• Nike Air Pegasus

    Looks like Nike knows how to sell shoes!  Derpy hooves is the PERFECT mascot.  You guys may not realize it, but this pony right here is genetically specialized for endless amounts of endurance.

    Rainbow Dash may be able to break the sound barrier, but Derpy here is the rhino to her cheetah.  What she lacks in speed, she makes up for in pure, unstoppable, wall eyed power.  How else could she deliver the mail, on time, 365 days of the year without losing a single package?  Do you have any idea how HEAVY a sack of apples is?  This girl right here doesn't even break a SWEAT!

    Now go buy some shoes so Nike can cut me my check.  I have a gazebo in Dubai to rent out for the next 40 years.

    (Thanks to Pimps for the tip!)

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