• Music of the Day #610 (We lost recommendations in the comment purge!)

    We lost about 3 days worth of comments as many of you noticed from the post the other day, including all of our Music of the Day feedback. If you left us either a name suggestion for the post, or general feedback, please place it down there again so we can have it for discussion.

    This post should be migrating to a new name once we think of one.

    Until then, we have one specific change going into effect 100% today. Music submissions require a (Type - Genre) label when sent in. (ex: Vocal - Rock). Be sure to include it or the song will be sent back.

    We've also slightly tightened up QC, but not too much. Music of the day is always going to be a training ground style post, so most are welcome. If you want the best of the best, hit spotlight music.

    Now go get some music below!

    [1] Source

    Segments Of Life - Exiled Alone by Segments Of Life

    Instrumental - Post Hardcore

    [2] Source

    Daniel Ingram - The Magic Inside ft. Lena Hall (Andrew and Ric's Remix) by Andrew & Ric

    Remix - House

    [3] Source

    Ponycide - The Crystal Empire Rises (Instrumental) by P0nycide

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [4] Source

    Riptide - Regret (REMIX CONTEST! READ DESC) by RiptideMusicOfficial

    Instrumental - Electronic

    [5] Source

    Denz Xavier - One Winged Pegasus by Denz Xavier

    Instrumental - Alternative Rock

    [6] Source

    Razors on the Wind - By Reverbrony by Reverb Brony

    Instrumental - Heavy Metal

    [7] Source

    Flutter By, Fluttershy - Original MLP Music By Strat Attack by Bo Cherry

    Instrumental - Cinematic

    [8] Source

    Denz Xavier - Chaos Rising by Denz Xavier

    Vocal - Alternative Rock

    [9] Source

    Temptation - By Reverbrony by Reverb Brony

    Instrumental - Dark Acoustic