• Nightly Roundup #681

    You certainly are, Blossomforth. Too bad it ends up getting you tied up in knots on the training grounds!

    News time guys, sorry it is a little later than usual. Saturday is my gaming night so I run a little late as a result.

  • Music of the Day #122

    I need to get a poster of this made.

    We have nine songs for you all today in this edition of Music of the Day. Head on down below the break to check them out!

  • Tutorial Codex

    Welcome to Equestria Daily's Tutorial Codex! This page's intention is to gather as many tutorials as possible into one spot for easy access by beginning musicians, artists, crafters, ect so that they can improve their work and grow as the artists they are! Below you will find a variety of categories dedicated to certain areas of work so take a look and pick what interests you.

    If you would like to contribute some examples, but not limited to, what we are looking for are:

    • Basic Guides: How to draw a pony, anatomy, beginners music, beginners crafting, ect
    • Coloring Guides
    • Guides on background design, drawing objects, ect
    • Vector Guides
    • Music Guides
    • Crafting Guides
    • Video Creation/Editing Guides
    • Fanfic Tutorials
    • Basically anything that can be used in a pony project!
    If you have a tutorial you would like to contribute, whether it be a video, a dA journal, a pictorial guide, whatever, please send it to [email protected] and put the subject line Tutorial-Whatever the Tutorial is About for easy sorting.

    Updated: 1/28/2021 (Dead links removed)
    Help us keep this section clean by reporting dead links! 

  • Story Updates - June 8th

    EQD sure does have a random schedule lately.  Have some story updates at a crazy time!

  • Spotlight Vocal Music: What Your Friendship Means To Me / Love in Ponyville

    We start this one off with a new Sim Gretina track collabin with a female singer going by the name of Chichi, followed by a bit of classic rock dedicated to Spike and Rarity from M Pallente! Find both below!

    1.) Love In Ponyville by M Pallante
    2.) Sim Gretina feat. Chichi - What Your Friendship Means To Me/Ponylude

  • Applejack Takes over Alcohol

    News? Not really.  Entertaining for no apparent reason? I suppose.  Google's search for "What is Applejack" has had it's image replaced with the pony.  She is now a strong alcoholic beverage produced from apples.  Or maybe the other way around? I don't rightly know. 

    Thanks Jordan for sending whatever this is classified as! 
  • Rainbow and Rooted Released!

    After months of intense music making from musicians across the fandom, the much anticipated Rainbow and Rooted album has finally been released!  There are a whopping 55 songs included this time around, with a name your own price option for those of you on a tight budget.  Have a blurb: 
    After a year since the booming success of their first fundraiser album, the makers of Balloon Party are back again bringing you another huge wave of hard hitting tracks! Much like its predecessor, Balloon Party, Rainbow and Rooted is a mixed genre album favoring Modern EDM and Rock. As with the previous fundraiser album Balloon Party, all donated proceeds go to funding the traveling and hotel expenses for your favorite musicians to perform at Bronycon! After a year of hard work, we are pleased to present you Rainbow and Rooted: Fours Fall Down!
    And head on over to their bandcamp page to pick it up!

    And check out the promo video below the break!

  • Top 10 Pony Songs of May 2013

    And just like videos, music has been compiled and posted as well! Which songs dominated your playlists?! Which songs should dominate your playlists?! Hit them up below the break!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #828

    That needs to be displayed in an art gallery somewhere.  Traditional art can be epic when done right.  This fandom has such amazing talent.

    Onward to art! We have a bunch of great stuff today.  And a weekly reminder: be sure to click the source links for the full size, and watch/fav/comment when you get there!

    [1] Source
    MLP - Home Sweet Home

  • Top 10 Pony Videos of May 2013

    The best of the best community voted videos have been tallied up! Which of lasts month's stupendous lineup wowed you guys the most? Head on down below the break to watch!

  • Saturday Livestreams and Drawfriend

    Another week means another Livestream event! We actually have a ton of new people today so check them out after the break. Onward to art!

    As always with this event, if you want to partake in the madness make sure to send an email to me at [email protected] with your name, the type of art you'll be doing, a gallery link (optional) a link to your livestream and a banner (also optional). Make sure that your stream follows our content guidelines as laid out under our submit tab and also make sure to that you can be ready to stream at our standard time of 4pm EST / 1pm PST on Saturday. Also, if you participated in this week's stream event please send me the art you made so I can include it in next week's Livestream Drawfriend.

  • Kiki Memorial and Art Gathering

    As many of you may be aware, Kiki Havivy, an incredibly brave little girl that has been in the lives of pony fans throughout the fandom for almost two years now, passed away yesterday after a long struggle with cancer. Tara Strong broke the heartbreaking news yesterday and the community has responded strongly with condolences and other wonderful gestures. The family has responded, thanking the community.

    For instance, the Brony Thank You Fund has decided to give all donations between June 8th and June 15th to cancer research in her honor as well as True Equestria Radio which is donating all funds they gather this weekend on their show. We have also received some videos for Kiki as well. To check all of those out, especially if you want to donate to BTYF to fight cancer, check after the break!

    If you would like to offer your own condolences please contact Kiki's Twitter here. We would also like to do a collection of art and videos for the family, so please send any you create to [email protected] with the subject line reading Kiki Memorial - Insert Text Here for proper filing. After a couple weeks we'll put together what you all sent in and make a post for them. For OC information on Kiki's pony, you can find pictures of the little filly here.

    Rest in peace, Kiki. You're in all our hearts.

  • Spotlight Music: Remember the Mane / Big Sister Now / Love Is In Bloom

    We start this one off with a rap parody, because nothing can escape ponification,  followed by a bit of Scootalove acoustic style, and finish with an awesome remix of Love is in Bloom.  Check them all out below the break!

    1.) TGSM - Remember The Mane
    2.) MLP Original - Big Sister Now
    3.) F3nning - Love Is In Bloom (Slow Flower Remix)

  • Comic: Pillow Fight / Stars for the Night / Celestia's Nightmare

    Pillow fights, Constellations, and a relatively creepy comic to finish it off.  Click for full as always!

  • MLP Takes the Leo Award for Best Musical Score

    It looks like Magical Mystery Cure accomplished more than just decking Twilight Sparkle out with wings!  Both Daniel Ingram and Steffan Andrews took the Leo award for best musical score on the episode. 

    Go toss them some congratulations!
  • Lauren Faust Ponychan Q&A Compiled

    Good news! You all get to join me in being lazy tonight.  !!Rainbow Dash from Ponychan compiled up everything from her thread earlier and sent it over to us.  Head on down below the break for a whole boatload of insight into our favorite pony show straight from the Fausticorn's mouth. 

  • Lauren Faust Visiting Ponychan

    This has been going on for an hour, so chances are it will end soon, but Lauren Faust is currently answering questions for the masses over on Ponychan.  I'll compile the answers later tonight if you are feeling lazy, but feel free to roll your dice until then!