• How To: Appeal Your Bans.

    Here is a step-by-step on how to get connected to the 4chan IRC channel and appeal your 14 day pony ban directly.  Some have found success with it.  It really is all based on which mod you get. If your appeal form on the actual website was denied, this is the alternative.

    Full guide after the Post Break

    *Edit* Removed all the negative satire stuff, I was just having fun with it.   

    1.) Download MIRC

    2.) Install MIRC

    3.) Launch MIRC, it will say you have a 30 day trial ect, click continue.

    4.) Click File->Select Server.  Open the "Rizon" Folder and Select "Random Server".

    5.) Click the "Connect" tab on the Left hand side under "Categories:"

    6.) In "Full name" and Email Address" just type whatever. Your "Nickname" however is important, and has to be one someone else isn't currently using.  Fill all that in and click "ok"

    7) On the main IRC page interface screen, you will see a lightning bolt at the top.  Click it, and wait for it to connect to the Rizon server.

    8.) Once it is done, Type /nickserv register (Whatever you want your password to be, no brackets) (Your email address, no brackets)
    Example: "/nickserv register derp Derpyhooves@delivery.com" 
    If it says your nickname is already taken, type /nick [newnameherenobrackets] and wait 30 seconds.

    9.) You will receive an Email at whatever email address you left with a passcode.

    10.) Open email, Copy the "/msg nickserv confirm df8fg8"

    11.) Paste it in IRC, this will register your nickserv name.

    12.) Type /join #4chan

    13.) Message someone with  (@) or (%)." in their name on the side (Double click their name).  And ask them NICELY to unban you. 

    14.) With any luck, you will have full access to post again.

    Alternatively, you can Proxy, but that stuff is inconvenient and largely already banned.

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here