!
      I'm tripping over all these brilliant fanfics!

      I personally would like to see more fics with "dumb" ponies (regular Equestrians in the canonity) with humans. Or human-shaped time lords.
      Which also happens to be the exact thing I'm writing.

    66. He (the author) can't let [spoiler] become a Cybermere, because he would pee in his own fanfic-universe. She can't be get converted (besides the whole 'dream' would be a pretty waste of paper-space then) because she appeared in his Doctor-Who series in the future.
      Tbh, too much is spoiled/made impossible by the viewer's view into the future. One can see who is dying and who will survive.

    67. I have only one thing to say :

    68. Great story, well written and well put together, plot wise. Some bits are a bit shaky but that can be expected when combining 2 totally different shows. Other then that all I think it needs is More U.N.I.T.

    69. Eager anticipation for more!

    70. @Shimmerstrike
      Just imagining him saying "Twilight Sparkle" made me giggle

    71. Is Torchwood: Ponyville going to be your vehicle for horrible jokes?

      Also, I loved both of these stories, I'm looking forward to what happens next.

    72. OK, shipping, crossover, but no sad tag?
      Because I've never cried THIS much at a fanfic.

    73. @20 percent cooler Sad tag? I don't recall reading anything especially sad in any of these stories. However, I do think the Torchwood one needs a Grimdark tag. The description of cyber-conversion is pretty horrific, after all. Not that I'm complaining, I just think potential readers who haven't seen the series need fair warning.

    74. are you planning on continuing this? or did you stop?

    75. @Roland Despite the very long delay, I have still been writing both series, just, not as much as I'd have liked.

      However, I'll be able to start posting new chapters either before the end of the year or shortly after. I love My Little Pony, Doctor Who, and Torchwood, and I don't want to stop writing this crazy cross-over for a long time.

      So look forward to The Pegasus Starlight parts I & II, and the next additions to Torchwood: Ponyville!


    77. YES!!!
      PART 7!!
      I knew that couldnt be the end of it
      I could feel Ditzy's sadness alot in this one
      I must admit I read the first 6 chapters never having watched The Doctor but because of this fic I have seen all the 9th 10th and 11th doctor episodes
      Curse you mlp and introducing me to great things in strange ways

    78. I remeber trying this l8 one nite. but now that its daytime, im tarting to like it a lot better.

    79. @Victorian R. Hellsly

      My word, you've really fused the new Doctor Who series' general mood perfectly with Pony. And you even made Twilight Sparkle into a creature so evil that even I, one who has named her Absolute Best Pony, would have to slay with my divine katana (It's cool! After 100 years, it evolved into a tsukemono!). And now Ditzy/Derpy has begun to unravel the universe and the Valyard has shown up.

      Still, I note in all the Pony-Who fics and the Doctor Who series in general, an omission of two very powerful entities from the past: the Guardians. I do hope the new series addresses them at some point, for they are integral in the canon.

    80. @-TheSignPainter

      I lovvvvee Doctor Who, I've almost become obsessed with the series, even with the older Doctors. x_x

      There's plenty more to come, I just have to get around to writing a lot faster. : /


      Unfortunately I haven't come across any of the Guardians focused episodes. There's so much Doctor Who lore to go through and so little time. I absolutely love the Valeyard though, what a great idea for a villain. Shame that he just sort of disappeared in an almost cliff-hanger. : /

      As for Princess Twilight, I think at some point she's going to have to stand trial for her crimes.

      Part 2 of The Pegasus Starlight will be up sometime mid January. This Friday I'll be updating Torchwood: Ponyville. It's going to get a little violent, so reader discretion is advised.

    81. This story could use an editor. Or two, or three. Once revised, this would make a 5 star story.

    82. Alons-y. 20% cooler in ten seconds flat. But still not a ginger.

    83. Such great stories. More!

    84. When is the next chapter of My Little Time Lord going to be published? D: As a massive Doctor Who fan and a fellow brony, I really want to read more!

    85. I hope that the recent Derpy retcon stupidity will be reflected in a fic...

    86. The heck? You said the middle of January, Victorian...

    87. Are there any plans for this to continue?

    88. Is Victorian R. Hellsly still around? And are you still writing this? I just started reading it because of tv tropes, and I... I kinda want more... Please.

    89. When is the Pegasus starlight part 2 coming out? (OMG! just can't wait, it's the second thing I am most excited about... #1 is D.W.'s 7th season, coming march 30th)

    90. Hasn't been updated in over a year... yeah, that's not promising.

      It'd be nice to at least know why this fic died.