• Last Exit to Ponyville Episode 3: Canter With Character

    Another day, another dollar! Also, another episode of Last Exit To Ponyville. Those two things aren't really related, I just thought I'd throw them in because they sound good together. Like bacon and nutella. I'm hungry. Have a podcast.

    Hey Everypony! Come in! Lay down on our couch, relax and open up as we get all Freudian up in this place! With Laura “TBD” Thomas on a well deserved vacay with the Fist of Justice, its up to Birdman and That Other Guy to dive into the minds of our favorite mane 6.

    We ask the hard hitting questions everypony wants to know: Who is the most mentally stable of the group? The most relatable? What type of medication might be prescribed to them in the real world? Birdman has some new inventory to add to the Ponyville Giftshoppe, Ceral Velocity from Equestria Daily drops in to give us some good news, and some not so great news; and as always, our call ins! We guarantee your life will be enriched after listening to our podcast (Note: This is not a guarantee).

    It's time to talk ponies!

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