• Video: The Elder Scrolls VI: Equestria

    Now someone go mod oblivion with ponies.

    Also a shorter version after the break with a new antagonist!

  • Comic: She-Rarity

    Stupid He-man gets all the Rarity
  • Story: Fluttershy Monster Hunter

    [Crossover] I never did get into the video game, but maybe some of you have!
    Description: Fluttershy versus Rathalos, HEAVEN OR HELL, LET'S ROCK!
    Fluttershy Monster Hunter
  • Derpy Hooves Day

    Yes, that's right.. March 1st is officially Derpy Hooves day.

    If you are on Facebook, here is the event link. 

    Derpy Day

    For those that aren't, here are the copy pasted rules.
    "March 1st is Derpy Day!
    Be sure to remember the observances of this most Pony of Hoofidays.

    -Muffins. At least one must be consumed by days end, lest Pinkie's tail twitch for you.
    -The Muffin shaped cake is fine even if you are not Orthodox Derpy.
    -An article must be moved from one area of the house and placed in the wrong one for the entire Hoofiday.
    -Letters must be hoof written and delivered to those you love within delivery distance. E-mails have now been recognized for those too far for this observance.
    At least try to deliver one RL letter.
    The Letters are to be about why you love them or are thankful they are your friend. (Bonus writing a loving friendship letter to an enemy.)
    -Anytime a picture of you is taken or you see yourself in a mirror, you must give the traditional Derpy Occular salute. 9_6

    Be well and Happy DERPY DAY!"
  • Story: On Wings of SCIENCE!

    [Normal] I'm getting a lot of OC pony stories lately, and I have no clue what image to assign to them.  I'll draw the line at OC shipping alright?
    Description: A unicorn pony, after many years of work, has finally managed to give herself a working set of wings. Well, mostly working...
    On Wings of SCIENCE!

    On Wings of SCIENCE! Alternate Link
  • How To: Appeal Your Bans.

    Here is a step-by-step on how to get connected to the 4chan IRC channel and appeal your 14 day pony ban directly.  Some have found success with it.  It really is all based on which mod you get. If your appeal form on the actual website was denied, this is the alternative.

    Full guide after the Post Break

    *Edit* Removed all the negative satire stuff, I was just having fun with it.   

  • Writefriend/Drawfriend Friend Off Event is GO!

    I think I used this image recently.. oh well.

    Anyway, it looks like everyone is cool with another Writefriend/Drawfriend event.  So I'll post it up!

    ***Update: Changed the Date, 2 weeks from now instead allowing bans to end.  

    The Rules are simple...

    Artists: Take one of your Favorite Fics (Story Archive) and Draw Something about it!
    Authors: Take your Favorite Art (Label: Drawfriend) and Write Something about it!

    What do I get out of it?
    Friendship is Magic happens Once a week.  That is 6 days without no pony.  This is unacceptable.  You get to provide people with their Pony fix!  ...which is essentially what drug dealers feel, minus the money and  jail time... Right, ONWARD!

    Where do I post it?
    On March 14th, assuming /co/ hasn't completely obliterated ponies, you can post your content there for everyone to see.  Also Email It to me so I can upload it to the blog, the Same Way you would email me anything else (but with it's companion image/fic linked).  If the war has returned to 4chan by this time, we will probably end up moving it to a side chan.  Most likely FiMchan due to it's capability of housing large amounts of traffic.

    I'm not an Artist, or a Writer, how can I help?
    Spread the word! Post it on /co/'s current generals or whatever forum/chan you are from.

    What CAN'T I upload for this?
    There are no rules for stuff posted on /co/.

    Stuff uploaded here will follow the same guidelines as everything else on the blog.

    -No Porn (though Borderline is still alright)
    -No Cupcakes level gorefests for the sake of posting a story that gets 200 comments like Cupcakes did (I'm tired of refusing these these :x
    -No Troll stories Emulating Cupcakes
    -Please have someone proofread it.  I usually skim through stuff to see that it doesn't have 90 spelling/grammar errors, but during this event I just won't have time.
    -If you submit a stick figure with hooves, please don't take it personally if I don't link it to something.  I haven't really set a quality control thing for the site (Though I get a lot of emails begging me to set one up), but I think we are all smart enough to judge our own works as good or bad. 

    If you have any questions, post them below in the comments section.  I'm sure I'll modify the crap out of this in the next few hours.
  • Story: Flowers and a Letter (Update Chapter 2!)

    [Shipping] Some Twilight and Fluttershy stuff with a few other ponies thrown into the mix!  Author doesn't speak English as his primary language so go easy on the grammar!

    Author: A.n.B. 
    Description: Twilight was just about to study the flowers she gathered but she is interrupted by a sudden discovery. (mild shipping)
    Flowers and a Letter
    Flowers and Guilt  (New!)
  • Story: Wintergreen

    [Normal] A Zecora Story! Her section could definitely use more now that she is a recurring character.  (Even if Trixie was way cooler)
    Description: Wintergreen is a bit of a loner, and with all the trouble he's been in at school decides to run away to the Everfree forest and beyond, but a chance encounter with Zecora sets those plans amock, and changes his life forever.
  • Story: Little Pony

    [Normal] I'm not sure if this should be considered grimdark.  Is it legal to spank your kids these days? I don't really follow that stuff.
    Description: Apple Bloom gets in trouble.
    Little Pony
  • Poll Results: Least Favorite Main Pony?

    RARITY?!  You guys are dicks.

  • Should We Do a Drawfriend/Writefriend Write off?

    With half of our content producers banned from /co/, is it still viable to hold one of these in the schedule start-of-month time? Is there still any interest even, after the largely successful Valentines day ship off?

    If enough people seem interested, I'll host it for March 7th (Monday of next week).   

    For those that don't know wtf I'm talking about, we did an event at the start of February (Found here), where Artists took Fanfics and drew stuff out of them, while Authors took Drawfriend stuff and wrote stories based on them.  It was pretty successful, though the non-fic people didn't like it much!

    We also did a similar Valentines Day Ship-Off, though the rules were more "just ship something".

    How many are interested in this for March?  We would probably have to throw the main thread on Fimchan or Ponychan, unless mods on /co/ unban everyone.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #32

    Lyra is my new waifu edition.

  • Story: Coming Clean

    [Shipping] HUMANIZED PONIES? IN MY EQUESTRIA?  ...I guess. A new Gilda/Dash by Pacce!
    Description: Back in the old days Gilda had two fears: Dash discovering that Gilda had feelings for her and the girl's shower room.
    Coming Clean

    Coming Clean (DA link)