• Music of the Day #610 (We lost recommendations in the comment purge!)

    We lost about 3 days worth of comments as many of you noticed from the post the other day, including all of our Music of the Day feedback. If you left us either a name suggestion for the post, or general feedback, please place it down there again so we can have it for discussion.

    This post should be migrating to a new name once we think of one.

    Until then, we have one specific change going into effect 100% today. Music submissions require a (Type - Genre) label when sent in. (ex: Vocal - Rock). Be sure to include it or the song will be sent back.

    We've also slightly tightened up QC, but not too much. Music of the day is always going to be a training ground style post, so most are welcome. If you want the best of the best, hit spotlight music.

    Now go get some music below!

  • Cave Story Gets a Lyra Mod

    Cave Story is getting some of that Lyra lovin that we see mod into various games over the years. This one includes a full pony soundtrack, spirtes, portraits, and more. I'll let the bullet points explain that though:

    • Main Character is changed to Lyra.
    • Uses the Curly Story mod.
    • Dialogue changed to fit lyra's character.
    • Soundtrack changed for the most part.
    • Password in Plantation changed to
    • Lyra is best pony backwards.
    • Lyra has her own portraits for dialogue boxes.
    • Quote changed to Steel.
    • Hud as been recolored a little bit.

    Head on down below the break for the trailer!

    (Update 1.5 is out:)
    Changes include:
    *Assembly hall can be entered now
    *Dialogue tweaked further
    *Easter Eggs have been sprinkle around.
    *Song volume Tweaked

  • Nightly Discussion #582

    I'm so proud of you fandom! It seems these past few months, that Bat Ponies are becoming more and more popular! We have edgy bats, bats filled with love, sparkle bats, and more. All fans can find something to find in the new bat pony fandom!

    Get your nightly discussion below, or just discuss bats. I know you have all been waiting months to do that.

  • PonyCon Releases Mini Animation - Celebrity Banquet Tickets Available

    PonyCon NYC happening next month on the 13th-15th has released a mini animation dedicated to their mascot, Liberty. They also dropped off a press release explaining the Celebrity Banquet for those interested in attending and talking to their army of show guests.

    Head on down below the break to check it out!

  • DEBATE - Are Unicorns Overpowered?

    We have decided to try something new here on EQD to go along with all the editorials and other ideas you all brought up before our comments were wiped on the suggestion post. Someone mentioned Debates, and we thought that was a great idea!

    One thing we always argue about here on EQD is the power level of unicorns in comparison to other races. Unlike our various human variants here on earth, the three tribes in Equestria have vastly different abilities and strengths. But where do unicorns fit in to the equation? Are they a domineering force that could replace any of the other races without much struggle? Or do they rely on pegasus and earth ponies to survive, even now?

    Head on down below the break for the debate!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #1763

    Taking a creepy scene in an episode and making it even creepier! I'd read a picture book in that style. For some reason it reminds me of one of those Halloween ones.

    Below the break, PONY!

    [1] Source

    by yakut-pony

  • Comic: The Pink Trap / White Dots / Big Apple Pony / Edgy Bat pony / Estores SoD #126

    Pinkie gets daring, Twilight Sparkle gets deep with Luna, Applejack gets big, and bat ponies get EDGY. MAXIMUM EDGY.

    Click for full!


  • Pony Meets World - Live Action Pony Video

    Taking Brony in Equestria to the next level. We rarely get anything live action oriented here, so I'll let you guys be the judge on this one. Dat Morgan Freeman narrator though. Color me impressed!

    Get it down below.

  • Story Updates - January 4th

    Story update! Dresden, EG, and more. Go get em!

  • Discussion: What Movies Would You Show Each of the Mane 6 to Get Them Excited for Humanity?

    That weirdly unstable portal to Equestria that scientists have been working on for decades is apparently slightly open. Their initial test found a way to teleport a power generator, DVD player, and flat panel TV over, but for the sake of not accidentally destroying everything, they are limiting the hole to the size of a disc laying flat.

    One way transmissions from Equestria has revealed that the mane 6 are all eagerly awaiting on the other side of the disc portal (in Twilight's castle apparently) hoping for things to insert into their strange disc accepting device.

    Considering you are such an amazing pony fan, the scientists behind the project have come to you to pick a DVD out for each of them. Something you think they would absolutely love about our world. Want to grab an action movie for Rainbow Dash? Or maybe some kind of comedy for Pinkie? It's up to you!

    Pick 6 movies and assign each one to a pony that you think would love it!

  • Spotlight Acoustic Music: It's a Lonely Winter / Still On the Moon

    Hey look! Another new person you should all be checking out! MathematicPony gave us some MOON, and then 4everfreebrony did more Pinkie on the moon. Get both below!

    1.) It's a Lonely Winter // MathematicPony – Original Song (Vocal - Piano / Pop Rock)
    2.) 4EverfreeBrony - Still On The Moon (ft. Giggly Maria) (Vocal - Acoustic)

  • Convention Page for 2016 Now Accepting Submissions! - What Convention Do You Plan to Attend If It Returns?

    As many of you that scroll further down than the first post have probably noticed, we have a convention button on the side bar. Buried within is all of the conventions for 2015!

    Unfortunately, it is no longer 2015. We are moving on. It's time for a new year.

    For the ~20 of you out there that this is actually relevant to, please head on down below the break for a guide on submitting your event. It will be the exact same as always, so the post linked above will be a good example on what it looks like.

    For everyone else, what convention do you plan to attend next year if it runs again? 

    We have a bunch of EQD people heading to PonyCon NY, BABSCon, and Bronycon so far. Be sure to say hi!

  • Friendship Games Hits the UK Netflix

    The UK version of Netflix now has Friendship Games available for those of you that want to binge what humanized ponies. There still isn't any word on Season 5 heading over there though.

    Thanks to Alex for the heads up.

  • Early Morning Discussion #386

    I'm currently in Florida after a busy travel day so I'm probably all tucked into bed by this point (or playing on my tablet because sleep is for the weak, right?). Anyhow, I'll try and keep posting throughout my stay here as my GF has a new computer that I set up last time I visited.

    Morning everyone! Chattering must commence!
    Twitter: Calpain
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  • Pony History of the Day: Friendship is Witchcraft

    Through the years many memes have come and gone within our fandom but some from our earliest days still maintain a healthy following even to this day. I'm sure most of you out there have seen the curiously cute pictures of Sweetie Bot, like the one above, the phrase 'It's Not Creepy...' or have been confused why Shining Armor likes corn dogs so much.

    Well, you guys can all credit the Friendship is Witchcraft series created by Sherclop Pones, a duo team led by Griffin Lewis and Jenny Nicholson. Starting back in 2011, the series was one of the first big FiM abridged series, giving us a cast of crazy characters and quite a few songs that were just as catchy as ones found in the show. Sadly they were also one of the big series hit by the numerous Youtube takedowns over the the years, but has since been uploaded again.

    Check on after the break for the episodes (reuploaded thanks to AstrumSpark) as well as select songs from the series! Special thanks to Armosk, GoatTheHatEater, and those from the previous posts before they were nuked for the suggestion!