• Star Ratings and Labels update

    Sorry about the constant story archive updates.

    I've taken feedback from the last one and am starting the process of marking everything with a few new things...

    Star Ratings
    I want to actual make use of the star rating system a bit more.  Stuff with 10 votes will be filed into one of 5 categories..
    Star ratings will be rounded up (since they tend to do halves which i hate) So something with 4.5 stars will just be 5.  
    For things that haven't reached 10 Star votes

    People have asked me to sort things by Stars since I added the blog, and I think this is the best way to do it.  You can find these ratings in the "CATEGORIES" box under the poll next to episode download/steams

    Author Tags
    I have a ton of these tags in the categories.  I just got done cleaning all of the tags with only 1 story under them out.  Author Tags will be added once 2 stories are uploaded.  I figure people can just search by story if you have only ever added 1.  I will add your name in the actual story description though. 

    If you are an Author, you would make it 100 times easier if you emailed me a list of your stories, especially those that don't have author tags but need them.  I know Knigh/tg/uy has uploaded more than 1 story, but I only have 1 tagged for example. 

    I know star rating is exploitable with multiple IP addresses, but there isn't a website out there with stories where this isn't an issue, so try to use the honor system.  If i see a 10 star story with all 5's with 3 negative comments, I'll obviously know something is up.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #36


  • Poll Results: How Do You Want Me to Handle Story Updates?

    It's something I have been struggling with deciding on for a while.  I have tried various methods..

    Bumping defenitely gets it more attention, but annoys the people that don't care about stories.

    Red Tags are ok, but most people still ignore them.

    And Separate posts was the way I used to do it before I knew how to bump, but some still liked this way.

    What did you guys have in mind for other?  I will probably just go with the bump thing since people seemed to vote for that primarily.
  • Weekly Wrap Up! February 27-March 4th

    Here is all the cool stuff from the last week!  Or all the stuff at least. Everything is from oldest to newest.

    Everything is after the Post Break (Read more)

    If anything is broken post below.
  • Video: Blame It On the Ponies

    So that DJ Earworm guy always mashes up the top 25 each year, and this is the actually-well-timed pony version. Maybe we can make this one go semi-viral like the Skyrim one?