• Season 2 Updates - The World Isn't Over

    I have received a whole pile of emails amending/staving off various rumors, so lets throw them all into one big post!

    If you read nothing from this post, please at least realize, Lauren Faust stepping down does NOT mean Friendship is Magic is doomed.   One person didn't create this show, I thought I made that clear in the other post, but I think most of you skipped that and went straight to comments (Which I should be prepared for by now! :p)

    This is a long one, It will all be after the Page Break

    First off, I didn't think people would outrage so hard at Lauren Faust no longer heading the show.  She brought it to us and implemented it, but that doesn't mean she did everything.  The entire team made the show amazing, and I highly doubt that will change in seasons to come.  Why would they destroy something that works so well?

    Second, She still has some say in the direction of everything as a consulting director.  Her DA journal was a bit misleading near the end, at least from what I have gathered from all these emails.  Season two is still largely affected by her.

    Now on to various responses from people that work on the show!

    First off, we have an layout Artist who posts on the Allspark forums.  Here is a direct quote!
    "I've known about this for a while now, was wondering when the news would finally break. Now before people go all gloom and doom, I'd like to point out that she is still doing a lot of what she did in season 1. She's still heavily involved in the pre-production of season 2 (story and scripts), she'll just be less involved in the post-production. This really won't have any impact on the production.

    To clarify what Kreoss was talking about in his blog, no 7 episodes are not complete, he's talking about watching animatics, essentially storyboards with the recorded dialogue from the voice actors. Layout starts later this month, and animation starts next month, so it'll be a while yet before the season 2 episodes are ready. I've actually seen more of the animatics than he has at this point, and season 2 is shaping up to be AMAZING."
    Next we have Golden Russet's Twitter Page (The Director for FiM)

    The past few hours have been filled with various tweets about the future of the show, all positive, I'd suggest hopping over there and checking it out just for some reaffirmation. 

    So you can stop freaking out!  Season two will still be the amazing pile of pony fun we have come to love over the past few months.  It may not be as heavily influenced by Ms. Faust, but I'm pretty sure a year of working with her probably rubbed off at least some on the rest of the crew. 

    And I will be more careful with headlines! We all learned something!

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