• Equestria Online Promo

    The 3D pony mmo, Equestria Online, has released a promo video showing off the progress they have made on the game so far.  It's pretty interesting to see how far they have come.  You can find it after the break!

    Also check out their new and improved website here!

  • Nike Air Pegasus

    Looks like Nike knows how to sell shoes!  Derpy hooves is the PERFECT mascot.  You guys may not realize it, but this pony right here is genetically specialized for endless amounts of endurance.

    Rainbow Dash may be able to break the sound barrier, but Derpy here is the rhino to her cheetah.  What she lacks in speed, she makes up for in pure, unstoppable, wall eyed power.  How else could she deliver the mail, on time, 365 days of the year without losing a single package?  Do you have any idea how HEAVY a sack of apples is?  This girl right here doesn't even break a SWEAT!

    Now go buy some shoes so Nike can cut me my check.  I have a gazebo in Dubai to rent out for the next 40 years.

    (Thanks to Pimps for the tip!)
  • The First Ever Bronycon

    For those of you wondering how an actual "made for bronies" convention would go,  you can't really beat the first ever Bronycon!  Back on June 25, an army of bronies (Over 90 in all!) met up and celebrated all things pony.  It was a huge success, to say the least. 

    Aside from the insane amount of pizza, festivities included everything from Rock Band competitions to custom pony creation. 

    It's a shame that ponies are so difficult to cosplay as, but this badass right her pulled off Hoity Toity perfectly.  Aside from that Goddess Level Celestia from a while back, I'm pretty sure this is up there in the top five for all time best pony costumes.  

    They will be holding another event in September, and again in December.  That's 20% more often than most other conventions.  You bronies are crazy!

    Check out the gallery here!
    Or another set here

    And Kelly/Purple Tinker have collaborated on a full writeup, which you can find here! It's definitely worth gazing at, especially for all of you people planning meetups of your own.

    Also some videos!

    Cabal's Rainbowdash.net Presentation

    Everyone Plays Rockband
  • Pony Socks!

    Celestia is white!


    All of my wishes have come true.  

    Honestly they are almost shaped like they would fit on hooves from this angle. 

    These are from Target in Culver City, California if you guys are interested in picking up your own, if you have really small feet. 

    Thanks to Sam for the tips.
  • PMV: This is Letting Go / 007 RainbowEye / Pinkie's Drunk Kitchen

    PMV, Trailer, and another test!  Lets do it!

    1.) This is Letting Go
    2.) 007 RainbowEye
    3.) Pinkie's Drunk Kitchen

  • Story: Black and White

    [Shipping] "I'm always amazed by how much depth background characters are given in their fan fiction. With this fic, however, I was completely blown away." - Pre Reader #12

    Author: Melionos
    Description: Shortly after her lyre is desecrated by magically altered parasprites, an irritated Lyra receives a package from a pony she hasn't heard from in years. And if the contents are anything to judge by, that pony misses her very much...
    Black and White
    Black and White (Kindle Version)

    Additional Tags: JUST READ IT

    Also an audio book for you lazy people! 
  • Synchtube Animation Marathon

    Another Synchtube marathon! You guys sure are social.

    The Mojo channel is currently hosting animation night.  Nightmare before Christmas is currently playing, and it looks like Cats Don't Dance, Spirit, Treasure Planet, and Hunchback of Notre Dame are up next!

    The main channel is here!

    The backup channel is here!

    Go watch some classics!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #119

    A bunch of images that need to be widescreen so I can make them desktop wallpapers edition!

    Drawfriend time! Lets do it!  Now with 20% less saucy Mrs. Cake.

    I'm doing this early, since I have to go to work! 

    Source 1 Megasweet / Exploding guy
  • Remix War Round 2 Submissions!

    Remix War Round Two has come to a close! 

    Below the break you can find a whipping 42 new songs to listen to!  SO MUCH PONY!

    They have also set up a website for any of you remixers/music enthusiasts out there!  You can find it here!

    Primary Streaming Spot for all music: here

    Synchtube  here!

    Warning: Lots of embeds! Takes a while to load!  Slow computers should probably just hit the mp3 downloads! 

    MP3 Downloads
    Part 1
  • Story: A Question of Protocol


    Author: The Mechanic
    Description: When using magic in a prank, make very, VERY sure you aim it correctly...
    A Question of Protocol

    Additional Tags: Short
  • PMV: Samurai Applejack and PMV Discussion!

    This one is just... awesome

    Which brings me to a new topic. 

    I get a TON of pmv's.  A lot of them are just clips of the show that match the music.  That was neat a while ago.. but now days it's a little old considering we don't really have anything new to work with.  I don't really have much quality control over them.  I cut a good amount of the really pointless ones, but its difficult to "judge". 

    I honestly don't know if you guys actually watch them.  I try to have a really good one +2 average ones per post, but It's sometimes difficult. 

    Stuff like Samurai Applejack here is what I really want to post, and give spotlight to.  A normal pmv matching up parts of the show is time consuming to build, but this goes above and beyond the call of duty. 

    What do you guys think? Are you cool with me dropping 3 per post?  Or is it obnoxious having to sift through stuff?

    Anyway, check out Samurai Applejack after the break!

  • Discussion: What kind of regular articles would you like to see?

    Time for you guys to be a test audience again. If you're getting sick of this... well, actually, I still wouldn't stop even if you said yes. You secretly like it and I know it.

    So far, the blog as a whole has carved out a niche in the community by hosting several types of content. We have original fan fiction, original and show-derivative fan videos, and fan-made music. So far, however, there has been very little blog-specific content being showcased. Actually, almost none at all.

    We'd like to change that. But first, we'd like some opinions.

    Phoe and I are ready to begin regular columns focusing on whatever topics that you guys would like to read about. The problem doesn't lie with finding ideas- I can and do rant about whatever I want to for paragraphs at a time, and Phoe is much better at it than I am, just more reserved. No, the trouble is that we don't know what you guys want to read!

    So, have at it. Throw out some ideas for us. We'd like to get a good feel for the general needs of our readers before we start making these things. Titles, too. Titles would be nice. I'm terrible at titles.

  • Music: A Typical Magic Show / WWU Rock Cover / Luna

    #1 is the Greatest most Powerful Song Ever. Just sayin.

    Also some covers! #3 confuses me a bit, but maybe some of you will like it!

    1.) Foozogz - A Typical Magic Show
    2.) Winter Wrap Up (Rock Cover)
    3.) "Luna" (Based off of "Judas" by Lady GaGa)

  • Pony Desktop Icons

    More Icons for everyone! Way back in march I posted up these icons, and a lot of people seemed to enjoy them.  Hell, league of legends is still Twilight Sparkle on my computer!

    TehNomad on Deviant art has released a new set!  It's not an icon library like before, but separate .ico files.  You can find them all in the zipped folder at this deviant art page!
  • Story: Neverfree

    [Sad][Grimdark] Oc ponies! Have something random until someone draws them!

    Author: FrogFish
    Description: After their journey to Ponyville, Baysle Spice an Grape Vine settle into their new home near the Everfree forest. Strange occurances in the night have propelled Grape Vine into a deep sadness. The morning after, Grape gallops into the Everfree forest to clear her mind, but she later realizes the consequences of her actions.

    Additional Tags: OC Everfree
  • Opening (Backwards) / Wild West Pony Hero / Can't Let You Do That, Twilight!

    #1 is so...strange. In fact, this entire PMV post is really strange, except the middle one, that one is "normal".

    But hey, no one has sent a backwards song yet, so maybe it will be interesting for some of you? I wouldn't go out and reverse everything else though, just testing the waters here.

    1.) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Opening (Reversed/Backward)
    2.) Wild West Pony Hero
    3.) Can't Let You Do That, Twilight!

  • Nightly Roundup #25

    Night Pony edition!

    Inb4 Trixie isn't a Night pony! Trixie can be ANYTHING.

    On with the news!

  • Story: Pain In The Tail

    [Shipping][Random Crossover] Applelotus! Kind of!

    Author: Nightbreak
    Description: After Applebuck Season, Applejack's pretty banged up and is ordered to take it easy for a few days. Of all ponies, it's Rarity who has an idea about how to make her feel a bit better.
    Pain In The Tail

    Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Applejack, Lotus, Insane Epilogue