• Season 4 Recap/Breakdown Post - Trailer Analysis and Quick Reference!

    Welp, I think we can officially say season 4 is in full swing. So much news flooded the front page today, that a lot of it is already on page two! I'm going to give this recap thing a shot, covering everything that happened, as well as other tidbits released throughout the last few months.  Hopefully this helps you all paint a bit of a picture on what is to come.

    None of these are leaked images, so expect only what The Hub and others want you to see, meaning no huge episode-wide spoilers.  There are spoilers though if you want to enter the next few weeks completely blind, so as always, don't go below if you don't want synopsis and stuff.  The Hub is doing a pretty good job of not spoiling everything in the teasers this year.  That was one of the things that bugged a lot of us in the final episodes of season 3! Everything was revealed before the episodes even aired!

    Now go brainstorm below! Speculation is always fun!  If you want to continue discussing today's episode, Cereal will be running the usual followup tomorrow.  

    1080p Upload of both episode one and two of Princess Twilight Sparkle 

    Find the actual episode post here.  It's at 1700 comments and counting at the time I started drafting this up.  Madness!  And be sure to support the guys on The Hub on Monday at Hubworld.com. 

    We had a few teasers.  Each will be extracted and sorted below based on what happened.  They all covered a few episodes each though.

    The Big one: Early Comic Con animatic teaser.  It revealed quite a bit about these episodes. 

    Commercial one - Daring Don't, Castle Mania, Power Ponies

    Assorted promos based on Character, with lots of random s4 scenes.  Screen caps below.  

    Episode 3: Castle Mania

    The Full Synopsis has been revealed:

    “Castle-Mania” — Twilight and Spike are sent by Celestia to the ruins of her old castle for research, and unknown to each other, the rest of the ponies find their way there as well. Meanwhile, trap doors, secret passages and a dark presence known only as the Shadow Pony await them, on “My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic,” Saturday, November 30 at 10:30 a.m. ET/ 7:30 a.m. PT on the Hub Network.

    Castle Mania's writer will be live tweeting during the episode.  Expect that on the 30th (of this month.)

    This was the image included in the official press release, depicting Nightmare Moon's/The old castle  during the day, where the episode is taking place. 

    Episode 4: Daring Don't

    The full synopsis for this one was released via press release the other day: 

    “Daring Don’t” — When Rainbow Dash discovers that the new A.K. Yearling book she has been eagerly anticipating is delayed, she recruits her reluctant pony friends to spring into action to ensure the book gets written. However, when the ponies arrive to help the famous author, they soon discover that A.K. Yearling has a secret that sends Rainbow Dash and her pony friends on an unexpected mission, on “My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic,” Saturday, December 7 at 10:30 a.m. ET/ 7:30 a.m. PT on the Hub Network.

    I'm guessing on this.  It could be Castlemania, or it could be Daring Don't.  Getting sucked into a book makes me think Daring Don't.  

    Such anger~ 

    This was part of yesterday's press release.  I'm guessing that's the author, A.K. Yearling based on Dash's response.  I could be wrong though. 

    Ahuizotl returns!

    Another quick Daring Do shot, just because I love her design. 

    This is another one that could possibly be Castle Mania.  If it is, it was the only clip of it today as far as I know. 

    And finally, one a bunch of people missed.  This cover looks to be including Rainbow Dash in the book with Daring Do.  The possibilities on why that happened are pretty much endless. 

    Episode 5: Flight to the Finish

    No synopsis or official images yet on this one.  The Comic Con panel revealed a good amount of what we can expect in it though. 

    Episode 6: Power Ponies

    No synopsis for Power Ponies yet, there is a ton of info on it though. 

    We have a new villain in this one, closely relating to a villain found in Power Puff Girls named Sedusa.  It's starting to look like a pretty heavy parody on the classic show.  A general discussion on her can be found over here

    The Comic Con panel also had a pretty big animatic of it.  Get that here!

    The mane 6 in their colored super hero costumes 

    Spike's costume.  He pulled a "holy" quote, so I'm guessing he's supposed to be Robin here. 

    New villain mentioned and detailed above.

    Twilight Sparkle being a badass.  Look at her in that thing!  Whoever designed this deserves a medal. 

    (The rest of these are from this post over here)

    Pinkie Pie's ability is apparently super speed.  As if she wasn't already demi-god level ridiculous. 

    General Season 4 Information / Random Trivia

    Probably the most info-rich piece we have so far is from the Twitter Q&A with Meghan McCarthy the other day.  Loads of neat stuff is revealed in that one.  Hit it up over here.  Everything from Rarity episodes to Discord's song with "a lot of words" is expanded upon. 

    Hubworld Backgrounds have some possible season 4 locales used as assets.  Those are over here.  Rainbow Falls included.

    And Trixie? Maybe, Maybe not.  A guy can dream right? This was teased on The MLP Facebook a few days ago.

    Meghans Proudest Achievement in pony was wiring the season finale this time around.  With the intro revealing that keyhole box, I have a feeling it's going to be a pretty massive buildup.

    Best musical sequence ever in S4 according to Meghan.

    "Weirdest Episode We have Ever done".  There has been a ton of joking about Weird Al over the years which is why we used that header image.  It's a pretty big longshot though.

    A list of writers for the season has been detailed via a conversation with some show staff at Comic Con.