• EQD Super Simple Story Archive

    Welcome to the Story Archive! 100 million thanks to Spectrum Speed for setting this up for us.

    Right now a few issues are popping up with chrome (slow load times primarily), but everything else seems to be working well.

    Instructions: Click once to add a tag, click again to filter it.  For multiple characters, simply select multiple characters. Pretty easy! 

    As with most things, if you see a story that either needs to fall into a specific category, or falls into the wrong category, toss an email to [email protected]

    Story Types:

    Normal: Stories that are just about daily life in Equestria, or simply involving ponies
    Shipping: Stories that involve romantic relationships between one or more Ponies.
    Grimdark: Stories that involve death, famine, plagues, twilight going on rampages murdering all her friends, ect.
    Random: Weird, Random, funny stories that are not meant to be taken seriously.
    Crossover: Stories that involve characters outside of the pony world.
    Comedy: Funny Stories
    Sci-Fi : Technology in Ponyland
    Adventure: Stories that involve the ponies traveling great distances and seeing new locations.

    Your browser needs to support JavaScript and stuff for this to work. Also it does not work in the mobile theme. Yet!