• Pony History of the Day: Friendship is Witchcraft

    Through the years many memes have come and gone within our fandom but some from our earliest days still maintain a healthy following even to this day. I'm sure most of you out there have seen the curiously cute pictures of Sweetie Bot, like the one above, the phrase 'It's Not Creepy...' or have been confused why Shining Armor likes corn dogs so much.

    Well, you guys can all credit the Friendship is Witchcraft series created by Sherclop Pones, a duo team led by Griffin Lewis and Jenny Nicholson. Starting back in 2011, the series was one of the first big FiM abridged series, giving us a cast of crazy characters and quite a few songs that were just as catchy as ones found in the show. Sadly they were also one of the big series hit by the numerous Youtube takedowns over the the years, but has since been uploaded again.

    Check on after the break for the episodes (reuploaded thanks to AstrumSpark) as well as select songs from the series! Special thanks to Armosk, GoatTheHatEater, and those from the previous posts before they were nuked for the suggestion!

    The Friendship is Witchcraft playlist, containing episode 1 through 9 and a special live reading of the script that was made for the unmade episode 10.

    Playlist for the original music from FiW! Get ready for some It'll Be Ok, Gypsy Bard, Pinkie's Brew and more!

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