• Nightly Roundup #831

    Now that the premier is over, how about we get back to voting for headers you guys? Princess Twilight headers are nice, but she needs to rest every once and awhile, right? Leave a comment below on what you'd like in the future.

    More news, blah, blah. Check it after the break!

  • Hot Topic Variant for MLP Comic #14 Revealed

    Hot Topic's variant for Comic #14 has been posted up! It looks like they are running with yet another Doctor Whooves theme.  Head on over here to grab it!

    Thanks to Whatshisgame and  Rob for the heads up!
  • Twilight's Scepter - Tumblr and Garry's Mod

    It's been a day. A day.

    Even if you've managed to avoid all the tentacle art and all the white potion jokes and other things that I probably haven't even seen yet, I'm willing to bet you haven't missed Twilight's scepter. Given to her by Discord, existing for less than five seconds, and carrying the silliest face ever, the amount of pictures containing it now outnumber the number of humans on this planet. It's so strange what you guys latch on to, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it.

    By the way, it's Sibsy's fault.

    If you just can't get enough of it, like the rest of the internet, I have two things you're probably going to like. Firstly, as you can see by the picture above, it's been modeled and is available for Garry's Mod and Team Fortress 2. Secondly, to the surprise of no one, it also has its own Tumblr. What the hell.

    Thanks, M.A Sibsy.

  • Spotlight Vocal Music: Everypony's Gay For Braeburn

    Welp, it finally happened.  I can't say Braeburn was my favorite, but considering how popular Twilight's scepter is, I guess we can revisit some old memes.  Sim Gretina and Donglekumquat have made a something.  Head on down below the break to listen to it. 

  • Meghan McCarthy tweets about concerns from the premiere

    Meghan McCarthy dropped a few tidbits on twitter in response to some of the reactions to the premiere.  For those who were worried, we've been assured once again that Twilight is not moving out of Ponyville just because she's a princess.

    Second Tweet removed, it is currently not on Meghan's Twitter feed. - Cal
  • Ponies: The Anthology 3 Release Date Announced

    Hey, newfriend. Yes, you. Stop stuffing your vacuoles with pond scum and come here.

    If that header image means nothing to you, take a half-hour break from wiggling your pseudopodia or whatever amoeboids like you do to pass the time and approach this glorious monolith from the fandom's early days.

    Uplifted kids will have watched the sequel to that video before coming back to this page, because they're smart enough to click the suggestions provided by the overlords of Youtube.

    And now that you've joined the rest of fandom and left behind your endocytotic ways -- ZephyrStar is releasing Ponies: the Anthology 3 on December 7th. Mark the calendar they gave you for finding land and your first fedora.
  • Custom Compilation #111

    I think the feature I like most about Cadance is the gradient of color on her wings. It's very unique and I don't think I've seen the effect on other ponies yet. I wonder what sort of cool colorations we'll see this season.

    Time for some customs after the break!

    [1] Source
    Princess Cadence Custom Figure

  • Story: Tiny Equine in Everfree

    [Comedy][Random] "But seriously, you guys need to read this." - Pre-reader Noir Voice
    "I vote to hoard best fic for ourselves and not sharing." - Pre-reader Amacita
    "Prepare your extra knees, little man, for there will be much slapping tonight!" - Pre-Reader Funny Joke
    "If you read one thing this new season, make this the second." - Pre-Reader Pseudomorph
    "I don't know but I've been told... this fic is actually pretty awesome." - Pre-reader Moonless Night
    "We are actively trying to break our previous record for most quotes on a story." -- Pre-reader Pre-reader
    "I heartily endorse this product or service." - Pre-reader This Space for Rent
    "I haven't read it but I recommend it!" - Pre-reader WoW Dragon
    "I like beans." - Brak
    "Who the @&%# are you people?" - Pre-reader What Did You Do To My Hands
    "They seriously made me bold and italisize all of these" - Sethisto

    Author: Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi
    Description: Long thought lost to time, a copy of this work of literary genius has been recovered from the Crystal Empire’s central library. Dedicated scholars worked tirelessly to translate the text back from the Crystal Empire’s native language.

    “I have never read anything like this and probably won’t ever again.” -Twilight Sparkle

    “I, um, like the parts where the filly gets her cutie mark. That was... nice.” -Fluttershy
    Tiny Equine in Everfree

    Additional Tags: A Tiny Equine is You
  • Comic: Chitty Chitty Choo Choo / The Box / The Magic Express(o) / Creepy Moving Vines / Discord's Diet

    Let the season 4 comics pour in! We've got another huge shipment of them for you guys today. Ahhh, it's nice to have all this fresh content again, don't you agree?

    Click for full folks!

  • The Manliest Backpack Ever

    Big Mac, Soarin, that tennis pony, Shining Armor, and The Doctor all team up for one big collage of a backpack.  Donning something like this is the equivalent of drinking 35 cans of Red Bull while bench pressing 400lbs with your pinkie finger.  But don't expect it to be easy to acquire. An epic piece of gear like this requires an epic quest.  You don't just stroll into Hot Topic or Walmart for an artifact of this stature.  Expect a treasure hunt, because the submitter found it at a completely random hole-in-the-wall store in Old Town Sacramento, California. 

    Thanks to Nick and Karolyn for the image.  I hear they were made king and queen right after purchasing it. 
  • Giant Drawfriend Stuff #994

    Pony is back in season!  UNLEASH THE FLOOD.  We have a whipping 71 images in this one, and I didn't even touch the twilightxbottle shipping stuff!

    A note on spoilers: Episode one and two are unhidden, episodes 3-6 are hidden.  Go watch the new episode before hitting this post up!

    Get it all below.

    [0] SourceI Do What I Want!

  • "Princess Twilight Sparkle", Parts I and II: Episode Followup

    It's been a while.

    Nine months' worth of a hiatus would scatter a lesser community, but I think we've proved a long time ago that we're made of sterner stuff. As our reward, we've been gifted by the amazing team at Studio B both an excellent opener for season four, and the conclusion of Twilight Sparkle's ascent into princesshood. Story arcs aren't something we've seen a lot of in this show, and I'm eager to see how the team handles it. For now, though, it's time to start the followup.

    For those new to an Episode Followup, I'll be clear: these are not reviews. They are not meant to be in-depth teardowns and dutiful analysis of the episode, though I'll slip into that if I think the situation warrants it. They spawned from the original threads on 4chan when the community was nothing but a blip on the internet radar, and are by and large meant to be light-hearted clip shows of things that the writer (in this case, me) thinks are worth pointing out, with occasional heaps of more serious words if we think it's important. So, once more- looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, but is actually a tiny horse.

    Welcome one, welcome all: show staff (they do read these), community members (the reason we do these at all), and everyone else (how did you get here?). It's followup time, and it feels so good to be able to say that again.

  • Short Animation: Journey of the Spark Animation Tests #2 / Attack on Spaghetti / Support Your Local Post

    Pinkie Pie, get away from that mailbox

    We have some short flash/animation stuff this time around, starting with a Journey of the Spark promo filled with animation tests their guys are playing around with.  Some are super simple, while others are pretty funny.  It's worth checking out.

    Slot number two is more Attack on Titan, and the third is... I don't even know. In fact, I'm not even sure on the Attack one either. Get them all below regardless!

    1.) Journey of the Spark - Promo #2 [Animation Test]
    2.) Attack On Pony Spaghetti
    3.) Support Your Local Post Office

  • Poll Results: Which Plushie Line is your Favorite?

    I'm ending this one a bit early to get some season four going.  I think we all know who won this one anyway.  Now we just need to get 4de releasing us some new stuff! I'm dying for my Fluttershy to go with Pinkie and Twilight.  They fit so well with my custom Trixie plushie.

    Onward to the next poll: Which season 4 episode are you most looking forward to? Get it on the sidebar! Titles can be found over here.  

  • Thoroughly Analyzing "Princess Twilight Sparkle"

    Are you hype?! I'm hype! My buddy Tommy Oliver is hype to, so he and I broke down the Season 4 premiere in as much detail as we could manage. Check out our video below the break!

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