• PonyCon Releases Mini Animation - Celebrity Banquet Tickets Available

    PonyCon NYC happening next month on the 13th-15th has released a mini animation dedicated to their mascot, Liberty. They also dropped off a press release explaining the Celebrity Banquet for those interested in attending and talking to their army of show guests.

    Head on down below the break to check it out!

    For a taste of the finer things, join Lauren Faust, Ashleigh Ball and the rest of the guest talent from the show and fandom at Ponycon's exclusive Celebrity Banquet. Gourmet dinner, an exclusive keynote presentation and fabulous finery will be presented at the Grand Prospect Hall. Àl a carte tickets for the Celebrity Banquet are available here: http://www.ponycon.nyc/banquet . Diamond and Celestial VIP ticket levels will have the banquet included with their registration.