• Anime Superstar Animator Yoh Yoshinari Secretly Drew Ponies for a Year

    Time to get back to that usual news world.  I do love new episode mornings.

    Have you ever watched Gurren Lagann, Gunbuster, Evangelion, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, or Little Witch Academia?  Then you have already been exposed to this guy's work.  Yoh Yoshinari is a Japanese animator who has done a boatload of stuff.  Only recently did people realize he has also dabbled in the world of equines too. The guy has been busting these out on his semi-secret Pixiv account under the name "Maru" for a while now in the year leading up to the release of the show in Japan.  Quite a few, if not all of these have made their way into drawfriend posts here on EQD without any of us even realizing it.

    This would most likely explain the pony references in Little Witch.  He does kinda run the thing

    I know we have a huge anime following here on EQD, So it's cool to see someone who has done some of the great ones silently lovin the pony on the side.  Here's to hoping he keeps it up, though not if it interrupts progression on Little Witch Academia, that pilot episode had me hooked right from the start.

    Check out his gallery over here, or after the break drawfriend style if you don't have a Pixiv account.