• Official MLP Convention

    The official My Little Pony convention is coming up!

    This actually happens every year, but obviously our crazy community wasn't around a year ago to invade it!

    The big thing about this convention in particular is the fact that actual Hasbo/MLP employees will be there.  These are the people that control the toys we see on store shelves, and the ones we need to convince into releasing stuff we would actually be interested in throwing our money at.

    It will have a huge G1 presence;  they were here first, so it's sort of inevitable.  If you do plan on attending, try to be respectful :p.  Us newbies may not understand the appeal of the older toys, but they do have a relatively big following.  Even nightmare fuel Pinkie Pie is well loved in some circles.

    Anyway, if you are interested in checking it out, all details are listed below!

    When: July 8th and 9th
    Where: Pawtucket, Rhode Island - Hasbro Headquarters
    How Much does it cost?: Tickets are 20$
    Where can I get more information?: http://www.mylittleponycon.com/home

    UPDATE: Apparently this is primarily fan run, and the hasbro employees are only guests.  I guess it's considered rude to bother them about toys, so keep that to a minimum too!