• Nightly Roundup #764

    Hello everyone! Sorry there was no Roundup last night, but I was so exhausted last night I fell asleep and forgot to wake up for it. So, here is some Carrot Top to try and make up for the mistake. I heard some of you wanting our carrot loving pony as a header for one of these.

    Also, thanks for the positive words on my recent dealings with depression. I'm on a new medication now that I hope will make things a lot smoother. We'll see! Furthermore, thank you for the positive comments on Cal in his sweater; they really made me smile.

    Now for any extra long Roundup! Whoo!

    Tonight's Stories

    French TV Talking About Bronies

    If American stations talking about Bronies and ponies wasn't enough European stations are getting on the bandwagon!

    Pony Energy Drink! Yeaaahh!

    Need a boost to your evening? Then you need some pony energy drinks! Good for what ails you!

    Dramatic Reading of Bubbles

    Now that you are charged up from that energy drink, time to cry with this dramatic reading of the classic 'Bubbles'.

    Houston Press Gives Reasons Why MLP Is Awesome

    A pretty awesome article from Houston Press details 5 reasons why MLP is better than the shows the author grew up with as a kid. Great read!

    Check out the full story here!

    Charity Drive to Help Out Unfortunate Family

    Dustykat has informed us of a family that is really hurting right now and can use some help to get out of a rut! Tabitha St. Germaine is trying to get the word out as well and it would make Rarity extra happy if you guys can help in some way. Find more information at the link below.

    Check out the full story here!

    Bronies Get Badge on Gaia Online

    A mini event recently occurred on Gaia Online where a school badge was up for stakes. Bronies entered at the last minute and got admin representation from the sounds of it according to the pic above and they ended up getting a badge! Nice!

    Comic Dubs - Crack Shipping and Meanwhile on Mars

    Now for some funnier dramatic readings for you guys!

    MLP Comic Dub: Crack Shipping

    Pinkie Pie as Street Art

    Got to love ponies leaking into the real world!

    Awesome Spitfire Tattoo!

    That's a slick looking tat!

    Tonight's Successful Meetups

    Quebec Bronies Meetup

    September 6th, 2013. Saint-Damien.
    Quebec Bronies opened the second edition of their Epic MLP Marathon this weekend. This year was BIGGER and BETTER than ever! Bigger cottage, more activities, longer time for pony watching and more attendees! 36 Bronies joining this big annual event in Quebec!
    The meetup was started at Friday night with a rave party. Saturday morning, it was PONY time: The group watched the top 20 episodes from Season 1 and 2 voted by our members then the whole Season 3. Meanwhile, some Bronies were at different floors playing video games and drawing, away from the fun atmosphere it was, along with singing and yelling of course. During breaks, we did Karaoke, played horror games and MLP fan games in the dark and of course... watched Equestria Girls on the big screen!

    Overall, it was the greatest meet-up of Quebec Bronies group yet!

    Quebec Bronies Group

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    EqG and Tabletop Meetup

    Hello everyone! The Philly Bronies are here to tell you all about our up and coming Equestria Girls showing and Table Top Games Meet-up. We will all be meeting in the basement of the Drexel Cresse Student Center (3200 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104) to play a variety of table top style board games and card games then wrapping it up by watching Equestria Girls together.

    There will be snacks which will include chips, pretzels, and chips ahoy, as well as cans of root bear and coke. It would also be appreciated if everyone could try and bring about $5 each with them to put toward a pizza for us all to share for lunch at some point.

    So what’re you waiting for? Come on down and have a pony filled weekend!

    Date of Event: Saturday, September 21st, 2013
    Time: 10:30am
    Link to event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/569835679741187/

    MLP Game Looking For Help

    It’s a MLP fan game that’s gonna have elements from another franchise. It’s not a small project, so this could take a bit, but I’m confident that with the story I have in mind that this could really become something amazing. I can’t list too much information here about it, since pony game projects with too much attention don’t last long. That information is reserved only to those applying.

    Thing is, I need people with skills. I already have a few on board, but it’s just not enough. I’m going to list off the positions that need people. Clicking the titles will link you to a page where you can access the information necessary. As of now, I need:



    Voice Actors





    and Programmers

    If you’re interested, please follow the links above for the necessary information.

    Any help in getting the word out for this recruitment would also be much appreciated!

    Get more information here!

    Final Fantasy 14 Brony Guild

    There is a new brony linkshell on Final Fantasy 14's Excalibur server called My Little Brony. Anypony interest in joining please contact Kengo Kegin by tell or friends request to receive a invite.

    Xbox Bronies Looking for More

    MlpXbox is looking for more bronies to join it's skype group.

    We're in quite of a rut, and need more people to join to make things more active again. If you're interested in a skype group full of xbox bronies, please feel free to join us.

    Although the post may be a quite dated, it's still relevant. Here is how to join; http://redd.it/18jjlb

    Another FFXIV Guild Looking for More

    Crystal Ponies is a well-established FFXIV:ARR (Server: Malboro) Brony guild, with plenty of MMO experience. We are a fun-loving, friendly guild, with lots of active members who are on daily. We’re seeking anyone who wants to have a good time, and we do plan to run through end-game content later on. So if you wish to join, send one of our Officers a tell in game: Leasdol Staljharta, Sweetie Belle, Kayt Devilspike, or Sunspark Flameborn.

    Animation Project Looking for More

    I am the Director, Lead Writer and Showrunner of a fan-made episode of MLP in construction called ‘Penny of Your Daddy’s Eye’ at YinYangStudios. My Assistant-Director, Phoenix Dash, and I would appreciate your help and acceptance to get more publicity for our group and the episode project we are doing, so we might be able to find more people to help us with certain tasks/roles that are still needed: mainly, music, and sound effects designers, animators, storyboard artists, background artists and vector artists. Only then can there be any hope of this becoming something great for all fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to enjoy. The episode is about Rarity, but in order not to reveal too much I will just say that after an incident with a client she and her friends get together to help the client and his daughter.

    This is really a simple website =p, if someone one day, want to help us and make it look more FABULOUSSSS~~, well just contact me at this address http://phoenixdash.deviantart.com/ or by email ([email protected]). From now, we will post the news on this website.
    This website will be also for our next projects too. And if you have any questions, ask them on the group deviantart http://yinyangstudios.deviantart.com/ .
    The website is still on work.

    The link to the website: http://yinyangstudios.wix.com/yinyangstudios

    Fallout Equestria Project Looking for VAs

    We are a group of people that are looking for talented VAs for the movie fallout equestria, we still have a lot of spots open. requirements are happening on the fallout equestria Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fallout-equestria-fanfilm/540130119381215

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    The MBS Show - Episode 79

    In today’s episode of “The MBS Show” we have an awesome guest. He is one of the people involved with the charity organization “Bronies For Good”, he has also done a lot of wonderful thing to put the Brony fandom in a positive light. We are proud to bring you Rommel from Bronies For Good. Join us as we learn what does it take to run an organization like “Bronies For Good” and learn how it all got started.

    Listen in to the interview in the link below.

    Podcast is Magic - A Mexican Podcast

    A Mexican podcast has popped up for the multitude of Spanish speaking bronies I know are out there if our meetup map is any indication. Check them out at the link below.

    Get more information here!

    Brony Debates - Villain Redemptions

    Radio is Magic Interviews Spanish Pinkie Pie

    Bronies and pegasisters from Latin America and worldwide
    This friday 13th in Radio is Magic, special interview with Melissa Gedeon, the Latin American voice actress of Pinkie Pie
    September 13th, 2pm (Central Time) only on MLP-LA Radio
    WEBSITE: www.mlp-la.com

    Advice on How to Become Known on FimFiction

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Today In Pony History

    September 12, 2011-2012

    2011 - A guide on how to properly order pizza and a major clip from season 2 pop up.

    2012 - Daily Dot reports on pony, A Ghastly Gorge mod is made for In the Groove, and a high res image of the villain poster is released.