• Nightly Roundup #764

    Hello everyone! Sorry there was no Roundup last night, but I was so exhausted last night I fell asleep and forgot to wake up for it. So, here is some Carrot Top to try and make up for the mistake. I heard some of you wanting our carrot loving pony as a header for one of these.

    Also, thanks for the positive words on my recent dealings with depression. I'm on a new medication now that I hope will make things a lot smoother. We'll see! Furthermore, thank you for the positive comments on Cal in his sweater; they really made me smile.

    Now for any extra long Roundup! Whoo!

  • Music of the Day #177

    I wonder what Pinkie Pie's royal guards would be if she was ever an alicorn princess?  I'd be pretty horified at the prospect of an army of clowns or something.

    Anyway, go get some music of the day below!

  • Comic: Lifetimes

    As a follower of the ATG I've always been amazed at what our participants can pull off! Their diligence and hard work ethic really put a smile on my face when they turn in their pieces each day. One such piece submitted for Day 23 of the training grounds was a lovely comic that spawned a sequel by the same artist a short time later.

    Here's to what you can accomplish by working hard to your goals everyone! If you just keep pushing forward you'll just keep getting better.

    Click for full!

  • Story Updates - September 11th

    >Twilight without wings


    Get some story updates below. 

  • Custom Compilation #109

    I've seen quite a few comparisons between the ponies and the Sailor Scouts and I can see the similarities! If anything they sure are stylish and Rarity would love that for sure.

    Customs everyone! Check out what we have after the break.

    [1] Source
    Sailor Mars Pony...IGNITE!

  • Story: The Science of Magic (Upate Part 12!)


    Author: Cammerhammer
    Description: Lyra may be a musician at heart, but that doesn't mean that she can't try other hobbies, right? If only she could find a hobby that doesn't accidentally bring about the utter destruction of Equestria...

    When she attempts a summoning spell that goes horribly awry, Lyra manages to break Discord free from his stone prison. The ensuing snowball of unfortunate events leaves her imbued with the power of chaos at her hooftips.
    The Science of Magic (New Part 12!)

    Additional Tags: Lyra can't catch a break

  • Spotlight Music: Shimmer On

    Apparently MandoPony knows how to rap too.  It's like Eminem meets PoD meets Linkin Park or something.   Sunset Shimmer hasn't had much love in the music department, so It's nice to finally have some awesome music dedicated to her.

     Get it below the break!

  • Comic: Treehouse of Horror? / In Between Seasons / Rainy Day

    Rarity improvising, Luna commanding, and Fluttershy being adorable.  Click for full!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #922

    I love epic. Do you love epic? It's right above cute on my favorite fan-art scale.

    Go get everything else below to go with it!

    [2] Source
    Nightmare Fall

  • PMV Honey Honey - Your Pony Waifus are Now Taken


    Sorry guys, if your specific kawaii~  =^_^= waifu (or Husbando) falls into any of these categories, she/he is now taken.   Feel free to express your outrage in the comments, or daww at the cute couples.

    And get some love below the break.  

  • Cutie Mark Crusaders Comicfolio

    A couple of new things have popped over at IDW Limited for all you hardcore comic collectors out there.  The Cutie Mark Crusaders Comicfolio was revealed, and limited edition lithographs/cover galleries added to the page.  Hit them all up over here if you are curious! It looks like their expected release date is September 24th.
  • Celestia Micro Comic Released (Update)

    As is the norm for release dates on just about everything when it comes to pony, Celestia has decided to break hers over on Comixology.   If you usually buy it digital, head on over here to pick it up!

    (Update: Apparently I had the date wrong in my head, shes supposed to be out today! Where did I get the 13th from...) 
  • Random Merch: Hooded Pony Dress, Deluxe Gift Case, Sticker Kits, and More!

    Hot Topic has added another new item to their line of pony clothing.  I don't think i've ever seen a hooded dress before, but it is now a thing.   You can find it over here.  Thanks to Julia for that one. 

    And below the break, loads more random merch! Happy hunting!

  • Comic: Makeover / Seat Taken / Fluttershy's Bad Mane Day / Saturday Night Pony

    Trixie creepin, Derpy makoverin, Some draft thing I don't get, and something simple to end it. Click for full!

  • Possible 9th Wave of Blind Bag Ponies Appears

    We have seen a few of these on Taobao and Ebay for months now, but this is the first glimpse at the entire set.  Chronologically, this would be #9, though the source (a random imgur album) doesn't reveal too much.  It could even be a mock up for all we know!  I'd say it looks pretty legit though.

    As pointed out by the submitter Ossie:
    - No Twilight
    - RD, Rarity and Cadence are decorated
    - New Fluttershy mold
    - Few prototypes that have been leaked before are used
    - Mr. Cake & Nurse Snowheart
    - A few blind bags are re-released (Big Mac, Noteworthy)

     Hopefully we see these hit stores in the near future.

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 27

    I don't normally post comics in this spot but I think you'll agree my hands were tied here. Hasta la vista, Bon Bon. What do you mean the T-100 didn't say anything as it sacrificed itself to change the future? What do you mean they kept making movies after that? I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you're from some alternate timeline or something, because that never happened. What did happen, you ask? Well, this day in history the NATG artists drew 232 ponies in a most perfunctory and timely manner. That brought our grand total to an astonishing 9180 images, which frankly blew my mind.

    Just a few more days to go. Mark your calendars. Have you ever had trouble with a theme? Sat there and pounded your head on your desk trying to make an idea come out? Well, here's a secret: me too. Coming into this year I felt like it should be very easy for me to craft somewhere between 30 and 60 fresh themes and interpretations to be inspiring and beloved by all. This has not always turned out to be the case. I know roughly where I'm going, of course, but sometimes when it comes time to make a theme spring to life, I reach into the well and instead find a pit of inky blackness. I'm telling you this tonight because I've seen a whole bunch of people ruing their lack of ideas or creativity, and I want you to know that this is a thing that happens to everybody. Even me. So if it happens, dig down, come back to your roots, and remember that tomorrow is another day. Ok? 

    Now, come with me if you want to pony. Our gallery tonight is pure science fiction, a rush and a mad scramble waiting to happen, and a burst of creativity the likes of which you haven't seen since next Tuesday. The turnout is as amazing as it's ever been, and everyone's been jacking in and filling out their quotas like champions. And tonight we're all chromed up and ready to run. Take a spin, omae. You'll like what you see. 

    For themes tonight I'd like to take a return to our "opposites" style, and put that little slash to work depicting two sides of the same coin. Where light, so too dark. For every figurehead, someone behind them with the plan. So tonight, let's get Machiavellian up in this joint. Tonight, Draw a pony ruling/Draw a pony plotting. Submit all entries here by 11:59 PM, Pacific time on Wednesday, September 11. Do you have what it takes to be a Prince...ss? Oh dear. Back in the dungeon I go.