• Simple PMV Compilation #45

    Equestria is doomed! Lets spam Pinkie Pie with simple PMV's until she calms down.  Get five of them below!

  • Comic: Paper-Rock-Crowbar / A Stache is all it Takes / Not-So-Cutie Mark Crusaders

    Luna sure has an active imagination wouldn't you say? Still better to vent than hold it all in, right?

    Comic time folks, click for full.

  • Story Updates - August 30th

    Story updates! Go get a bunch below!

  • Discussion: Teleported to Equestria and Granted One Spell!

    Once again, the Great and Powerful Twilight Sparkle has accidentally summoned you to Equestria.  As a way of saying she is terribly sorry for ripping you out of your dimension and into hers, Twilight, in all her princessly glory, has offered to gift you with a single form of magic.   The only catch? You have to have prior knowledge of it, so it needs to be something that has happened in the show.

    The best part? It's not limited to unicorn magic! Have some examples:

    Want it Need It
    Single or Mass Teleportation
    Giant City Barrier
    Bolt of agony
    Gem Finding
    Cloud Walk
    Butterfly Flight


    Chocolate Rain
    Summon: Hedge Maze
    Body Part Removal
    Gravity Reversal/Removal

    Summon: Tornado
    Cloud Manipulation

    Earth Pony: 
    Apples Apples Apples Apples 

    There are of course, loads more.  As long as it's in the show, you can learn it.  After one week, Twilight will return you to Earth, and you will keep the ability to use for whatever purpose you wish over here.  Choose wisely!

  • National Pony Writing Month Year 3!

    Oh yeah, we're SO on!  Year Three is upon us, fillies and gentlecolts, cheeselegs and featherbrains and all the rest of you lot!

    Here's the run-down on NaPoWriMo, for those that haven't ever done something like this, or haven't participated in National Novel Writing Month (which this is based off of).

    The goal:  50,000 words. Don't be scared off by this, either.  I'll take drabbles, poetry, haiku, or the ponified Epic of Gilgamesh.  The 50 K is just something to shoot for, not a requirement.  If you decide to write three one-shot fics totaling 7,356 words? That's just as awesome as the writer who cranks out 118 K.  Do not be discouraged because you don't have the wordcount somepony else does.  Everybody that participates gets listed at the end of the whole thing, no matter if you're a prolific writer or this is your first time writing.

    The time limit:  One month, from 12:01 a.m. September 1st to 11:59 p.m. September 30th, pertinent to your local time zone.

    The special note:  Unless you plan to submit to Equestria Daily properly after this event, the rules are more or less out the window.  Kissing and fade to black scenes are a-okay, explicit content is not.  Same goes for the gore levels.  Don't be trying to impress the 'Hostel' creators or something, here.

    If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or goodies you'd like to donate to the event like last year:  e-mail [email protected].

    Anybody have questions? want to get together and brainstorm? Do so, please!  Make fimfic groups, have a huge Skype chat, whatever it takes to get the creative juices a-flowing!

    That'll do 'er! Let's go, folks! Make me proud!

  • Honest Trailer Parody - Fallout: Equestria

    Parody all the Youtube series! If you have never watched Screen Junkie's "Honest Trailer" stuff, you might want to grab some context first, otherwise, dive on down below the break for Honest Trailer: Fallout Equestria. 

  • Comic: Princess Celestia's Battle / Excessive Involvement / Pinkie Tries Coffee

    I want some of the art in that first one just for my collection of pony drawings.  Celestia flowing with EPIC is always wallpaperworthy.   We have that, some Daring Do, and a short Pinkie Pie comic this time around.  Click for full!

  • YTPMV: Summer Sun Celebration

    It has been forever since we posted a YTPMV.  These things are so rare nowadays.  Summer Sun Celebration could work as a pretty catchy song to top it off.  Hopefully we see more like this for the rest of the episodes! I could see this being a series.   Get it below!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #910

    Go home moon pony, you're drunk.

    Have a bunch of art while we stop Luna from colliding the moon with the sun.

    [9] Source
    Silly Luna

  • Sparkle World Story - Pony Flu!

    Another one of those vector comics has popped up in the Sparkle World September/October issue.  As always, its completely ridiculous.  I could see a story like this working out in the show though if done right... without these vectors.  Get it below!

    Thanks to D Grimm for the images.

  • The Last Airbender Voice Actor Dante Basco Releases Pony Avatar Shirts

    The voice actor behind Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender has tossed these two shirts up in celebration of his birthday.  I wouldn't mind a real crossover of these two series.  Clearly Nickelodeon and Hasbro need to get some deal signage going.

    Head on over here if you want them!   They will only be available for 1 week. 

  • Equestrai Girls Live Action Music Video

    With Equestria Girls airing on Sunday on The Hub, Entertainment Weekly has released a live action music video of the main song they keep using for everything. 

    Head on over here to watch it!  Thanks to Kein for the heads up.
  • Animation: Mahou Shojo Twilight Sparkle!

    And then Twilight Sparkle was a sailor princess.  Head on down below the break for TRANSFORMATION!

  • Vinyl Scratch Giveaway at Hot Topic

    Hot Topic is running a giveaway for the Vinyl Scratch Comic Con exclusive pony over on their Facebook page.  All you need to do is "like" their page for a chance to win.  Head on over here to do that! Good luck!

    Thanks to Katherine for the heads up. 
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 15

    Alternate title: Seth on the Beach. Goodness, do you feel that wit, or is it just me? Oh, that's what I thought. Well then! How about this? We've reached the halfway point of the NATG! Get out your noise makers, blow your party favors, throw the confetti and sip a refreshing beverage of your choosing. You have earned it! We're hitting the way point strong, netting another 304 drifters, shifters, and sailors to our growing menagerie! I... lost control of that metaphor somewhere, but look! Is that a total of 6117 images? I think it is!

    Jumping straight into the thick of things, let us swim up to shore and gaze upon the majesty and the wonder of the glorious ocean of our gallery. Do you feel alone? Don't! Feel at peace. It's relaxing to float about, sometimes. Or to drive and bank super hard around a turn, or to hop aboard a Jaeger and fight some Kaiju. Hey, it's all in there. Enjoy it!

    We're starting our third week now, and with a new week comes new things to think about, practice, and get pumped up for. This week's major focus is going to be expression and tone, and as a wonderful launching pad to that effect I present to you tonight's theme: Draw an excited pony/Draw a pony charged up! As ever, submit all entries here by 11:59 PM, Pacific time on Friday, August 30. Let's go, ponies! I want to see you smile!

    You'll notice the general flow of today's post is a little bit different than usual. I'm as aware as anybody (perhaps more so) of how much monotony and routine can make a drudgery of any activity, even a really really fun one. And I can sit here and keep typing whatever pops into my head to keep making it feel fun and fresh, but after a while I think it all starts to seem a little bit flat. So with that in mind I tried to prepare something special for tonight. If you wouldn't mind, please click below the page break and hear what I have to say: