• Nightly Roundup #745

    This is certainly how I feel some mornings, where you just want to roll over and hug your pillow to death. Oh well, sleep is for the weak I guess, right? *twitch*

    Time for news guys! And leave a header suggestion down in the comments, lets get that rolling again.

    Tonight's Stories

    Ponies In Popular Video About Youtube

    Considering how important Youtube is to the pony fandom it makes sense they would play a prominent part in a video about the popular video site! Check it out above for quite a few pony references.

    Ponies Mentioned On Portugalex

    Even the submitter didn't quite understand what was going on, but hey, ponies!

    Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder Game

    Like playing silly pony based games with friends at meetups or conventions? Well, I heard about this card game at Everfree Northwest awhile back and it sounds like silly fun! Read about it below.

    Hello, Equestria Daily viewers!

    Do you consider yourself a horrible person?

    Do you enjoy the suffering of fictional characters?

    Then have we got a game for you!

    Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder is a terrible, tongue-in-cheek card game about shipping ponies. Our very own Twilight Sparkle is the most prolific and horrific fanfic writer in all of Equestria, shipping her friends, family, and herself together regardless of interest, sexual orientation, or harmonious mane and coat color combinations. The game is played by shipping ponies together in an ever-expanding grid, attempting to complete goals (such as "Hot For Teacher" - Ship Twilight and Celestia together) and thus earn victory points. The first person to 10 points wins!

    It is incredibly tongue-in-cheek, poking affectionate fun at fan faction, shipping culture, My Little Pony, ourselves, and basically everything. As one might assume with a game like this, it's rated PG-13 for suggestive themes (although a PG deck is on its way).

    Right now, TSSSF is still in playtesting and we could use some help from viewers like you! All we need is for you to play it with your friends, and report back your findings. Luckily, the whole shebang is FREE, and you can download and print your own copy at our website. Did I mention it's free? Because it's totally free.

    In any case, have at, you crazy ponies! And happy Shipping!

    Pinkamena Tattoo

    I don't think I could ever get a tattoo, but good on those who are comfortable with it.

    Vocativ Video Report on BronyCon

    More reports are coming in from sources outside the fandom. This one talking about how they were almost converted at BronyCon apparently.

    Tonight's Successful Meetups

    Bronies of Northern Ireland Meetup

    BroNIes of Northern Ireland 1 year anniversary meet

    Hi all. I will begin by thanking everyone old and new for attending the brony meet on the one year anniversary of the first joint brony meet.

    We began the day by meeting outside the Odyssey arena and socialising with each other, meeting returning bronies and welcoming the bronies new to the meet ups. We then went into the bowling alley and split off with people who wanted to have a game of bowling and the others interested in playing pool or going to the arcade. Afterwards we proceeded outside and attempted to recreate the photo taken exactly one year ago, with a camera shy person being represented by a can of monster :D. Afterwards we went into the city centre to hunt for pony merchandise in the local shops. We managed to find and buy some of the pony vinyl figures and some of the pony plushies from Build-a-bear.

    Later after getting a bite to eat, we went our separate ways.

    I hope that everyone who attended had a great time and hopefully we'll have another great year for the meetups :)



    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    Roleplay Board Looking For Friends

    Everfree Tales

    Is the home of the forum roleplay "Dragons in Equestria", that has recently started it's fith chapter. While primarily the home of "DiE" we're also looking at hosting and running other roleplays based on members interests, this includes pony and non-pony types. Complete with the forums themselves we do have integrated chat and are hoping to find a few like minded individuals to join us. We are a small, but active community.

    Dragons in Equestria

    Set three years after season 2 an ancient evil has returned to the world with the goal of eradicating all of ponykind from the world and Equestria with it. Now free and with her lieutenants at her side the powerful elder dragon Darkfang leads nearly all of dragonkind in a war against the ponies, along with the gryphon, buffalo and zebra races under her banner the Draconic Alliance has began it's march to war. Emboldened by the fact that the bearers of the Elements of Harmony have seemingly lost the ability to manifest the elements the Alliance began their assault in earnest.

    Yet with the elements gone Princess Celestia has rallied a new force to both defend Equestria and find those new ponies she believes will soon manifest the powers of the Elements of Harmony. Appointing her one time student Twilight Sparkle as the Field Marshal of the Peacekeepers Equestria is in a race to find the new bearers of the elements while fighting off the overwhelming forces of the Draconic Alliance.


    Join the Draconic Alliance, Peacekeeper's or one of the neutral groups watching in the wings to see how the conflict develops. Play anything from a pony, zebra, buffalo, gryphon, hatchling, teen dragon or other races to aid your chosen side. Most importantly embody the Elements of harmony well enough and your character could become the next to wield their power to defend Equestria or embolden the Draconic Alliance. Story driven by players actions or non actions with chapters either focusing on characters or the overall war effort, chapter 5 is a character chapter.

    Note there maybe differences between the shows canon and what we consider canon within the RP due to previous developments in game, headcannon's, and user feedback.

    Whose Pony Is It Anyways? Game Needs Help

    Next month, at a local pony gathering located near Chico in the state of California, a work-in-progress ponification of the game Whose Line Is It Anyways? will be played. We need submissions for our Scenes From a Hat game, and we were hoping you lovely people could help! Just send in a basic scene set-up to [email protected]! Because of the type of gathering, all scenes must be PG-13. Thank you for your assistance!

    Blurred Lines Parody Needs Guest Singer

    Hello, this is Josh Spicer, back again with some update information. For those unaware, I am doing a Blurred Lines parody named Mane Attraction (Blurred Hooves). As of now, I have a guest rapper, but I still require a guest singer. This singer must be male, and it would be amazing if he could reach higher notes. This isn't a requirement, but it'd be a good thing.

    For those interesting, contact me at [email protected]

    I really want this project to get some kind of "big production" like thing going, but I can't do it without a singer, so, again, if you're interested, hit me up and we'll see what we can do.

    Thank you for your time, fellow bronies.

    3D Printing Service Opens Its Doors

    If you were able to make it to Bronycon, You probably saw a lot of cool things - one of which was an open-source 3D-printer among the vendor booths:

    (Thanks to Serg for the video!)

    Well as the owner of that printer, "Good news, everyone!" - I've opened up a 3D-printing service for custom prints! It's pretty bare-bones for now but if it does well, I should be able to expand functionality and increase production. So if you'd like a print, or just want to ask a question, feel free to ask via the contact form on my site. You can also find me on DeviantArt, or from time to time on EqD.

    Also, it seems worth mentioning that the aftermath of Shapeways' troubles with Hasbro made more bonds than it broke - leading to the formation of the 3D-Printing bronies group on DeviantArt. If you like 3D Printers or have bought or made one, stop by and say Hi! We don't bite.

    Fanfic Project Looking For Help

    Hey out there! If you're interested in helping direct a MASSIVE, and I mean MASSIVE undertaking, then this may be the project for you! If you frequent FimFic, it's very possible you've heard of or even read the story "Austraeoh". Now, well it's not necessary to have read it, if you are accepted to assist in this project, you will be expected to do so.

    Now, as for what the undertaking is. At the moment, the current goal in mind is just a trailer for this story. But, once that is accomplished, we plan to rally ourselves again, and charge forward trying to make it a full-scale movie! For more information, and a link to the application form, please go here

    MLP Text Game Looking For Help

    What is MLTG?

    MLTG stands for, My Little Text Game, and as you could probably tell, it is a text game!

    And we need help!

    This being a text based game, there is a lot of high quality writing that needs to be done, especially to make it immersive, and to make it feel like you are in Equestria.

    Hugging Fluttershy alone in her cottage, or racing Rainbow Dash through the ghastly gouge, or fighting Discord alongside the mane six... Or maybe even singing a duet with King Sombra in a karaoke party at sugar cube corner! Or maybe you just want to be a dragon terrorizing the countryside?

    In any case, this game will be full of generated events, locations, objects, characters, you name it! But being text based, we have workshops in our forum. (Our forum has been really dead recently due to poor PR) an area of the boards purposely dedicated so people can submit and post content to be added to the game (given you follow the guidelines properly for each board).

    There is so much content to cover, without help from the brony community it would send us into development tautarus! I could do this alone, and I will if i have to... If you want to wait for an extra several months! Or together, we can get this thing done, and even faster too! Everyone registered on the site will be credited in the game's development and all have first hoof access to releases!

    Come join the cause, where anyone that knows how to type can contribute!

    And a big thanks to EQD and the staff for this amazing opportunity to get ourselves out there!

    Get more information here!

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    The MBS Show - Episode 76

    In today’s episode of “The MBS Show” all of the host record under one roof for the very first time ever!!! Join them as they talk about being on the show and answer questions for the live audience.

    Catch the episode in the link below!


    Princess Gryph Customs Vlog - Episode 4

    Episode 4 of Princess Gryph Customs Vlog is now up. In which I give Hasbro a piece of my mind regarding their neglect of Aloe in their blindbag/minifigure collections (and reveal part of the process involved in fixing this error).

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Mr. and Mrs. Cake Mini Figures
    Manticore Mini Figure
    Steven Magnet Mini Figure
    Colored Pencil Pony Commissions

    Today In Pony History

    August 21, 2011-2012

    2011 - 30 million people click on EqD and season 2 is confirmed to start with a two parter! I wonder who the villain could be?!

    2012 - Rainbowlicious sees release and the first comic covers for the MLP comics are revealed.