• More Toy News - Plushes and Beanies and More!

    The toy news continues to pour forth as the day progresses! Pictures have arisen of a number of pony plushies that appear to be made by a plush company called Aurora. They don't look half bad! At least the muzzles along with manes and tails look acceptable I'd say.

    Not only that, but ToyWiz has placed Beanie Baby plush ponies up for pre-order, expecting a June release! Also, Funko which has produced the Vinyl Scratch figures for Hot Topic and the like are looking to produce ponies in their Funko POP! range of figures. You can check out all the merchandise after the break.

    Thanks to everyone who sent these in and thanks to StitchKingdom for getting the pony plushie pictures. Credit goes to xPrincessEmilyx who found the Funko photo from Vinylmation World.

    ToyWiz Links:
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