• Equestria LA on Hiatus

    With two successful conventions under the EQLA team's belt in just under a year's time the team is behind the convention is taking a break for the 2014 convention season in order to bring you all an even bigger and better convention in 2015. They'd like to personally thank you all for your support over the past year and can't wait to see you all again in the future. Check after the break for all the info.

                Equestria LA would like to sincerely thank everyone who has supported us for the past year and a half. Back when we first planned this in March of 2012, we had no idea we would grow as much as we have, and without you, none of it would have been possible. It has truly been a joy working with this community. That is why with a heavy heart we must announce that Equestria LA with not be having convention for 2014, and will be on hiatus until 2015. 

                After much discussion, we came to this decision based on many factors. Equestria LA was built from the ground up in 7 months, and hosted not just one, but two very successful conventions in the following 6 months. For a lot of us behind the scenes, this was 13 months of almost non-stop work. As you can imagine, all of us are very exhausted. There is good news, though. During the hiatus in 2014, we will be refocusing the goals and mission of EQLA to provide you, the community and con-goers, with the best possible convention experience we can deliver; something we know we cannot do if we were to host an event in 2014. 

    Additionally, we will honor any and all free or compensated badges promised in 2013 for our next event.

    Again, all of us at Equestria LA would like to thank this wonderful community for all of its support.

    See you in ’15!


    The Equestria LA team.