• Parasprite Panic!

    I've always been a huge fan of boardgames, especially the likes of Monopoly, Stratego, and the Civilization board game so it is wonderful to see pony fans creating their own games to share with others! Tonight we've got Parasprite Panic for you all to check out, which looks pretty cool from the information sent over to us and from the look of the board on the authors dA page. Top notch looking stuff!

    Check out all the info along with the link after the break.

  • Music: Elements Twilightlicious / Fire of Friendship / Ponyville Suite

    In honor of Tara Strong's birthday, lets start this one off with a bit of Eurobeat Twilightlicious!

    And in the second slot, we have a new acoustic vocal track with probably one of the most unique styles I have heard yet in the fandom.

    And finally, we have an entire orchestral suite dedicated to Ponyville. Yeah, that's 31 minutes of music. I'd recommend picking up a good book, some coffee or hot chocolate, and putting your feet up. It's a long one!

    1.) Twilightlicious (Super Eurobeat Mix)
    2.) Fire of Friendship - Wolfblur
    3.) LittleMac - Ponyville Suite (2012)

  • MLP Spinoff Series? (Rumor)

    Over the past several days we have received a variety of emails containing images of a supposed humanized main six apparently standing in what looks to be a high school hall way.  As we had no credible source as to where these images came from we dismissed them as rumors until we had some other evidence to back them up. A short while ago we received a scan of an industry magazine given out at Toy Fair which details a fairly big section on MLP. Within this blurb contains information about the Equestria Girls IP that we have heard inklings about and if the article is to be trusted it looks like humanized ponies are indeed a reality.

    Check on after the break for the full scoop.

    Thanks to Zammap for the scans and video!

    Warning: While the evidence seems pretty substantial, until we hear more we're going to mark this as a rumor for now.

  • Interview with Thon Zahler from Twilight Sparkle Comic

    The Twilight Sparkle micro-series comic is coming out at the end of February, and the comic book website "Comic Book Resources" has grabbed the writer/artist of the project, Thom Zahler for an interview.

    If you are interested in who is at the helm, head on over here to check it out! 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #714

    Even after all our Applejack love during Applejack day, she still doesn't get enough attention, so lets head a drawfriend with her!

    Onward to art! 

    [1] Source
    Fragrant apple morning

  • Story Updates - February 12th

    Story updates! We ride~

  • Captain Berry Punch

    Berry Punch as Captain Falcon? That's a new one, bt it totally makes sense.  I honestly always secretly ran with the idea of Berry being a master of Zui Quan.  This is the natural progression of that!

    Video below the break.

  • Are You Twilightlicious?

    It's Tara Strong's birthday, so naturally someone had to make a simple animation to celebrate it.

    In semi-related news, Cereal looks to be setting something up with Drawfriend posts for staff birthdays starting on the 22nd. (similiar to what we did with Sibsy)   Keep an eye out for that!

    anyway, super simple animation below the break. Poor Spike...

  • Aurora Plushies Available for Pre-order

    Once again, Toywiz appears to have pre-orders available already on the new Aurora plushies that were announced at the Toy Faire a few days ago. At $15.99, they aren't badly priced either for having real shaped manes. 

    Head on over here and scroll to the bottom for all of them!
  • Story: Princesses Don't Potty (Update Part 10!)

    [Comedy] "I'm still shocked that the author managed to pull off this premise so well. Still laughing too.” – Pre-reader lost in Middle-Earth

    Author: CDRW
    Description: Celestia wants Twilight and her friends to loosen up a little bit around her. Luna just wants to try the hard cider. During a surprise visit to Sweet Apple Acres at the tail end of cider season, Princess Luna has just a bit too much to drink, and when she makes a rather inappropriate joke, Twilight comes to the very uncomfortable realization that she has never seen Celestia excuse herself to use the restroom.
    Princesses Don't Potty (New Part 10!)

    Additional Tags: Crazy Twilight, Drunk Luna, Embarrassment
  • Ponyville Live! Launches

    In the same vein as other media networks such as Everfree Radio and Celestia Radio, a new kid has shown up on the block in the form of Ponyville Live! Starting February 14th, the network hopes to go live with a variety of entertaining content ranging from marathons, gaming tourneys, special interviews, and much more. Curious? Check out the full details on the launch after the break!

  • Simple PMV Compilation #6

    Days without a gratuitous Rarity post header: 5 0

    In reality, it's probably been less than five. The days just sort of blend together sometimes. Regardless, have some simple PMVs before you take an arrow to the knee. Is that joke still funny?

  • Nightly Roundup #580

    Don't you love those occasional winter days where the cold weather relents, the sun comes out, and the air is filled with warmth and the smell of fresh earth and renewal? Spring is my favorite season as I find it invigorating to watch the world come alive again after so much dormancy, creating a fresh start for the year. It's a shame that Spring is still a ways off and that it will soon be much colder where I live. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted!

    Talking about Spring, how about we spring into some news? There is actually very little tonight for whatever reason.