• Bat Ponies - Probably Kind of a New Race

    It's funny how the smallest characters and extras tend to explode in popularity when we become desperate for stuff to talk about.  Bat Ponies have joined the league of "things that become way cuter when you put fangs on them" via Echo and a growing number of other OC's with webbed wings.   But what kind of significance do they play in the show?  So far, all we really know of them is their jobs as Luna's royal chariot pullers.  Luckily we have Twitter and vague questions/answers to build canon out of!

    As you can see above, at least for FiM Writer M.A. Larson, bat ponies are their own unique race within Equestria.  Now we really need an origin story!  Hop to it DHX! Season 5 needs these guys if they aren't explored in the 4th.  You can even have Larson write it with an obnoxious blue fledgling bat pony and her cape/hat. I swear I'll hype it.