• Season 2 Updates - The World Isn't Over

    I have received a whole pile of emails amending/staving off various rumors, so lets throw them all into one big post!

    If you read nothing from this post, please at least realize, Lauren Faust stepping down does NOT mean Friendship is Magic is doomed.   One person didn't create this show, I thought I made that clear in the other post, but I think most of you skipped that and went straight to comments (Which I should be prepared for by now! :p)

    This is a long one, It will all be after the Page Break

    First off, I didn't think people would outrage so hard at Lauren Faust no longer heading the show.  She brought it to us and implemented it, but that doesn't mean she did everything.  The entire team made the show amazing, and I highly doubt that will change in seasons to come.  Why would they destroy something that works so well?

    Second, She still has some say in the direction of everything as a consulting director.  Her DA journal was a bit misleading near the end, at least from what I have gathered from all these emails.  Season two is still largely affected by her.

    Now on to various responses from people that work on the show!

    First off, we have an layout Artist who posts on the Allspark forums.  Here is a direct quote!
    "I've known about this for a while now, was wondering when the news would finally break. Now before people go all gloom and doom, I'd like to point out that she is still doing a lot of what she did in season 1. She's still heavily involved in the pre-production of season 2 (story and scripts), she'll just be less involved in the post-production. This really won't have any impact on the production.

    To clarify what Kreoss was talking about in his blog, no 7 episodes are not complete, he's talking about watching animatics, essentially storyboards with the recorded dialogue from the voice actors. Layout starts later this month, and animation starts next month, so it'll be a while yet before the season 2 episodes are ready. I've actually seen more of the animatics than he has at this point, and season 2 is shaping up to be AMAZING."
    Next we have Golden Russet's Twitter Page (The Director for FiM)

    The past few hours have been filled with various tweets about the future of the show, all positive, I'd suggest hopping over there and checking it out just for some reaffirmation. 

    So you can stop freaking out!  Season two will still be the amazing pile of pony fun we have come to love over the past few months.  It may not be as heavily influenced by Ms. Faust, but I'm pretty sure a year of working with her probably rubbed off at least some on the rest of the crew. 

    And I will be more careful with headlines! We all learned something!


    1. Ah, It's nice to see a more in-depth survey of what's occuring due to Lauren Faust's leaving.


    2. i approve of this.
      MLP! <3

    3. Dear Princess Celestia,

      Today I learned not to jump to conclusions,and that a friend will always be there for you, even if she's not in the thick of things.

      Your faithful student,
      Bright Shine

    4. Oh good, I can stop having a heart attack now.

    5. Thank you for trying to quiet the rampant panic that seems to be trying to spread.

    6. *sort of already figured this was how things were going to work*

      *still happy that he was right*

    7. HeadLINES? More like headLIES. mirite?

      I'll take my leave now.

    8. I want Lauren Faust's vision of FiM, not anypony else's.

    9. Moderately high optimism, until I see season two.

      For now we do fan works like crazy.

    10. Yes it is somewhat unexpected news, but I have faith that season two will be much like the best episodes of season one. We have absolutely no reason to doubt that and every reason to wait for the next season with much anticipation.

    11. Don't be such a bitch Princess Celestia, just let her go to the god damn Gala. Sorry, just wanted to say that. :P

    12. ApocalypseArisenMay 8, 2011 at 11:31 AM

      my bitter little jury-rigged alternian heart cant handle the surge fr0m an0ther em0ti0nal 0utburst s0 im just g0ing t0 assume that its f0r the best 0f every0ne

    13. I, for one, welcome our new car pulling overlords.

      In all seriousness, though, I doubt that the entire show is gonna get ruined because Lauren has been downgraded. The entire team is what made the show amazing as it is, and that team is staying put. So here's to another ( eventual ) season of filly goodness!

      Also, I'm sure there's a way to crowbar in a Portal 2 / potato reference.

    14. The title was not misleading! Lauren said "I am no longer working on the show." Period.

    15. Well folks, QUANTUM LEAP was gonna be cancelled twice and the fans saved it by flooding ABC with letters and phone calls. FAMILY GUY was cancelled twice but it was DVD sales that made Fox reconsider putting it back on the air.

      HINT HINT!!

      You can let Hasbro know you want them to re-hire Lauren and cave in to all her needs ( schedule and creative-wise )

    16. Straight from her DA:
      > I’m certain the show will be as entertaining as ever, though perhaps in a slightly DIFFERENT WAY.

      Even she admits it WILL impact changes on the show. But I don't want any changes :<

    17. Dear Princess Celestia, Today I learned a that one must be clear is what they say or do.

    18. @Anonymous

      I thought the implication wasn't that she was fired, but that she left due to difficulties.

    19. When IS season 2 coming anyway?

    20. @Anonymous

      Thats the same vibe I got, and what I see on goldenrusset's twitter.

      But I had so many emails saying I was the essence of all things evil for the header, I figured I screwed up somewhere!

      Right now it seems a bit mixed. It sounds like she is still "kind of" working on season 2, with plans to eventually fade off by season 3, but I am not completely sure and various sources all point in different directions.

    21. Well, that sure sounds a lot less like the end of the world. I, for one, am looking forward to season 2.

    22. I believe that once season two airs the worry will truly die out and we'll be able to give more attention to the other members of the team behind this show.

    23. @Sethisto

      You did not screw up, and you are most certainly not evil. (In fact, you're awesome for running this website, but I digress.)

      I think people are confused by what Lauren wrote. She says she will become consulting producer but is no longer working on the show. Since season 2 is already in production, I think this means that she has finished her work on the stories and scripts, and is not contributing further to the show. She also writes that she's moving on to other projects.

      Again, straight from Lauren: "I am not longer working on the show." Reading comprehension is key, people!

    24. I think we can come away with that she was still involved in the writing process for season 2 and that her leaving won't impact it.

      What we should be concerned about is what her departure might mean for a possible season 3.

    25. Hasbro did NOT I repeat DID NOT fire Lauren Faust she stepped down on her own accord please everypony lets calm down

    26. One person DID create this show.

      Many people implemented it.

      I'd like the creator to STAY involved.

    27. Agreed, Lauren was not the only one behind this, when season 2 starts the rest of the team will be named and given their duly deserved glory. I want to know who their lead animator is, and I want to hear their music writer's portfolio. I want to know much much more about this amazing team of honest artists and directors.

      I think that's the charm of the show. It's honest. You can tell they aren't denying what it is.

    28. This just makes me feel so silly, that I thought there would be a noticeable difference in season 2 just because Lauren isn't leading anymore. When it comes down to it, it's essentially the same crew, with just one member lowering her position.

      Oh I am such a sill filly.

    29. Ever since this morning, I have had the song "smile" stuck in my head... I think as a community, this is what we need right now...


    30. See, there would be no reason to post those news if nothing changes, right? But since she did bother to post those, I guess it's pretty clear she wants us to be ready for the changes. And those changes WILL BE noticeable. Otherwise, no one would ever mentioned that she leaves her post.

    31. This isn't all or nothing! You don't have to be disappointed in season 2 or give up on the show because you want Lauren involved.

      You can keep loving the show for what it is and make noise to get Lauren back at the same time.

      Don't convince yourselves you're okay with this. Make some noise!


      Dear [Hasbro Exec],

      I have recently become aware that Lauren Faust is no longer on the My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic production team.

      I am writing to tell you that I consider her involvement key to the amazing success of this series reboot, and to strongly encourage you get her back by any means necessary.

      You have a property on your hands that could run for years and make you millions.

      I call your attention to not only your own ratings and toy sales figures, but also to the recent MLP:FIM production art auctions which in which the sale of four of Ms. Faust's graphite sketches netted over $15,000, and to the fan sites http://equestriadaily.com (a news and art site which is rapidly approaching 5 million hits after only a few months of operation) and http://www.ponychan.net (a forum site which supports an incredible volume of 24hr conversation about the show.)

      Please do the rational thing. Make whatever offers are necessary to win Ms. Faust's involvement back.



    32. @Kein

      Only if you're looking for it. You're setting yourself up for disappointment.

      Were the changes in Avatar the Last Airbender noticeable from season to season? YES! Were they bad? HELL NO.

    33. @Kein she posted it because her title will be different in the show. That doesn't mean she expects sweeping changes to be enacted necessarily.

      The politest way I can put this is *takes a deep breath* that you're taking a very narrow and cynical view of things and I don't think it will be accurate. *breathes normally again* sorry, I'm not trying to trample feeling just to point out that someone stating they're stepping back doesn't mean the world is ending.

      Lauren built an amazing team who all shared in her dream and I don't see any of that team leaving just because she's choosing to go.

      As to the petition ideas that would work if she was fired but since she made the choice to step down it would be unfair to try and force her to go back.

    34. Guys, she just got downgraded to CONSULTING producer. Meaning, she's still working on the ponies, she's just not the front lines anymore.

    35. Guys, she just got downgraded to CONSULTING producer. Meaning, she's still working on the ponies, she's just not the front lines anymore.

    36. @Anonymous
      That would be great, but it's not Hasbro's doing. She's stepping down because she couldn't handle everything she was having to do as Executive Producer. So mailing Hasbro won't really help here.

      If Season 2 is somehow sucky by whatever chance, THEN we can make noise by writing to FAUST, not Hasbro. See?

    37. @Sethisto

      You did not screw up, and you are most certainly not evil.

      I think people are confused by what Lauren wrote. She said her role will now be consulting producer, but she is also no longer working on the show. To me, this clearly means that she has finished her work on the story development and plots for season 2, and will not be contributing any further to the show.

      Again, directly from Lauren: "I am no longer working on the show." Reading comprehension is key, people!

    38. I hope bronies don't use her leaving as an excuse to nitpick every little thing they don't like from this point on.

      Especially stuff that we would have accepted prior. Imagine LF had left two weeks ago? How many people would be screaming about Fluttershy's freak out being OOC?

      tl;dr: Keep your minds open when we go into season 2.

    39. I Highly doubt the show will change drastically. Let's be honest, Hasbro -knows- what is happening right now and how much they are making out of this, and they also know why: The show is working great. Lauren may have step down but will we still see our six favorite ponies? Heck yes. Still wacky stories? Ya betcha!

      And if they don't... then I guess I will look like Pinkie Pie in Party of One. *TWITCH*

    40. YaY~
      Here's hoping for a good of not better season two!

      I can't wait!!!

    41. @Anon

      >I want Lauren Faust's vision of FiM, not anypony else's.

      Lauren Faust's vision for the show was very different from what we actually got, you know. It was originally pitched as very more a fantasy adventure series, ala the first two episodes (the only ones she wrote herself) which have a very different feel from the rest of the show.

      So no, I'm not worried.

    42. @Anonymous
      That's what I'm taking from this as well. From what we've gathered she was consulting producer for season two during plot and story development. Now that the show is moving into the layout and animation phase her work as a consulting producer is pretty much done hence why she isn't working on the show anymore.

      I'm not sure what this would say about a possible season three though. If the show remains popular Hasbro is bound to renew it and that will be the real test for the team as Lauren will probably have absolutely no involvement.

    43. THE END IS NEIGH! THE END IS... oh... much better. Still this show won't last forever.

      Like most shows, MLP:FIM might run for seven seasons, brightening our lives for five years at best.

      Dr. Who is different. That show's so old my dad used to watch it as a kid. That will never end.

      MLP:FIM is not Dr. Who. the fun won't end now, but we must remember that its end is inevitable...

    44. Lauren just updated her DA:

      "*clarification: Story concepts and writers' meetings were completed several weeks ago, so my role is complete. I am not currently working on this show in any capacity at this time. Sorry for the confusion. While I'm at it, folks are asking if I left to work on another show. This is not the case. I had no other projects in the works when I stepped down."

      I knew it ;<

      @The Ferret

      Se above.

    45. @Anonymous

      Yeah I really hope they are not going to do that. Sure without Lauren there maybe some changes, but alas we don't know in which way and wouldn't stress too much. In the end S1 set the the personality of the characters, and I don't see any reason why the would change it drastically, it's still the same team. Maybe Hasbro is going to drive some episodes more in their image, it's hard to say. We still have 7 months to go for the next season, and when it arrives and remains the silly, loveable little pony show we all crave, there is nothing to loose. No need to panic yet.

    46. @Anonymous
      This. This is what I am most worried about going into season two. I hope the community doesn't turn hypercritical simply because Lauren is gone despite her playing a similar role for season one as she is for season two.

    47. Calm down folks BREATHE IN BREATHE OUT

    48. People sure know how to overreact, I never took the other post as a "end of the world" thing.

    49. The great pony brigade will continue to spread it's love and tolerance, even with Lauren gone! Because she'll always be with us. In our hearts, and on our flanks. Our Love is the Love that will pierce the internets!

    50. *inhales deeply*

      Much better. Breathing helps.


    51. Considering how people're reacting to this, any chance of a "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster somewhere on this site?

      As for opinion on the matter, I'm just gonna wait for Season 2, then have a opinion.

    52. A good example is Star Wars. George Lucas didn't direct The Empire Strikes Back but it is probably the best movie in the series.

    53. People should not be so quick to panic. Lauren did not make the show on her own it was a collaborative effort. The FiM team love the show and will keep it at the same level of awesome or greater. They are happy with production so far. We should have faith in them and spread the love.

    54. I think half the community got Pinkamina Diane Pie's hairdo this morning with the "new" of Lauren stepping down from Executive Producer. So yeah, it's a bit understandable how they could have mistaken it for "THE WORLD HATES US!" and everyone cracked under the stress and made brony friends with a bucket of turnips.

      You understand me, don't you Mr. Bucket O' Turnips...

    55. We definitely need to trust the pony production team. We need to trust in their abilities and intentions.

    56. Whew! Thanks for the clarifications!

    57. @B-Man

      I do trust them. it's the Hasbro Executives who most likely disagreed with Lauren on something enough to get rid of her that I don't.

    58. @Anonymous
      The thing that bugs me about possible Hasbro involvement is that if they really did end up disagreeing with her why keep her on as a creative consultant for the second season? If they disagree with what she did with the first season so much why not just completely can her?

    59. Perhaps because out and out firing her ( I mean, "suggesting" she resign outright) would be too suspicious? Get rid of something completely and everyone will notice. Get rid of soemthing bit by bit and very few will.

    60. Lauren has been very open about Hasbro's involvement (e.g., Princess Celestia instead of Queen). She's made it clear that leaving was her decision, not Hasbro's. Please don't be cynical, it goes against everything the show stands for.

    61. This is just... I`m sorry. We really need some kind of comic/fic about celestia leaving equestria and now everypony has to fend for themselves and stuff.. because that's how I feel right now. I just need to blame somepony. I`m not angry at her, not at all. Just... angry at the situation. I almost feel like a kid being left behind at his first day of school.

    62. Is... is everyone really NOT reading the whole bloody thing?



      Good lord, anything short of driving it in with a hammer doesn't work anymore, does it.

    63. @Dr. Whoof


      Go read her DA. Updated recently. Right at the end of her post.

      >*clarification: Story concepts and writers' meetings were completed several weeks ago, so my role is complete. I am not working on this show in any capacity at this time. Sorry for the confusion. While I'm at it, folks are asking if I left to work on another show. This is not the case. I had no other projects in the works when I stepped down.

      And the very relevant part, clipped out:
      >I am not working on this show in any capacity at this time.

      Don't spread happy disinformation.

      Here is THE SOURCE: http://fyre-flye.deviantart.com/

      Read it carefully and get it right.

    64. Its sad to hear that Lauren is leaving the show, but it sounds like everything's gonna be pretty much the same for season 2, which is good. I'm sure season 3 will be great too. The team has had a long time with Ms. Faust and I doubt that they'll instantly begin making terrible episodes

    65. Apparently, all the "LAUREN GONE OMGZ! JUMP THE SHARK!!!" or "THE END IS NEIGH"-sayers have been taking too much salt-lick.

      It's best to wait and SEE what happens. Going gloom and doom right now is pointless and not to mention making a mockery of the lessons taught.

      We will wait to see what happens. I won't say anything until S2 officially starts.

      And yes, hearing those that say "if FiM starts to blow horseapples, blame Hasbro for geting rid of Lauren" is showing some have a few apples short of a tree...

      Come on...mellow out everypony!

    66. Somepony over on this one forum I frequent just flat out stated Faust left the show, good thing ED was here to set things straight

    67. So she's been replaced as Executive Director by a man?

    68. @Anonymous
      >I am not working on this show in any capacity at this time
      >at this time
      >at this time

      She's involved in pre-production, but not post production. Meaning she's not working on season two anymore, because all the pre-production stuff is done. That doesn't mean she left the show completely. She's going to be doing pre-production stuff for season 3 as well. And everypony needs to stop acting all doomy and gloomy, seriously. It's not the end of the world.

    69. Guys please don't get pessimistic. It's ONLY not going to be the same if things are looked down on with a mean eye or trying to find flaws. The creative team and crew are doing their best and who knows maybe the new Executive Producer will be a great replacement and will carry on like Lauren would have.

      So c'mon have a little faith.

    70. Ahhhh everytime I hear about how exciting season 2 is supposed to be I get reaaaally pumped. I think all of this will turn out just fine! We need to just jump into the next season with open minds!!

    71. You know, after some thought I realized that Faust as a consultant might be better for both her ultimate vision and for the quality of the show.

      Faust wanted to have a more overarching show, and sometimes it showed in episodes that felt like they were trying to be longer and then had to be compressed back down to the single time slot (season finale being a prime example.)

      Thing is, I like how the show has continuity but the episodes are self contained, and if Fausts contemporary respects her vision, and can handle the self contained episodes while balancing continuity nods properly, then the show would actually be better as a whole because it doesn't try to be more ambitious than it is allowed to be by the network.

      Who knows? maybe Faust might be called back to be a consultant bin season 3 and do what she did in season 2. Or even better, if they DO decide to make a movie, Faust might be back in front and center to do what she always wanted to do with the show.

      I think that it really is better this way, and from what I have heard everybody is holding to her vision and is striving to make her proud.

    72. From what I've heard, season 2 already sounds a lot different from season 1. I'll just have to wait to see if it has changed for the better or for worse, but there's no denying the show has changed.

      From her comments, it sounds like Faust isn't really involved with the show anymore. They still have to pay her and give her a credit in the show because they're using her intellectual property, but that doesn't say much about her actual involvement. Seth MacFarlane and Matt Groening haven't done any real cartooning in years, but they are still given credit on Family Guy and The Simpsons.

    73. @Anonymous

      Thank you, Anon, for explaining that instead of me.
      So yeah, while she's not ACTIVELY sitting in on everything, she's still keeping a watchful eye on the whole project.

    74. As long as they don't and a Teen Vampire, I can't see this show getting bad

    75. As much as I love the show, if she stepped down of her own accord, it's her choice, we can't force her to do the show. And she's still doing it anyway, she's not totally gone. Everyone has to make their own decisions in life, and perhaps she did it for a good reason, though it may not be something she will tell us, she certainly has every right to do what she wants in this matter.

    76. WOW, it sounds like they finished the story and the scripts for season 2, and within the next month, they will be making the animations. That's fast! 10 seconds flat! amrite!?

      I wonder if Luna will be introduced or have a her background explained?

    77. Holy crap, people need to stop speculating about season 3 or a movie, and what Lauren's involvement will or will not be. If you're expecting Lauren to be involved, and it turns out she's not, well, you got your hopes up for nothing.

      She stated, very clearly, "I am no longer working on the show." She did not add, "at this time." "I am no longer working on the show, period." People need to stop reading between the lines, or only believing what they want to believe. If Lauren comes back in the future, I'm certain she will tell us. Until then, all this idle speculation is a waste of time.

    78. I found and kept this very nice quote years ago:

      "Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them but you always know they are there."

      I think everypony agrees that Lauren Faust is a star, and that she will always shine brightly with us, even if we can't see her. So stop worrying about her not being part of the show! What's important is that season 2 (and maybe season 3) will be just as wonderful as the 1st, or even better.

    79. I totally agree with you, the MLP FiM is a team work not an individual work, all the people who is working there are doing a magnificent job, including the same Lauren said that she's not involved in the same way than before but that season 2 stuff about scripts was totally done so we can't be woried about that, well, I wasn't worried when I read her journal because I trust in the rest of the other workers that are in the series because all them are working so hard to make a high quality cartoon.

      So now is time to wait the season 2 :3

      PS: Sorry for my bad English ;A;

    80. Hmm...dunno if anyone's still reading here and I know this is a little late (I'm sure some of you have a clearer outlook on this by now), but: To those of you still confused with what this means: being a Consulting Producer doesn't mean she handed over the goods to all the suits at Hasbro and jumped on the next flight outta town, never to look back at the artists and studios again. In fact she's still officially credited with ongoing productions. That status still cements her importance in the show - she just doesn't have to hop into the office every day anymore. I read she mentioned she's just not working on it at them moment - doesn't mean she couldn't be in a couple conferences for it a few months down the road helping give the show any "yay" or "nay" ("neigh"?) for new content. Anyways, I believe she lives in Cali, while actual production is done in Canada...AND she's got a bun in the oven. I'd want to take it easy on my job too if I was in that predicament and my husband was also equally talented and a highly sought after member of the animation industry.

      Please also have faith in the team hard at work on the show - they really make it what it is at the end of the day. And also to the individual(s) jumping into Executive Producer, who may be another very talented person wanting to hold strong what Lauren started (no, I do not know who this is, but it's not like suddenly all the worlds animation talent disappeared overnight).

      Please don't write frantic petitions for certain changes unless you really understand what's going on behind production. Instead, please keep showing your support with what's been created and what you're awaiting. You guys will still get some of the best MLP shows I think have ever been made. Lauren got the ball rolling on a fantastically designed show - something TV desperately lacks far too often.

      signed: someone who works on the commercials (not the show, alas!) - so please remember these kind of things are not all cut and dry under the surface!

    81. I wanna have sex with Rarity soooo bad.

    82. Rarity is so charming with her tools she uses in her shop.

    83. I just hope they leave in all the fun stuff like they did all over season 1!
      Y'know, all those freezeframe moments and background antics you usually miss on the first watch.

    84. Guys, chill out. We're good for season 2, let's worry when season 3 rolls around. Also! New Futurama!

    85. @the plummer

      No one gives a toss about what some 'commercial maker' has to say. Down with the media bigwigs!

      Signed: a student

    86. I can't wait till December ahhhhhhhhhhh

    87. chaingun-in-my-handsJuly 23, 2011 at 12:03 PM

      I'M A FAGGOT WHO HATES MLP SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    88. @chaingun-in-my-hands

      But apparently you love rapeing caps lock. Use shift , it's all about living on the edge

    89. @chaingun-in-my-hands Then why are you here? Trolling? Oh i guess so, Fuck off

    90. cmon guys dont you see? WE the fans made the show great when we wanted something in the show it ended up getting in (derpy) THEY simply listened. as long as the creators listen to the fans MLP FIM will always be awesome although lauren made the show 20% cooler with the help of the fans season 2 can be 200% cooler! dont lose faith everypony just keep supporting the series and it will never die just look at furturama they got canceled 2 times yet their now one of the top grossing shows on comedy central LONG LIVE FIM!!!!!

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