• Cave Story Gets a Lyra Mod

    Cave Story is getting some of that Lyra lovin that we see mod into various games over the years. This one includes a full pony soundtrack, spirtes, portraits, and more. I'll let the bullet points explain that though:

    • Main Character is changed to Lyra.
    • Uses the Curly Story mod.
    • Dialogue changed to fit lyra's character.
    • Soundtrack changed for the most part.
    • Password in Plantation changed to
    • Lyra is best pony backwards.
    • Lyra has her own portraits for dialogue boxes.
    • Quote changed to Steel.
    • Hud as been recolored a little bit.

    Head on down below the break for the trailer!

    (Update 1.5 is out:)
    Changes include:
    *Assembly hall can be entered now
    *Dialogue tweaked further
    *Easter Eggs have been sprinkle around.
    *Song volume Tweaked