• Apple Family Reunion BGM

    With the iTunes links already available, I guess some high quality rips of the excellent background music found in Apple Family Reunion were inevitable. Head on down below the break for a lost of all of them!

  • The Doo Doo Doo Song

    You all look like you could use some "wut?", so go have some after the break.

  • Comic: The Truth / This One Counts! / A Present for Twilight / Rarity's Calm and Collected Solution / Gem Fever

    Applejack, Holidays, and Rarity being Rarity.  Have some comics.

  • Plushie Compilation #98

    Been awhile since we've had the Prince of Chaos as the header for a plushie compilation. So if he's pint sized does that make him less dangerous or even more dangerous? Looks can be so deceiving!

    Time to cuddle up with some plushies after the break!

    Source 1
    Chibi Discord

  • New Episode Title Confirmed

    It looks like the Wii-U has some kind of voodoo TV listing, because their episode title was correct according to Meghan and her Terminator reference (which I had to ask Phoe about, since I'm bad at movies).

    While it may not actually be the 10th, we will be seeing an episode with the title (Highlight for spoiler) "Keep Calm and Flutter On" on the 19th of January (Or before that, who knows!).  There isn't a synopsis yet, so what exactly the episode is about is still up in the air!
  • MLP RPG Merry Christmas Video

    I think it has been about a year since this game project started, and it looks like the sprites are incredibly numerous.  Everyone from Celestia to Lyra and Bonbon are present and accounted for. 

    The team has released a Christmas celebration video that shows off a bunch of game and characters.  Head on down past the break to check it out!

  • Stuff in Stock: Enterplay Box Sets and More

    For all you card collectors and people that don't mind painting things out there, quite a bit of pony merch is popping up in stores all over the place.  Hot Topic tossed up the DJ-Pon3 cards a bit ago on their website, and the pony design Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash join a bunch of other random brushables/white Celestia sets at Meijer. 

    Thanks to Appledash, Robert, Hannah, Loretta and the swarms of others that sent this stuff in for the heads ups!  At this point I think the only announced merch that haven't been located are the Doctor Whoof/Fluttershy molded ponies, though those are expected in spring. 

  • MLP tissues!

    A store called Savers has these pony style tissues in stock.  Apparently Hasbro wants to take over your bathroom or something, what with all the toothbrush holders and shampoos that have popped up.  I'm OK with this. 

    No news on if Fluttershy or Rarity are available, these were the only ones that popped up!  I guess you will just have to find a new favorite pony for now!

    Thanks to Akki14 for the heads up. 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #663

    I've always been a person who has been incredibly close to my family. A strong family bond serves as a foundation that takes us through the rest of our lives and provides that much needed life line when things go wrong. Sometimes events happen that shake those foundations and put everything in jeopardy, but it's still possible to rise up and overcome those obstacles not only for your own sake, but for the sake of others as well.

    Yesterday's episode may not have changed everyone's mind about AJ, but for me she is a strong lady that rose up to serve as a solid foundation for her family and most importantly for little Apple Bloom. So here's to AJ! You've done good pony girl.

    Time for some art peeps. Check it all out after the break!

    Source 1
    Shooting Stars Wallpaper

  • (Rumor- Confirmed) Possible Upcoming Episode Title

    I'm rolling with a rumor tag on this one until we can figure out what all goes into the Wii-U TVii service (and amazingly enough I don't know anyone that owns it).  Apparently they are listing the January 19th pony episode.  The number shows as 10, which is technically "Spike at Your Service" according to Zap2it which hasn't been wrong yet, so we are on the fence this time around.  

    I guess this is a call to arms for all you EQD reporters out there! If you have a Wii-U, go dig around and see what you can find about the TVii app!  How accurate does it usually list things?

    Thanks to CJ for the image!

    Episode title after the break for those that don't want to read the image, and the avoid spoilers.

    (Update: Confirmed

  • Story Updates December 23rd

    Stoooory updates! Brought to you by Braeburn. 

    Now go read.

  • "Apple Family Reunion": Episode Followup

    A-ha! bet you thought Cereal would be doing this followup, didn't you? Well, not today, faithful EQD viewers. Not today. I return from the depths of EQD once again to bring you this lovely...

    Wait, an Applejack episode? I thought those didn't exist. Is this really...? Huh. It is. Alright then, I guess I'll be going over Apple Family Reunion today!

    In all seriousness, this one was pretty fun. We got some nice continuity with Babs and other returning characters (BRAEBURN YES), and a few... unexpected ones. You'll see. Not only that, but we got an Applejack song! This is what I've been waiting for since the show started, and now I've finally got it. Man, it was great to hear Ashleigh Ball really sing.

    But I digress. Let's get to the meat of it then, in this weeks followup!
  • New Toyline on the Way - Equestria Girls

    Rainbow Dash secretly loves doll clothing
    It looks like Hasbro has filed for a new toyline trademark going by the name of "Equestria Girls".  Chances are this is our next set of toys similar to the Crystal Empire and Royal Wedding groups. 

    As NIMBRatchet points out:
    The trademark was applied on 17th December under the category "Toy ponies and accessories for use therewith" and under the trademark ID: 85804403. The same trademark is also registered under "Dolls, doll clothing and doll accessories."
    You can find both filings here, and here! I wonder what we can expect to see from this set? More brushables, or maybe finally some more molded?
  • Spotlight Music: The Heart Carol (Aftermath Remix/Extended Cover ft. BluNoseReindeer) / Places That I've Never Been / ) Under My Wings

    We start this one with some Heart Carol electronic style, followed by some vocal rock, and finish with a soft instrumental piece. Check them out below!

    1.) The Heart Carol (Aftermath Remix/Extended Cover ft. BluNoseReindeer)
    2.) Places That I've Never Been [Caine the Doombringer]
    3.) Under My Wings (By Danielpony & TheDashDub)

  • Pony Graffiti Invading Argentina

    Artist Shinoda over on Deviant Art has been painting up the area aound Trelew, Argentina with some awesome looking pony graffiti.  On first glance, it's high quality enough to almost look like a photoshop edit!  He has a few step-by-step shots to show off how it's done over on his Deviant Art page right now though.  I wish the stuff around my city looked this good!

    It looks like Wired also did a quick report on him too if you want some extra depth.

    Head on down past the break for a bunch more images, or hit up his Deviant Art page!

    And be sure to check local laws before you go painting things! EQD isn't responsible for your jail time!

  • GalaCon Vendor and Panelist Signups Open!

    GalaCon has some new information for you guys out there eagerly awaiting the next chance to visit one of Europe's biggest pony conventions! This time we have some new vendor and panelist signup information for you that you can check out in the official press release after the break.

  • Nightly Roundup #534

    Well guys, today marks a very special day in this little science pony's life. A year ago, I was sitting in this exact spot, home from break as I was working on the second year of my Masters and finishing up the html for the third week of the December Draw Off event I was hosting at the time. Something happened that day that would begin an amazing journey for me, all stemming from a little email titled: You have been invited to contribute to Equestria Daily.

    Yep, a year ago today I became a part of EqD, something I had never expected. It has been a wild ride since then as I got to know many of you, see your work, hear your stories, and try my best to make sure things stay as fun as possible. There have been good and bad times over the past year of course, but the good has always outweighed the bad and I could not be happier to be here tonight.

    You all gave me a chance back then and for that I thank you. It has been a pleasure to meet you all and I look forward to my second year here. Now, enough rambling, time for some news!