• Rarity VS Trixie

    Not like I needed to tell you that, though. She's got the best voice actor, starred in one of the best episodes this season, and has the best color scheme of the mane six. If you disagree, you are wrong.

    Oh, I made a Ferrarity banner. I hope you guys like puns, because it's not going anywhere.

    Cereal out.

    Trixie's Victory is after the break!-Seth

    > implying Trixie won! - Cereal

    Get owned

    > implying Trixie didn't have the best voice actor, didn't star in the best episode, and isn't a better color scheme than all of the main six combined. - Seth  

    > implying Trixie isn't a complete whore. - Cereal

    > implying removing Trixie's image and calling her a whore makes her any less of the best pony -Seth

    > implying everything Rarity does and everything Rarity touches doesn't turn to gold - Cereal

    > implying Trixie couldn't convert any material into anything at will anyhow.  Considering she is 300 times the unicorn Rarity will ever be - Seth

    > implying that messing with my obviously superior tags is going to perturb me - Cereal

    > implying I even need to change tags to talk about how much better Trixie is - Seth 

    > implying I don't need to keep changing your damn implications because you're violating implication conventions by capitalizing the first word. because I keep needing to. I'm sure Trixie wouldn't go for someone so bad at typing. - Cereal

    > implying I'm not distracted by how amazing Trixie is and couldn't care less about your implication conventions. - Seth

    > implying you didn't clean up your act immediately because you were too embarrassed about looking bad in front of Trixie which doesn't matter because she think you're gross - Cereal

    > implying Rarity wouldn't just rob you of your possessions and file for divorce the second she saw an opportunity.  Trixie is at least honorable -Seth

    > implying that tricking a crowd of ponies into believing that you're cool when in reality you're a whore is honorable - Cereal

    >implying being a jealous asshole who constantly abandons her friends is something to look up to  -Seth

    > implying making dresses for your friends free of charge and putting up with all their bullshit when your brilliant designs are rejected is a shining example of character Trixie will ever amount to ever - Cereal
     > implying the Great and Powerful Trixie would ever be held back by something as trivial as friends in the first place.  She doesn't need such nonsense on her quest to overthrow the evil tyrant Celestia who everypony else turns a blind eye to.  -Seth

    > implying that Trixie isn't ignoring the very title of the show by not making a few friends. It would do wonders for her attitude. - Cereal

    > implying the title isn't a Celestian conspiracy to make everypony waste time on friendship instead of learning true magic like Trixie -Seth

    > implying Trixie does true magic and not just tricks and mirrors - Cereal 

    >Implying removing the dye from Rarity's hair and revealing her true color wasn't extremely complex magic. -Seth