• Discussion: What Movies Would You Show Each of the Mane 6 to Get Them Excited for Humanity?

    That weirdly unstable portal to Equestria that scientists have been working on for decades is apparently slightly open. Their initial test found a way to teleport a power generator, DVD player, and flat panel TV over, but for the sake of not accidentally destroying everything, they are limiting the hole to the size of a disc laying flat.

    One way transmissions from Equestria has revealed that the mane 6 are all eagerly awaiting on the other side of the disc portal (in Twilight's castle apparently) hoping for things to insert into their strange disc accepting device.

    Considering you are such an amazing pony fan, the scientists behind the project have come to you to pick a DVD out for each of them. Something you think they would absolutely love about our world. Want to grab an action movie for Rainbow Dash? Or maybe some kind of comedy for Pinkie? It's up to you!

    Pick 6 movies and assign each one to a pony that you think would love it!