• Music of the Day #18

    Insomnia, defining everything I do. Insomnia, where would I be without you? Insomnia, always stealing all my rest. Octavia, insomnia, you really are the best.

    If you're reading this, you're awake. Maybe you have good reasons. Maybe it's not that late where you live. Or maybe a complex cocktail of medicines and pain keep opening your eyes when all you want to do is pass out. Maybe you had way too much caffeine and now you're stuck in front of a computer for the next couple of hours. Or maybe you completely forgot about a test, report, or paper you need to be doing right now, and if you go to bed you won't be able to finish.

    Regardless of the case, I bet you could use some music to listen to while you're up. Well, I can certainly oblige you there. Music of the Day! 30% Musicier and at least 15% of your daily dose of Vitamin Day.

  • Colgate Style

    Colgate made me appreciate dentistry. I admit, I was a bit of a slacker on tooth brushing before pony. Now I do it three times a day sometimes!

    Have some Colgate Style after the break.

  • Story: Rainbow in the Dark


    Author: ScriptScrolls
    Description: It is said that nothing in life is free, and when your life lacks any foreseeable end, the most precious things come at the highest of costs.

    Is it worth it?

    Is love worth pain so great that it sinks into madness? Is it worth insanity so intense that it gives way to evil? Is it worth malevolence so destructive that it aims to annihilate an entire civilization?

    The answer is hidden like a
    Rainbow in the Dark

    Additional Tags: LunaDash, Immortality, Death, Nightmare, Love
  • Discussion: Where Would You Live in Equestria?

    The Great and Powerful Trixie has once again plucked you away from every day life for another one of her extremely useful social experiments.  You find yourself freezing your butt off on top of Canterlot Mountain with an obnoxious mare offering you a home for one year in any of the cities/settlements of Equestria (the alternative being a new life as an icecube).  Unfortunately, Ponyville has banned humans since her last project, so you need to choose somewhere else!

    Where in Equestria would you like to take up residence for the year? 
  • Spotlight Vocal Music: Dashie Mine / Cage

    I heard a bunch of you really love Dashie, so much so that this soft acoustic song might be right up your alley.   Feather sure is creating some awesome music with that voice of hers!

    And if folk is more your style, have another vocal track right after that! I haven't heard anything like it in this fandom.

    1.) Dashie Mine ~ by Feather (500 Subs Special)
    2.) Cage (from "Air" by Chromosome)

  • Artisan Pony Crafts Compilation #3

    It's truly amazing what sorts of fascinating and beautiful things you all can create! When this fandom started who would have thought we'd have a hand cranked musical bird choir for Fluttershy? I know I sure didn't!

    Crafty ponies are ahoof my friends. Check them after the break!

    Source 1
    Fluttershy's Bird Choir

  • Drawfriend Stuff #613

    Zecora's hut is kinda creepy.  I don't blame the ponies of ponyville for being afraid of it.  Twisty trees are always dangerous!

    Have some art.

    Source 1
    At Zecora's Glade - Part 1
  • Story Updates:November 2nd (Afternoon)

  • Story: Greenfire (Update Part 6!)


    Author: Shay Caron
    Description: On one of her regular hunts for gemstones, Rarity discovers a treasure trove beyond her wildest dreams... and the lavender-scaled dragon who collected it. Despite a rocky first meeting, Rarity and Greenfire soon find themselves drawn to each other more and more. But the question remains: How did a young dragon end up in the Everfree Forest all alone?
    Greenfire (New Part 6!)

    Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Friendship Becoming More
  • Season 3 Episode 4 -Synopsis

    According to a Discovery press release, the upcoming 4th episode of season 3 looks to have a synopsis finally!

    They also have the 3rd episode listed. It's looking like the Zap2it list is legit. 

    Head on down past the break for it.

    Thanks to Kein for the heads up!

  • Pinkie Pie Shows Up In iOS Patch Notes

    Well, sort of.

    As we reported on previously, a hacker going by the name Pinkie Pie has subverted the sandboxing and security measures in Google's Chrome browser to net himself a handsome grand prize- twice, in fact. This process involved taking over the victim machine through an exploit present in the browser's Webkit renderer. Hit up the link if you want the details.

    In what might seem like an unrelated note, Apple released some patch notes for iOS 6.0.1, which detail the steps they've taken in various areas of security. As you'll notice near the bottom, our favorite pony-wielding hacker has gotten a mention for helping discover the security hole that Apple patched.


    Impact: Visiting a maliciously crafted website may lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution

    Description: A use after free issue existed in the handling of SVG images. This issue was addressed through improved memory handling.

    CVE-2012-5112 : Pinkie Pie working with Google's Pwnium 2 contest.

    Good going, Pinkie. Don't let that fourth wall talk back to you.

  • Spotlight Music: A Nightmare to Remember // Twilight Sparkle's Mind Palace // Dezi - Winter //

    She ain't exactly pretty,
    ain't exactly small.
    Forty-two, thirty-nine, fifty-six,
    you could say she's got it all!

    Three instrumental tracks today for you: a Halloween piece a day late that shares a title with a fanfic I wrote once, some world music, and a remix of a Jackle App song! Grab em.

    1) Radiarc - A Nightmare to Remember (1k sub special)
    2) Twilight Sparkle's Mind Palace - 4/4
    3) Dezi - Winter (Jackle App remix)

  • Last Exit to Ponyville Episode 3: Canter With Character

    Another day, another dollar! Also, another episode of Last Exit To Ponyville. Those two things aren't really related, I just thought I'd throw them in because they sound good together. Like bacon and nutella. I'm hungry. Have a podcast.

    Hey Everypony! Come in! Lay down on our couch, relax and open up as we get all Freudian up in this place! With Laura “TBD” Thomas on a well deserved vacay with the Fist of Justice, its up to Birdman and That Other Guy to dive into the minds of our favorite mane 6.

    We ask the hard hitting questions everypony wants to know: Who is the most mentally stable of the group? The most relatable? What type of medication might be prescribed to them in the real world? Birdman has some new inventory to add to the Ponyville Giftshoppe, Ceral Velocity from Equestria Daily drops in to give us some good news, and some not so great news; and as always, our call ins! We guarantee your life will be enriched after listening to our podcast (Note: This is not a guarantee).

    It's time to talk ponies!

  • Nightly Roundup #486

    Hello once again everyone! You miss me? Cal back after a brief hiatus as he handled some business, but now I return to bring you all your nightly pony news once more.

    Check it all out after the break!