• You Guys Are Such Children

    What the hay is all this about? The best pony? She's right there. See? Now knock it off with all this Trixie/Rarity nonsense and play nice or I will send you straight to the moon with no dessert.

    I am trying to work here. Or do you want to be the ones to explain to all the little fillies and colts why their pictures couldn't go up on the fridge tonight? Hm? Does that sound like fun to you? I didn't think so.

    I'm pretty sure Lyra doesn't even know how to use magic -Seth

    She doesn't need to use magic to be the best pony. Why do you think she got that horn removal surgery done in the later episodes? You are so insensitive. -Phoe

    I feel bad now. Forget I ever insulted her. Lyra is best pony -Seth
  • 10.5 Mil Comic?!

    Speccysy over on DA couldn't finish the 10mil comic on time, so it was converted into 10.5 mil!

    I love the zelda crossover stuff in this fandom. Page one Above, Page two below!

  • Rarity VS Trixie

    Not like I needed to tell you that, though. She's got the best voice actor, starred in one of the best episodes this season, and has the best color scheme of the mane six. If you disagree, you are wrong.

    Oh, I made a Ferrarity banner. I hope you guys like puns, because it's not going anywhere.

    Cereal out.

    Trixie's Victory is after the break!-Seth

    > implying Trixie won! - Cereal

  • Music: Evil Enchantress Abra-ca-zebra Mix: / My Little Eurodancer /

    The first one comes with a full on music video.

    1.) Evil Enchantress (Allicorn's Abra-ca-zebra Mix)
    2.) My Little Eurodancer Pony ( Now 20% cooler )
    3.) Endless Ponies

  • Comic: Sunrise is Cancelled / Cutie Mark Symbolism

    Wait... where did she get that glue?

    Also some Applejack below!  Poor Applejack...


  • YTP Compilation #5

    Have some LADY OF PAIN! (hurr getting my names mixed up)

    Not really youtube poop, more like 20 PMV's in one compilation.

    Celestia Glados is the greatest thing ever. You can find that in number 1.

    1.) MLP Forever
    2.) MLP Free Sunday Edition
    3.) MLP Free Sunday Edition - Cupcakes [Director's cut] (This was what #2 was supposed to end with, but he went with a happy ending instead)

  • Drawfriend Stuff #100

    Everybrony Edition!

    That's right, 100 Drawfriends later and stronger than ever.  You guys are crazy.  Sure the above image is filled with the dreaded OC ponies, but thanks to Madmax's perfect timing, this drawfriend is dedicated to US! And that image represents it perfectly! Last time I checked, you weren't Twilight Sparkle!

    Now on with the show!

    Source 1

  • Story: Mark of the Magician

    [Sad] This is an "Interquel" by another Author that takes place in between the end of Out in the Cold and before Shades of Midnight

    Author: The Mysterious Pony
    Description:  During the joyful celeberation of Midnight's first birthday, Princess Celestia seeks from Trixie the resolution of a longstanding mystery. What she gets is an answer far more than she had bargained for. An answer that is not only great and powerful but unimaginably bittersweet. The tale of how an orphan filly would become who she became to be. (An interquel of EsperDerek's series, Out in the Cold, which takes place between Reaching Midnight and Shades of Midnight written by Phoe.)
    Mark of the Magician (Link fixed! I actually used the wrong one, my bad :3)

    Additional Tags:  Flashback, sadness, revelations, magic, adventure,
  • Trixie Custom / Trixie bag!

    Custom of the best pony?


    She's missing her robe and wizard hat, but hey, it's still Trixie!

    You can find Autumnalone's DA here

    Also a Trixie Custom bag!

    You can find the DA for that here
  • Official MLP Convention

    The official My Little Pony convention is coming up!

    This actually happens every year, but obviously our crazy community wasn't around a year ago to invade it!

    The big thing about this convention in particular is the fact that actual Hasbo/MLP employees will be there.  These are the people that control the toys we see on store shelves, and the ones we need to convince into releasing stuff we would actually be interested in throwing our money at.

    It will have a huge G1 presence;  they were here first, so it's sort of inevitable.  If you do plan on attending, try to be respectful :p.  Us newbies may not understand the appeal of the older toys, but they do have a relatively big following.  Even nightmare fuel Pinkie Pie is well loved in some circles.

    Anyway, if you are interested in checking it out, all details are listed below!

    When: July 8th and 9th
    Where: Pawtucket, Rhode Island - Hasbro Headquarters
    How Much does it cost?: Tickets are 20$
    Where can I get more information?: http://www.mylittleponycon.com/home

    UPDATE: Apparently this is primarily fan run, and the hasbro employees are only guests.  I guess it's considered rude to bother them about toys, so keep that to a minimum too!
  • My Little Seinfeld / Pony Polka 4

    Random awesome image? Check!

    Onward to PMV's!

    Today, we have 2 Seinfeld Skits, improved (As always) with ponies, and the 4th installment of Weird Al's Pony Polka.

    As always with the series style videos, if everyone seems to like it I'll turn it into another update queue post.

    1.) My Little Seinfeld Pinkie Pie's Toe Story
    2.) My Little Seinfeld: The Soup Nazi
    3.) Pony Polkas on 45-video IV

  • Steam Servers and SWTOR Brony Guild

    Video game news time!

    Over on steam, there is a massive group for Friendship is Magic.  If you haven't joined it already, and you have any presence at all on steam, I would definitely suggest it! There are already more than 4000 bronies.  They have servers for just about every multi-player game around.  You can find it below!

    MLP Steam Group

    Also Star Wars, the Old Republic has opened up pre-guild creation on their site, and a pony guild is looking for members.  You can find that below, along with the ponychan thread.

    FiM SWTOR guild

    Ponychan Thread
  • Story: Tales

    [Normal][Sad] "These are lovely little vignettes you can read over coffee and get a smile or a melancholy sigh out of, if longer fanfics are too daunting or you just don't have the time." - Pre-reader #12

    Author: George Pollock, Jr
    Description: In an alternate FiM universe, the retired royal librarian of Equestria looks back on the interesting times of her life.
    Tales (All Chapters)

    Additional tags:
    Twilight Sparkle, reminiscing about friends
  • Pony Google Autocomplete

    The guy who sent this in asked me to credit him as 'Raritymaiwaifu', but there's no way that's going to happen. Rarity is mine and no one else can have her- capiche?

    Another compilation of Google's autocomplete feature, with ponies. I have to admit, Google sure knows which pony is the best. Maybe now I'll forgive them for that Blogger thing. And that Google Docs thing. And that Buzz thing. I've just come back from watching Apple's WWDC keynote; can you tell?

    >implying Rarity would fall for anyone but me - Seth

    >implying you're over Trixie - Cereal
  • Everypony Radio

    I know I used this image already shut up.

    Anton64x writes to us to let us know about Everypony Radio, a new Livestream radio station that, surprisingly, plays pony-related items.

    From the website:
    A radio station made by bronies FOR bronies. We plan to host a variety of multimedia, such as videos and especially music. We will review related artwork, interview famous figures, such as community site hosts/admins and run several live 'radio' shows throughout each month; with an equal measure of humor, entertainment and news.
    Check it out!
  • Rarity Plushie

    I would have given this to Cereal to upload, but he would have gone off on a tangent about how amazing Rarity is, distracting from the topic at hand!

    Besides, Twilight Sparkle is clearly the best unicorn.

    Anyway, this awesome Rarity plushie was done by EvilSugar over on DA
  • Pony Shot Glasses: Return of the Gin

    I dunno. You try making up a title. I'll wait.

    I found these on ponibooru, just in case you guys weren't totally sick of them yet. There's a Braeburn, a Pinkie, and a Twilight Sparkle one now! As always, credit is due to sardonyxfox for these.

    Two more after the break!

    (That's Applejack, Cereal. I know you don't like her, but come on... also, added FlutterRage.)


    (The vest threw me off! Also, I fixed all your grammar mistakes. If you're gonna edit my posts, do it right!)


  • Winter Wrap Up DJ AMAYA VS GROOVEBOT Remix

    Last update of the night! I promise!

    I wish there were actually people on here this late.

    Apparently a bunch of people are on this late! I learn something every day.

    Anyway, have an awesome Winter Wrap Up remix from DJ Amaya!

  • Poll Results: Who Was To Blame During Boast Busters?

    This one was way less fun with Snips and Snails, just sayin.  I totally ended it early.

    Anyway next poll will be...interesting.  It's going to be a "you can select multiple answers" style poll.

    You can find it on the bottom right, as always.
  • Story: Worse Nights

    [Normal] You guys sure do blow through the Luna pictures at a ridiculous rate..  I'm going to need an artist on duty 24/7 just to supply all these Luna stories. 

    Author: Tales
    Description: On the night of the Grand Galloping Gala, things take an unexpected and dangerous turn for Princesses Luna and Celestia. Amidst a chaos of words, secrets will come to light and emotions run high. A thousand years is a long time indeed.
    Worse Nights

    Additional Tags: sad, Tales, Gala
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 13

    See, ponies and swords can be cute! Just look at her up there, all bein' on a sword and stuff. Hi pony! Hello! Whatcha doin' up there? You're so silly, pony. Tee hee... ahem. I'll stop now, I promise. Lookit her! Ack! Ok, ok, focus. This is supposed to be the badass pony edition. And we really do have quite a number of super cool hip and groovy swordsmares bandying about. How many, I hear you asking? Why, 207! Fight on, ponies! For everlasting justice, let your souls of fire burn brightly for... eeeeeheehee, she's so cute!

    Here's your boring old submission guidelines, and daily reminder to send questions and "darn it the submitter won't work I don't want to miss tonight" entries to [email protected]. I know this probably gets really super duper boring hearing the same thing every day, but you know that the second I stop it there's going to be 300 people e-mailing Sethisto in a mad panic because they saw this event and wanted to start a bit late but they don't know how and is this ok? So just grin and bear it, and then on the last day we'll all celebrate with triple sec and cranberry juice. Unless you're underage. Then you'll have to settle for just the juice.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony playing a board game.
    Card games are also acceptable, as are tabletop RPGs. And of course, if you feel like getting a pony involved on the ground floor of a game and, say, draw some ponies on a giant chess board, then that'd be pretty darned awesome, don't you think? Your own imagination is the limit, so let loose and play!