• Nightly Roundup #745

    This is certainly how I feel some mornings, where you just want to roll over and hug your pillow to death. Oh well, sleep is for the weak I guess, right? *twitch*

    Time for news guys! And leave a header suggestion down in the comments, lets get that rolling again.

  • Simple PMV Compilation #44

    Touchy feely, fast paced, or just plane silly, it's Simple PMV time, and we have five of them.  Get them all below!

  • Story: To My Princess, on the Day of My Departure


    Author: D. G. D. Davidson
    Description: Before leaving on a two-year tour of duty in Zebrabwe, Flash Sentry pens a letter to Twilight Sparkle, telling her of his failure.
    To My Princess, on the Day of My Departure

    Additional Tags: Harrowing experiences beyond the border
  • Equestria LA on Hiatus

    With two successful conventions under the EQLA team's belt in just under a year's time the team is behind the convention is taking a break for the 2014 convention season in order to bring you all an even bigger and better convention in 2015. They'd like to personally thank you all for your support over the past year and can't wait to see you all again in the future. Check after the break for all the info.

  • Knockoff Luna Plushies and More Listed from Chinese Seller

    As many of you have noticed over the years, Ebay plays host to all sorts of odd Chinese knockoff plushies.   The quality differs vastly across each product, with smashed noses and odd body shapes abound.   One store in particular that we get a lot of submissions from goes by the name of Shenzhen Levin Toys and Gifts

    The problem with these guys, is that most of their listings are jacked straight from Deviant Art.  Celestia (below) is a good example.  She's actually an already sold plushie, found here

    I suppose they could have bought it, copied the pattern, and tossed it up for mass production.  According to their order requirements, all of these need to be shipped in at least 2000 piece sets. Without ordering said set, we can't really get any good indication on how high quality the remakes are. 

    If you are a plushie maker, you might want to dig around and make sure people aren't selling yours, though it might be hard to have them take it down.  For everyone else, just be aware of what you are ordering when you see someone listing 300 of a plushie on Ebay for 15 bucks a pop.  While some people have actually received some surprisingly well done toys,  there are quite a few with fake images that you can't do much about after tossing them the money. 

  • Tumblr Spotlight: Ask Lil Rice Paddy / Twilight Unbound / Thirty Minute Pony Stories / Kitten Luna

    Welcome back again tumblr explorers! Ready for another set of tumblrs to dive into tonight? We've got an interesting set for you all this time around so gather round and have a look. Hopefully you'll find them to your liking with everything from awesome OCs, interesting adventures to a cute tumblr drawn by a little girl and even a writing prompt tumblr! Check it all out after the break.

    As always, if you have a tumblr you would like to share, whether it is your own or someone elses, please make sure to send it my way at [email protected] or my Twitter for review and filing. Mature themed ones (PG-13) are welcome as well!

  • Spotlight Music: Princess / Among the Herd / Moving On (Sim Gretina, EileMonty, Copper Cover)

    We have another epic orchestral piece from Radiarc in the first slow, followed by some DEATHCORE for those that are into that stuff, and finish with a Sim Gretina remix of Moving On. Check them all out below!

    1.) Radiarc - Princess
    2.) Among The Herd - Embrace The Night
    3.) Moving On By TwentyTen {Sim Gretina, EileMonty & Copper Cover}

  • Bat Ponies - Probably Kind of a New Race

    It's funny how the smallest characters and extras tend to explode in popularity when we become desperate for stuff to talk about.  Bat Ponies have joined the league of "things that become way cuter when you put fangs on them" via Echo and a growing number of other OC's with webbed wings.   But what kind of significance do they play in the show?  So far, all we really know of them is their jobs as Luna's royal chariot pullers.  Luckily we have Twitter and vague questions/answers to build canon out of!

    As you can see above, at least for FiM Writer M.A. Larson, bat ponies are their own unique race within Equestria.  Now we really need an origin story!  Hop to it DHX! Season 5 needs these guys if they aren't explored in the 4th.  You can even have Larson write it with an obnoxious blue fledgling bat pony and her cape/hat. I swear I'll hype it. 
  • Comic: Hot Stuff / Dead Veggies

    Things seem a bit on the slow side in the last two days, so have two comics, classic style.  That first one reminds me of the old Calvin and Hobbes slippery slope comics.  I miss that series sometimes.  Slot #2 is a multiparter.  Click for full! 

  • Story: Taut Strings, Soft Lips


    Author: TacticalRainboom
    Description: A bow quivers against an untested instrument. The first steps are taken in a dance of life. A filly ventures forth into a frightening and wonderful new world.

    It's true what they say: you always remember your first time.

    Your first song. Your first instrument. Your first love.
    Taut Strings, Soft Lips

    Additional Tags: Something remembered is something lost.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #900

    I think that's celebratory enough for out 700th Drawfriend post. Even the best pony in the show is in attendance.  It's too bad she GLORIOUSNESS outshines all the other ponies here.  

    Onward to the usual.  If you have followed the last 899 of these, you know how it works!

    [0] Source

  • All Cards from the MLP CCG Test Event at GenCon: List, Pictures, Sheets

    As many of you probably picked up over the last few days, Gencon was host to the MLP Trading Card Game, or at least a testbed for it.  Loads of news and cards came in, but two people have finally compiled them all up for us.   Head on down below the break for all the cards that were available, along with deck lists and sheet scans if you want to try it out for yourself at home.

    Thanks to Elizabeth and Jason for everything!

  • Princess Celestia Funko Figure Heading to Toys R' Us

    There isn't an image available yet, but it looks like a Celestia Funko figure is joining Spitfire and Bonbon for Toys R' Us exclusives.  Technically this would be the first "larger" size one, and show off how the Luna and Applejack announced the other day will be boxed up.

    The only thing pointing toward Cele is the product description:

    My Little Pony Exclusive Assortment includes: 2 Bon Bon, 2 Spitfire, 2 Celestia
    Hopefully we get an image soon.

    Thanks to everyone that sent it.
  • BronyCAN General Announcements

    With less than a week away till the launch of BronyCAN, the convention has a bunch of last minute announcements for you all, from changes to attendees, the convention schedule, specials, and more! Check it out after the break before you head on out to BronyCAN, you don't want to miss this info.

  • Clusterbuck

    It's off hours for EQD, which means madness.  Have some madness below the break.

    Honestly this needs a better soundtrack.

  • Newbie Artist Training Ground III - Day 5

    Yeah, we've all been there. But after Lyra figures out that table is way too high for that chair and her little pony body, I bet you'll see she gets the hang of that pencil and draws herself a masterpiece. Or at least a recognizable shape. Baby steps, Lyra, baby steps. Speaking of... not that, how about our submission rate? Even on a weekday, despite everything that's going on and all the rush of upcoming (even current!) school years, we're still clocking in at 482 building, fixing, and... uh... advantageously appendaged ponies. For those of you who are a little less historically inclined, I don't mind telling you that this is an unprecedented level of stability so far into Week 1. Attrition is a horrible and cruel mistress, but you are fighting her off most splendidly. We're up to 2323 images so far! Let's see how long we can keep this going!

    And in the spirit of keeping the momentum moving forward, now is a fantastic time to open myself up for questions or comments you might have. Send a line to [email protected] and I will do my best to help you out. Calpain is, of course, also helping out with this event but it's not my place to volunteer him for extra duties, so you will have to wait for his next turn (or look him up I guess) for that. Nyahaha! Gaze, gaze upon the evil mastermindiness that is...uh... me! Nyaha~!

    We're building us a gallery, yes indeed. I would sing a song about construction, but I only know the one and Ashleigh Ball pretty much took care of that one. So, uh... yeah. Just go back and pretend she was singing about galleries and everything is wonderful forever. Yay! Side note: I think every day so far has included at least one pony using 3D-Maneuver Gear. How long will this continue? I don't know, but let's find out. Together!

    We've been climbing high so far, and now it's time for us to peer out and try to gain some perspective. And for that, we must keep climbing up, up, up, and gaze upon the scenery! For today's theme, Draw a pony on a hilltop/Draw a pony on the rise. Also, somebody please take my exclamation marks away from me. Submit all entries here by 11:59 PM, Pacific time on Tuesday, August 20. Be sure to pick up your hiking gear before setting out!