• Nightly Roundup #578

    I know a lot of us are feeling quite under the weather right now, what with all the recent news and the emotional whiplash it has caused a great number of people. I'm just one silly person, but I do believe in you guys and the community as a whole. We will face tough times, yes; some way tougher than others, but we still have each other! Don't let the events of the passing days divide us and cast us against one another, and take strength in the vast number of pony projects and creations that inundate the web every single day. As long as we maintain that enthusiasm and creative spark we've had since the early days, we'll keep marching on no matter what is in our way.

    News time guys, try and unwind a little after the break.

    Whooves and Assistant: Remade

    The Whooves and Assistant series has received a little face lift! The first three episodes have been compiled and completely remastered for your viewing pleasure. Awesome work team!

    Princess Luna Chalk Drawing at University of Washington

    Games Ponies Play Told Entirely in Rhyme

    Our rhyming pony friend is back once again with another reworking of the newest episode into rhyming verses for your consumption. You can find it here.

    I Finally Have Something Sweet For You Guys

    Ponychan Restores /arch/!

    Great news for you Ponychan fans out there! Their archive that contained about a years worth of great threads from the site had been cursed with missing images, but now no longer! The images have been restored and the archived threads have been returned to their original state. Follow the link below to see the result.

    Ponychan Archive

    "Triple X" Audio Book Project Releases Chapter One

    Copy Paste:

    Project Equestria Productions is here again! A while ago we had a post on here that was asking for a few voice actors.
    So what does this mean? it means we DID WORK! And we finally released our first job. An Audio book of Triple X! Here is Chapter 1!

    Thank you so much for the applications folks, Enjoy this chapter, we are already in the middle of putting together chapter 2!

    Hearts and Hooves Day in Gameloft Pony Game

    Looks like the Gameloft MLP game is getting into the Valentine's Day spirit with this little filly called Lovestruck. I really should go back to that game and see what's up. At least to check out how many parasprites I now have in my town.

    PonyPlushies.com Releases Rainbow Dash

    Copy Paste:

    Hey everyone, Pony Plushies is proud to release our latest mane six plush - Rainbow Dash!

    She's cute as a button and ready just in time for Hearts and Hooves Day. Speaking of; we have a Valentine's special going on for 15% off anything in store right now...just use coupon hearts44 any time before Feb 14th to qualify :D.

    Also new in the store are some fancy new Fluttershy flash drives and re-vamped Rainbow Dash flash drives. The new drives are still 8GB but will now be USB 3.0 and come with keychains attached. We don't want you guys to have to choose between fast transfer rates and ponies after all!

    Last but not least, our big Photo Challenge recently ended. A big thanks to all those who participated, and a big congratulations to elslowmo for winning a full set of the Mane Six plushies! The winner galleries can be found on our home page for anyone who would like to look through them :).

    Brony on my friends!
    - Aueliwicious


    Brony News Network - Episode 3

    Amethyst Glittershine's FiM Makeup Vlog - The Great and Powerful Trixie

    Pony Tales - Episode 1

    Care to listen to a lady with a wonderful voice read fanfics? Then this podcast is right up your alley! She is currently reading Background Pony and it's looking to be quite a fun time. Check out the podcast below.

    Episode Link


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Peru Brony Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    ¿Te gustaría ver el final de temporada junto a decenas de otros bronies, participar en actividades, adquirir mercancía pony, ganar premios, etc?, ¡Pues entonces no te puedes perder el evento de Bronies Perú por el final de temporada!

    La dirección exacta es:

    En el tercer piso del Gimnasio Reeves, en la Av. Teodoro Cárdenas Nro. 332 - Entre la cuadra 12 y 13 de Petit Thouars.
    Ubicación en Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/a9QBf
    Imagen del local: http://i.imgur.com/poAFUOr.jpg

    Y la fecha es el día 16 de Febrero, de 4:30 PM a 8:45 PM.

    El precio de la entrada es de 5 NUEVOS SOLES. Además, si lo deseas, junto a la entrada se te entregará un sticker para colocar tu nombre.

    Va a haber, además de la proyección del final de temporada, stands con artistas invitados que estarán haciendo requests, juegos como ponle la cola a Pinkie RELOADED, música, premios, nueva mercancía brony, ¡Y muchas cosas más!

    MÁS INFORMACIÓN EN: http://www.facebook.com/events/568030633226085/

    Tampoco se olviden de visitar la página principal: http://www.facebook.com/BroniesPeru
    Y unirse a nuestro grupo: http://www.facebook.com/groups/broniesperu/

    Contamos con tu asistencia, ¡No faltes!

    Saludos /)


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Spitfire Plushie
    Various Pony Plushies
    Twilight Beanies 
    BronyCon Rarity T-Shirt

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