• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 13

    See, ponies and swords can be cute! Just look at her up there, all bein' on a sword and stuff. Hi pony! Hello! Whatcha doin' up there? You're so silly, pony. Tee hee... ahem. I'll stop now, I promise. Lookit her! Ack! Ok, ok, focus. This is supposed to be the badass pony edition. And we really do have quite a number of super cool hip and groovy swordsmares bandying about. How many, I hear you asking? Why, 207! Fight on, ponies! For everlasting justice, let your souls of fire burn brightly for... eeeeeheehee, she's so cute!

    Here's your boring old submission guidelines, and daily reminder to send questions and "darn it the submitter won't work I don't want to miss tonight" entries to [email protected]. I know this probably gets really super duper boring hearing the same thing every day, but you know that the second I stop it there's going to be 300 people e-mailing Sethisto in a mad panic because they saw this event and wanted to start a bit late but they don't know how and is this ok? So just grin and bear it, and then on the last day we'll all celebrate with triple sec and cranberry juice. Unless you're underage. Then you'll have to settle for just the juice.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony playing a board game.
    Card games are also acceptable, as are tabletop RPGs. And of course, if you feel like getting a pony involved on the ground floor of a game and, say, draw some ponies on a giant chess board, then that'd be pretty darned awesome, don't you think? Your own imagination is the limit, so let loose and play!

    I will warn you now, due to the high level of sharp objects running around today, a couple of ponies slipped and got some owies. It's not anything a quick visit to Nurse Redheart won't fix, but you're going to see a teensy bit of blood, ok?I promise it's nothing too major. Oh, and some cupcakes references. But I am prepared to laugh those into oblivion. Well then, anyway. The Wheel of Fate is Turning. Rebel 1. Action!

    1) By Syggie

    2) By Urshilikai (I hope this is referencing what I think it's referencing...)

    3) By lern2surture

    4) By ChaosDrop (I'll get you yet, my pretty!)

    5) By Inspiration

    6) By Silent Oink (Except Pinkie Pie, who is in fact made of candy.)

    7) By Lucky Charm

    8) By Stabbercube

    9) By Damian Foxx

    10) By Damian Foxx

    11) By Tarynsgate (I think at this point it's just Crossover Week.)

    12) By Lancer5317 (KING!)

    13) By Mr.Paulsen

    14) By FoxOfWar (Fluttershy, this is a bad idea.)

    15) By Mr. Wonko

    16) By Azul

    17) By ParallaxMLP (But for the fact that they're using swords, I'd call this a Higurashi reference.)

    18) By PandaRoux (I expect a lot of these.)

    19) By Blueberry Muffin

    20) By Invidlord (Lyra, sweetie, those walls are expensive. Can't you train outside?)

    21) By Eva

    22) By Scramjet (Trixie. Stylin'.)

    23) By Cammy

    24) By Kjh242

    25) By Saphin (It was then that Fluttershy mastered Sword-Starefu)

    26) By Interrobang Pie

    27) By Niblic

    28) By Tabs (Pinkie is somehow in on every pun in this event.)

    29) By codename skittys

    30) By Goggle Sparks

    31) By Moabite (Dun! Dun! Dun! Dun! Dun!)

    32) By Emerald Dust (Objection noted. Fluttershy says thank you for the flower.)

    33) By Dragon Rage

    34) By Kitsune

    35) By Farvei

    36) By Rederik_Wood

    37) By Smock (Referenceariffic!)

    38) By Hamcha

    39) By Sherlock Hooves

    40) By Nido Media

    41) By PenguinPlayer

    42) By DB (Pony who catches parasprite with chopsticks can accomplish anything.)

    43) By Alipes (How does she walk on those?)

    44) By Vanner

    45) By Shiko

    46) By Kitty Tail (Lyra is the best monster hunter in all the land.)

    47) By Jimbo1023

    48) By Leafette

    49) By Shockwave

    50) By Squidbombed (Fashion Police!)

    51) By Tanman

    52) By Supersheep64 (On the final day the month of June will be revealed to be a trap by Satan. I will have to do the whole event over by hoof.)

    53) By Mere Jump

    54) By Miyajima

    55) By PinkamenaPie (Can you see ok, Lyra?)

    56) By Lorina

    57) By EssAeEm

    58) By Erthilo (Saber Pony, whee!)

    59) By Fickle (And then Celestia and Luna took turns licking the frosting off the knife they used to cut the cake.)

    60) By heartbeatpony

    61) By Flare The Wolf (it hurts)

    62) By Chromadancer

    63) By Mister Bristle

    64) By Scribbles (Something we expect to see on all royal guards)

    65) By Nullh (Pinkie's been at this one slice of bread for an hour.)

    66) By Anakah

    67) By Amehdaus (I feel so bad for laughing.)

    68) By PastelPony (Requiescat in pace.)

    69) By ecmc1093

    70) By Xris777

    71) By kairaven (...Well then. This is just cool.)

    72) By Spiritofthwwolf

    73) By Lacrox (Bat'leths are weird.)

    74) By rich-tea

    75) By Partition

    76) By Ori (Defying me till the very end, huh? But I'll forgive you. Some things are beautiful exactly because they are unobtainable.)

    77) By purpletrauma

    78) By DI-FL

    79) By Pineapple Skitter

    80) By Mingmingfurb

    81) By Skipta (I love the boat.)

    82) By TheShagged

    83) By The Obsessor

    84) By Hakys (The seriousest!)

    85) By Lawlowitz

    86) By Chris (Vanquish is in quotes because what she wound up doing is feeding it a lot of honey.)

    87) By ThatOnePegasus

    88) By Rraden

    89) By Dangereaux

    90) By Brongaar

    91) By Starlight Bolt (Rainbow Dash hold still, there's a bug on your back. I'll get it!)

    92) By Stabicon (Rarity's Battle Fashion line is to die for!)

    93) By Kaiserin

    94) By Lolstaz

    95) By Doctor Whoof Fanatic

    96) By Rachel (Thread by thread, stiching it together~)

    97) By Omega RKB

    98) By SiuiS

    99) By The Recliner (Ok, yeah. I got nothing left. You boys are done.)

    100) By Ego (This is the most historically accurate comic ever.)

    101) By Bonsai

    102) By kits

    103) By Taco Bandit

    104) By Kyouhen (Haha, Magic references.)

    105) By Luna

    106) By Zach (You see, Twilight. Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.)

    107) By Infinity

    108) By fetchbeer (The cow pirate Moobeard? Udderly ridiculous.)

    109) By Thanqol

    110) By The Flying Tomato (I think we've all imagined this at some point.)

    111) By Marc Del Rocco

    112) By RaspleZS

    113) By Chriss

    114) By Chriss

    115) By Atlur (Shadow of the Colopsus)

    116) By badzerg

    117) By Albert Phan

    118) By Doc Steedly

    119) By toonboy92484 (it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts)

    120) By Relias

    121) By McGack

    122) By Djrk16

    123) By haganbmj (Well... uh... points for honesty?)

    124) By Sapphire

    125) By Haafiz

    126) By Cheesypower

    127) By Bravura (Subtly badass.)

    128) By TapeDiggity

    129) By Bravura (And this is awesomely cute.)

    130) By Neoridgeback

    131) By Tenchi Outsuno

    132) By PinkiePied

    133) By Facelessguru

    134) By Immersa

    135) By Kt Kat (Just because one is a warrior does not mean one has to stop looking fabulous!)

    136) By Combomeal

    137) By Tarragon

    138) By Solomos

    139) By Windfall

    140) By Tha_guy

    141) By The Recliner

    142) By DJ Rainbow Dash

    143) By devilTV100 (Dear gods, yes. Yes.)

    144) By Doombah

    145) By ZelterXC

    146) By Condor

    147) By Buddy Vox

    148) By Alexstrazsa

    149) By Lunar Apologist

    150) By Lunar Apologist

    151) By Prismatic Pretzel

    152) By DiZaster321

    153) By auiumn

    154) By Apostle_of_Hatsune (How does she even move, let alone fly?)

    155) By Kelz

    156) By TopoCruz

    157) By Rydel (Fithos. Lusec. Wecos. Vinosec.)

    158) By VeoBandit

    159) By Cybie (Sneaky sneaky!)

    160) By Winsterton

    161) By Natry

    162) By Fox E:

    163) By Scootaleo

    164) By Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

    165) By Passer Palmatum (Get it? Chainsaws? Hilarious.)

    166) By Kooldude

    167) By Leaf Growth (Well darn it, that's cheating.)

    168) By hungeren

    169) By HeatWave

    170) By A Terrible Person (Repeating the artist's joke: A flutterfly knife! Ahaha!)

    171) By Marelin

    172) By Starlite (Ghk... what the? Derpy, knock that off. That's not the play we're rehearsing and you darn well know it!)

    173) By darkursur

    174) By Da Chi

    175) By redcladhero (This sort of kills the left handed line, doesn't it?)

    176) By Circuit Mane

    177) By Zephire (Oh gods, Lyra! Be careful, she might get your ears by accident!)

    178) By Falgaia (From Yari's Synch!)

    179) By Shiver (Adorably absurd, or absurdly adorable?)

    180) By Avnas Ishtaroth

    181) By Drilltooth

    182) By nuclearsuplexattack (The continuing conquests of Pinkamune Date. Yes, the crest is wrong. Shut up.)

    183) By Periphery

    184) By Uncle Leo (With your mouth. Or your surprisingly dexterous hooves)

    185) By Virga Rainboom (Emergency muffins sound good. Also, scones. I really want a scone.)

    186) By StarStep

    187) By MasterofRoku (I'm trying really hard not to think about the artists' implications regarding the name of that weapon.)

    188) By Spurs

    189) By Phantom G

    190) By Eidolon Proggy

    191) By Croop (I love this weapon design)

    192) By DJ RBDash

    193) By Opalwhisker

    194) By Sashley

    195) By Madtaz64

    196) By 8ftmetalhead

    197) By 8ftmetalhead

    198) By Eeful

    199) By Thattagen

    200) By Jeff

    201) By djTeka

    202) By C-tone

    203) By Muffinsforever

    204) By Frith

    205) By Magnet

    206) By Xiagu

    207) By Alleydodger

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