• Flankbook Opened Under New Domain!

    A few days ago, I posted about a facebook style website called Flankbook, but after receiving a few emails complaining about its co.cc domain, I deleted it while at work.

    The admin has heard the concerns, and moved the site to a normal .com site,  so Flankbook is back in business! 

    If you are interested in checking it out, you can find the link below.

  • Season 1 Unofficial Pony Album

    TheOneBrony over on ponychan has compiled all of the songs into an album for season 1! Most of them are direct rips from the 720p version, though a few are quieter than others.  It's still a worthwhile compilation.

    Hopefully they give us an official album some day though!

    You can find it in the mediafire link below

    Season 1 Pony Album
  • Story: Bedtime Story (Update 2 more!)

    [Normal] Fairy Tale time!  It doesn't have anything to do with Rainbow Dash, I just thought the image kind of fit (Doesn't have any specific pony)  This counters that horror story from earlier hopefully!

    Author: BillyColt
    Description: Taken from a thread on ponychan where the TC asked for a bedtime story. Done in the style of a simple fairytale, about a filly looking for her father.
    Bedtime Story (All Links)

    Additional Tags: Normal, fairy tale, short story.

  • Story: There is Always a Way

    [Sad]  Rainbow Dash time!

    Author: Jay Bear

    Description: During a midnight flying session, Rainbow Dash thinks about her friends and practices a new stunt. When things go wrong, she looks to the bravest pony she knows for hope.
    There is Always a Way

    Additional Tags: Aerobatics, friendship, frustration
  • Video: Brony Hitler Series(Updated Complete!)

    Brony Hitler Reactions have officially ended! You can find the new episodes 6 and 7 below after the break, along with all of the other episodes.
  • Letters to Lauren Faust

    A brony on PonyGaf is collecting thank you letters for Lauren Faust.  If you are interested in contributing,  Check out the blog post here!

    You can email your letters to [email protected] (NOTE: THIS IS NOT LAUREN'S EMAIL)

    Now go thank her for this awesome show!
  • Story: Scootalove

    [Normal] I don't know why you'd write a story about a chicken, personally.

    Author: nukeiffum
    Description: It's Mother's Day for SCOOT SCOOT SCOOTALOO.

    Additional Tags: Mother's Day, Immaturity
  • Derpy Papercraft

    Derpy papercraft! If only I didn't have hooves, then I could assemble these.

    You can find the pattern here, on KNA's DeviantART page.
  • 300-Word Event: Submission Post!

    Stop sending your stuff to Seth! Seriously, guys, I'm hurt. I'm running this event!

    Anyway, let me clarify a few things:

    The poll results dictate that your story must either:
    • Star the Great and Powerful Trixie or...
    • Start with the sentence: "Nopony could remember a time when it had rained so hard."
    Or both! I'm not particular, but you have to use one, the other, or both. If you use option A from the poll, or none at all, you don't get posted. Simple as that.
    • The story must be a maximum of three hundred (300) words. If you go over a dozen words or so I'm not going to penalize you, but try not to. I have to read hundreds of these!
    The deadline is Thursday, May 12th, at Midnight CST. Bolded and italicized and red for emphasis. You can submit your stories from any point until this deadline.

    Include the following in your email:

    1.) Google Docs document
    2.) Characters in the story
    3.) Your Name
    4.) Title
    5.) Genre (Grimdark/Shipping/Sad/Ect)
    6.) A short description of your story

    One story per author!

    Submit your stories to [email protected]!

    Aaaaand... go!
  • Drawfriend #77

    We really need an MLP Movie Edition!

    Also these are too much work edition. 
    Source 1
  • Mario Paint Composer Pony Songs! (Added: Evil Enchantress Eurobeat!)

    Some Mario paint remixes from Tekaramity!

    Eurobeat Mario Paint Evil Enchantress Remix (New!), So Many Wonders, Grand Galloping Gala, Friendship is Magic theme, Pinkies Butter Up Song, and Cutie Mark Crusading up below
  • Story: Worlds Apart (Update Part 8+9!)

    [Normal] This one has been edited/modified/passed around/re-modified a million times! It's ready to post! Also more human in ponyland stuff!

    Author: Dragoonofdeath
    Description: A strange turn of events sets the wheels of fate turning as a man awakes in a strange world with no memories of his own.
    Worlds Apart Prologue
    Worlds Apart Part 1
    Worlds Apart Part 2
    Worlds Apart Part 3
    Worlds Apart Part 4
    Worlds Apart Part 5
    Worlds Apart Part 6
    Worlds Apart Part 7
    Worlds Apart Part 8 (New!)
    Worlds Apart Part 9 (New!) 

    Additional Tags: lengthy, amnesia, adventure, Nightmare, Flashback
  • Derpy's Best Night Ever

    Poor Derpy,  Looks like the gala was a flop for everypony...

    Artist: Loomx
  • Season 2 Update Part 2!

    Class is now in session!  Newly graduated Derpy Hooves is here with some important information for everypony! 

    Lauren Faust has posted a clarification on her DA page for those of you who are confused as to what will be going down in the future.

    Here is a direct quote...
    "*clarification: Story concepts and writers' meetings were completed several weeks ago, so my role is complete. I am not currently working on this show in any capacity at this time. Sorry for the confusion. While I'm at it, folks are asking if I left to work on another show. This is not the case. I had no other projects in the works when I stepped down."
    So, what we can gather from this:
    • Lauren Faust is technically done with MLP
    • Season 2 is still primarily her doing, at least when it comes to laying the groundwork for the episodes
    • Season 2 is further along than we expected! Hurrah!
    What this means for Season 3 on the other hand is still up in the air, but like I said in the last update, after working under someone for over a year... don't you think most of the creative inspirations and ideas probably rub off on everyone else?   I would be very surprised if season 3 is a huge difference than what we currently have. 

    Anyway hope that clarifies everything for you all!  

    Also a note from Allspark on Derpy Hooves 
    "Her role in season 2 (to my understanding) is the same as season 1. A kind of 'Where's Waldo' visual gag for the fans. Instead of being edited into the scenes in post production she's actually showing up in the storyboards. I don't know if she will get an official name or speaking lines, but the Derpy joke scenes are now being planned out ahead of time instead of just thrown in as we go. I'm certainly not in the decision making process, this is just what I'm seeing from my perspective.  "
    And that's exactly how it should be! 

    Shh, all these images are from Drawfriend #77 that I'm still working on, so bare with me on that!  Every time I add 2 images another 2 pop up! 
  • Season 2 Updates - The World Isn't Over

    I have received a whole pile of emails amending/staving off various rumors, so lets throw them all into one big post!

    If you read nothing from this post, please at least realize, Lauren Faust stepping down does NOT mean Friendship is Magic is doomed.   One person didn't create this show, I thought I made that clear in the other post, but I think most of you skipped that and went straight to comments (Which I should be prepared for by now! :p)

    This is a long one, It will all be after the Page Break
  • Pony Coloring Book

    These have been floating around for a while, but just in case anyone may have missed them...  Pony coloring books are popping up at random Target stories.  Of the two reported so far, it sound slike they are always in the dollar bin.

    Judging from the cover, they are probably done the same way as the storybook that comes with the 5 pack.  In other words, it might be better to just print and color Kloudmutt or Madmax stuff!

    But if you are desperate to collect it all, then now you know where to find them!
  • Story: Powerful

    [Normal] Like anyone could ever hate that face!

    Author: Larathin Bradley
    Description: They say living well is the best revenge, but after Twilight destroyed her reputation Trixie is struggling just to get by. And while she may not be Great and Powerful anymore, she's powerful enough to get her revenge...

    Additional Tags: clinic, revenge, magic, Trixie, Manehattan
  • PMV: Twilight of the Dead

    This one was actually really well done! We get a ton of movie trailers, but only a few really seem to shine like Aj's duds after Rarity finishes with them! (sorry it's late and I'm tired)

    Anyway check it out after the break.
  • Season 2 Information from Kreoss (MLP Animator) on DA

    This is some really interesting news from Kreoss on Deviant Art.  I'll bullet point the main parts below, because bullet points are cool.
    • Seven known episodes so far
    • Derpy is now an official Character, showing up in storyboards.
    • Returning characters (*queue Twilight yesyesyesyesyesyes*) 
    • Luna episode is "pretty cool"! 
    • MLP Animators also watch it for the plot. (Confirmed x2!)
    Screencap and Link below!
    Kreoss Journal
  • Lauren Faust Is No Longer Executive Producer For FiM

    Lauren Faust has stepped down from being Executive Producer of the show, She is now the Consulting Producer.  Luckily the rest of the team will remain intact, but it's still sad to see her leave.  She really did bring us something amazing.  Hopefully whoever takes her place is willing to stand up to Hasbro's marketing department so we don't end up with Pink Trucks in season two.  I am praying that they realize how ridiculous it would be to ignore this massive side demographic.

    You can find the journal below, on her DA page with all of the additional details.

    Lauren Faust's DA Journal

    Thanks to all 10 of you who emailed me :3