• Story: Metal Gear Pony

    [Crossover] I think the era of Shipping has come to the end, giving birth to a new world of crossovers and comedy.
    Description: Metal Gear with Ponies.  Could use a new official description though.
    Metal Gear Pony
  • Drawfriend Stuff #39

    Now you're thinking with portals edition.

    This is a bit lighter than usual, but holy crap 8storyuploadsandstill4moreinmyemail. I need a change of pace!

  • Story: Purple Daze

    [Normal] Pinkie, Twilight, and Rainbow Dash at a party? And no shipping? That's a first...
    Description "Twilight gets an invite to hang out with Pinkie and Dash, but things quickly get out of control once the party starts"
    Purple Daze
  • Story: MLP Vietnam

    [Grimdark]  Unlike the other war story that I used a picture out of this series of images for, this one actually does involve Vietnam. It could use a way cooler title though. 
    Description: Twilight Sparkle, a new recruit in the Equestrian Army, is sent off to war. There, she meets her new squad and faces the horrors that these ponies face everyday. Together, they deal with death and destruction in a time of chaos.
    MLP Vietnam
  • Story: Memorial

    [Sad] Yikes, more sad Derpy stuff.  Poor Derpy =[ Written by Buxton
    Description: Bright Eyes makes her annual visit to her Mama's grave, and relives some sad memories along the way.
  • Story: Communication

    [Shipping] A Spinoff of the "Ships that Pass in the Night" and "The Three Notes" Series; Endorsed, but not written, by the original author.
    Description: A "What If?" story for "Ships that Pass the Night" and "The Three Notes" by EbonMane. Present time takes place immediately after "Ships" ends. "Sometimes, all we need is a little push."
  • Story:...And Apple Accessories

    [Normal] Some career day shenanigans. Written by Bobcat over on the Order of the Stick Forums.

    Author: Bobcat
    Description:  It's career day at Ponyville Elementary. All of the little ponies are so excited... so why doesn't Apple Bloom want Applejack to be there?
    ...And Apple Accessories

    Additional Tags: Apples are boring, aren't they?
  • Comic: Glue

    Poor Applebloom...
  • Story: A Series of Letters

    [Shipping] Applebloom and Spike in letter form.
    Description: A short collection of exchanges between Twilight and Celestia. Contains a little Spike and Apple Bloom shipping, although they do no appear in the story.
    A Series of Letters
  • Story: The Disease

    [Shipping][Random] Shipping+disease?  I think you can guess where that is going.
    Description: A terrible disease is spreading through ponyville!  Can our heroine find the cause before she is infected too?
    The Disease

  • Badass Rainbow Dash Arcade Controller

    Purple Tinker sent me this image of her new arcade controller.  Rainbow Dash obviously makes anything 10 times better, and this is no exception.

    (I'd use 20% cooler but this is way higher than 20%)

    *edit* Actually, "she" made this.  Sorry about the Confusion ;p 
  • Story: My Little Sister

    [Normal] Time for the first ever Silver Spoon story!
    Description: Twilight reads a book in an stormy day when suddenly somepony knocked on her door. 
    My Little Sister
  • 700k News post!

    Cereal Velocity made me a 700k sign, so I figured I'd use it right?

    Blog News time!

    Sad Tag
    I'm adding a sad tag, since everyone wants it. I don't really have the memory required to go back and relabel everything right now, but if you guys email me stories you think need it, I'll start changing them from "Normal" and "Grimdark" to "Sad", the same way I have been with emails for Star tags and Author tags. I wish I set this up when I was relabeling everything with stars.

     Star Tags
    Star Tags are....weird right now.  I think people are scared to vote below a 4 or something. I might axe the entire system, but at least the majority of 5 star stories are good.  It's filtering some of the less amazing stories out.  I've checked other fic websites, and they seem to suffer from the same problems.  Either people don't vote at all, or they are all 5's.  I am not sure how to combat this other than ask you guys to vote honestly.  It's anonymous, so you shouldn't worry too much about insulting someone.

    Quality Control #2
    I am getting piles of emails now with some of the most random and strange fics ever, more so than usual.  I don't want to completely flood the blog with these, and some of them really are just straight up awful (I had a dirty diaper fic earlier...) All I can ask is that you guys be somewhat reasonable... If you wrote a fic in 5 minutes it's probably not something that needs to be added.

    I might add a 500 word requirement or something later on, mainly because people seem to really like taking advantage of the new "bump on update" system.  I've received a few stories that were literally just an introduction today, and one that just straight up stopped in the middle, with a promise to continue later. 

    Also please proofread.  I don't have time to dig through all of them.  The best fics on the blog are the ones that authors took a lot of time with, even if the star system isn't accurately reflecting that.

    Interview with Daniel Ingram
    This is actually really exciting.  I got an email from Tekaramity a while ago giving me some info he received after talking with Mr. Ingram, and we both agreed that it might be in our best interest not to publish it, just in case it was too much.  An hour later I get another email saying Daniel is willing to do an interview for Equestria Daily.  It will not be a live interview, and I agreed to let Tekaramity do the actual question asking, but as you have seen from THIS post, we are using questions from the community as a whole for it. Obviously we won't have time for all of them, but we are choosing ~15 of the most-interesting ones for it.

    That's it for this one!  See yah again at 900k!