• Story: Everypony Loves Dash Chapter 6 released!

    I'm still trying to figure out a good way to add updates to already archived stories.  Ones on the front page/side bar will have the UPDATED red tag. 

    Anyway go read some more Everypony Loves Dash!
  • Comic: Mocha Goes Crazy

    Sorry If i got the title wrong Madmax, someone sent it to me with a string of random numbers as a name.

    Anyway enjoy!
  • Story: Teatime At Twilight's

    Description: On a lazy summer day, Pinkie Pie wants to party and have fun, but when its party time Pinkies the only pony looking glum
    Teatime At Twilight's 
  • 100 things Pinkie Pie is not allowed to do in D&D

    This is way old, but I figured I'd post it anyway since I keep seeing it pop up lately, and that dungeons and dragons pony video was hilarious.  Credits to whoever thought of all of these. 

    100 Things Pinkie Pie Is No Longer Allowed To Do In Dungeons And Dragons

    1. Pinkie Pie isn't allowed to borrow dice. She will start juggling with them.
    2. Pinkie Pie isn't allowed to roll Intimidate. She breaks out into giggles and is useless to the party for two hours.
    3. Pinkie Pie isn't allowed to use the Magical Clown class she found online. It's too broken
    4. The Battle Mat and any Permanent Markers are not to be within 20 blocks of each other while Pinkie Pie is playing.
    5. Pinkie Pie is not allowed to play World of Darkness...She just. Doesn't. Get it.
    6. Pinkie Pie is not allowed to produce a musical starring all Kobolds in an attempt to improve a situation. That was just a very silly session...
    7. Pinkie Pie cannot throw a party because "the party needs a party."
    8: Pinkie Pie is not allowed to LARP. Ever.
    10. No miniatures at the table. Pinkie Pie'll start making them have a tea party.

  • Pony Font

    So, you wanna type like poni do you?

    Here is some font for you to use.

    Also does anyone have the actual font files for this stuff?

    Anyway enjoy

    Pony Font 
    Pony Font option 2
  • Pinkie Pie Bubbles Fail

    I actually got this one in an email from someone over at Fail blog.  I didn't know they had ponies popping up over there!

    Dem 3d bubbles. 

    ^^UPDATE^^ From the sounds of it in the comments, these bubbles aren't so fail after all!  From someone who works with toys...
    "As a TOY SPECIALIST (read: I am employed in a toy store) I can tell you more about the pic. I am not sure how they do this, but you put the glasses on and there is supposedly a picture that appears on the bubble."

    "It’s labeled wrong, but the 3D glasses might actually server a purpose — polarized lenses make colorful diffraction patterns like those in bubbles much more visible."
    Alright Hasbro, I'm done raggin on your toys now.  Go make us some cool stuff.
  • Story: Checking Out

    [Shipping] A title with multiple meanings? I think it was intended!
    Description: Dash has a hunger that must be satisfied.
    Checking Out (docs)
    Checking Out (Deviant Art)
  • How to: Contact Hasbro

    I don't know if this kind of thing ever works, but I don't think there are any other options.

    Despite Lyras picket sign, I am not saying raid the Hasbro contact form with hatred and spite.

    But do write something, in clean english, free of obscenities, letting them know that they have a separate fanbase from their typcial 3-12 year old girl demographic that loves these ponies.  Some of you are not from /co/, and are perfectly fine with the direction of the toys.  This post is not for you.  For everypony else though, that desperately wants to see a Luna (and not a pink luna)  or some other pony/griffon that isn't a recolor of a main pony, this really is our only option.

    Here is the contact form

    Just give them a heads up, or something.  Don't write about how retarded their toy designers are, or how Lauren Faust should be the CEO.  Just be reasonable.  Ask for a Luna toy, or a Trixie, or whoever else (I'm pretty sure derpy and lyra would be illegal in some form from reading the stuff on /co/ about fan characters).

    Maybe if enough of us send requests in, we might see an official, well done pony set in the future that isn't a bunch of random recolors of the same molds used for everything else.

    And Snail Mail for those into that. 

    Hasbro, Inc.
    Consumer Affairs
    P.O. Box 200
    Dept. C-847
    Pawtucket, RI, 02862-0200.

    Corporate Mailing Address:
    Hasbro, Inc.
    1027 Newport Avenue
    Pawtucket, RI 02862.
    The telephone number is 401-431-8697
  • Comic: Kissing is Magic

    Madmax... Why are you so awesome...
  • Poll Results: What is Rainbow Dashes Sexual Orientation?

    At least she got upgraded to bi I guess.  Sorry Lauren...

     ^^ Update ^^ Not that lesbians are bad or anything, come on guys I didn't mean it like that, you know I love pinkie/dash more than anyone!  I'm just assuming Lauren didn't intend for everyone to wave the lesbian flag at dash, and seeing her move slowly toward straight would be a good thing in her quest to have a tomboy rainbow pony character that isn't labeled a dyke by the denizens of /co/.

    inb4 someone twists the update too <3
  • Video: Ponies play D&D

    The lip Syncing.. it is marvelous.
  • Story: Interventions are Magic

    [Shipping] Only Twilight Sparkle could make a drinking problem seem cute.
    Description: Twilight Sparkle's drinking problem leads her friends to organise an intervention at Sugar Cube Corner. But things get out of control when Twilight decides the time has come to tell them some home truths about themselves.
    Interventions Are Magic