• Random Merch: Soup Mug, Advent Calendar, Lunch Box Ornaments, Headphones with Manes and More!

    We start with an advent calendar filled with little books instead of candy! Count on Twilight Sparkle to sneak that on kids during the holidays.  They spend way too much time playing video games and gulping down jolly ranchers.  Found in Germany by German_Derp. 

    And below the break, more random merch!

    Lunch Box Ornament

    So apparently this is a thing.  Lunch box... ornaments.   Found at Hobby Lobby by Tertius.

    Enamel Pins

    More random pin stuff to pin on things.  Found at Hot Topic by Jason. 

    Ceramic Soup Mug

    Do you like soup? I like soup.  Now you can join the mane six in soup consumption via that soup cup above.  Found at Hot Topic by Mr. Disco.


    Found at Sears by Shadow Pony

    Digital Camera Kit

    It's probably not going to set the world on fire with picture quality, but it has ponies on it.  Found by Framwinkle at a Fred Meyer in Boise, Idaho. 

    Headphones with Manes

    That would probably drive me nuts.  I know some of you could use them though! Headphones with manes found at Books a Million by Callie

    Through the Mirror Brushables

    Flutters is lookin a little gothic there.  Found at Walmart by Dead Elf Lime Chan

    Twilight Sparkle's Purse

    >not calling it saddle bags

    Missed opportunity.  Found at Costco by Ramirez